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Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Dirty Feet And Thunder Cheeks

You know the band AC/DC, right? They have a popular song/album titled Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap. I've never paid attention to the lyrics and usually just hum this particular song when I hear it on the radio. I've always thought the lyrics went...

Dirty feet and thunder cheeks

Never thought anything about how ridiculous they sound since I'm not paying attention anyway. Of course, I should have wondered more at the puzzled amused glances I'd gotten throughout the years from the guys working at the job sites. Today, I was properly corrected by a Very Serious AC/DC fan, mainly because he's tired of listening to my howling out "dirty feet and thunder cheeks" while his favorite song is on.

My point is...maybe because of all my babbling about VHers coming out soon and NOT being clear, or maybe some of you just saw the cover pic and assumed, or you heard something different from what I'd been saying...I wonder whether some of you realize that VIRTUALLY HERS is coming out as an EBOOK this October???

In the contest commentary, quite a few are saying they're going to drive their postmen crazy. This makes me think that either there's a misunderstanding or that you're going to wait for the print format to come out. Nothing wrong with the latter, mind you, but I wanted to be sure.

So. In case, there's some confusion:

VIRTUALLY HERS is coming out as an Ebook this October. It will be available from the Samhain website, as well as Fictionwise, Mobipocket, Amazon, Allromanceebooks and BooksonBoard. I'm not familiar with all the formats available for e-readers and electronic gadgets, but I've downloaded ebooks straight into my computer without any problems.

VIRTUALLY HERS, the print format, will be available some time next year (2010). I'll let you know the actual date as soon as I have the information.


Are we all straightened out about the what-what? ;-)

Now it's your turn: What song lyrics have you unknowingly mangled through the years? Betcha it wasn't as bad as "dirty feet and thunder cheeks" for "dirty deeds done dirt cheap!"

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kim said...

oh good that is clearer, i thought it was only coming out in ebook since samhain appeared to be just an epublisher. will it be only available via internet orders for the hard copy come some time in 2010, or will it be carried in big box bookstores as well?

J. said...

In my previous comment I mentioned about driving the post office lady crazy but I completely neglected that it's only the ebook that's coming out in Oct. Either way I can't wait for it! I never bought an ebook from Samhain before so I was wondering if you knew how the ebooks work? When I bought from eReader they had a program I had to download in order to read and the password was your credit card info. Then of course you can make me not a liar by sending me a hard copy ;)

I try not to sing but hum cuz I've been told that I sound like a dying cat lol I'd whistle but don't know how to do that either!

Heather said...

Can't say that I do much singing. You know how it is - all those pesky rules and laws about cruelty to animals and small children being what they are, it's safer for me to not sing. :D


I can remember one song I totally mangled the words on for years. Far worse than dirty feet and thunder cheeks too!

Remember CCR? Creedence Clearwater Revival? The song Bad Moon Rising. For years, when I got to chorus, what I belted out was "Don't go 'round tonight. It's bound to take your life. Theeeeeeere's a bathroom on the right!" Never could figure out what a bathroom was doing in that song. LMAO!!!

Gennita said...

I've some news coming. Stay tune.

No, there is no DRM on Samhain. You just download straight into your computer. If you have any problems, please let me know.

I've heard people yelling "there's a bathroom on the right" at concerts!

Debra Moore said...

My roommate in college thought it was "Money for nothing, checks for free." Sounded good to me, but sure Dire Straits wouldn't be liking that.


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