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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Official Big Bad Wolf Comment Thread

Here's the final chapter. Goodbye, Killian, RIP ;-).

Big Bad Wolf Ch. 16

I hope you've enjoyed Big Bad Wolf. Please take a few minutes and read the short message I left at the end of the book and post your answer in this thread. It'll help me make a decision. Thanks!

Also, I'd appreciate it if you can spread the news about the free ebook and advertise my blog at your favorite forums and other reader blogs.

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Mo said...

Did I mention that I love Jed? ;) You know if you put it in book form, I'm buying. :)

Good to see some good old Irish blarney coming out of Nick. Poetry in his soul. I bet even Jed has a little tiny bit left for his turn. ;)

I loved it Jenn, absolutely loved it.

JP said...

I BSH'ed you at my blog. Find the entry here. :-)

Sue said...

I really loved it! I couldn't wait to read each chapter! I would definitely buy it in book form :)

C R Ward said...

I've been one of your faithful lurkers for over a year (which means I read your blog on a daily basis but I don't comment).

I have to admit that I was never a big fan of commandos, however, you have definitely changed my mind! Halfway through reading the Big Bad Wolf I went to the nearest Chapters and bought the only three books of yours they had - the Hunter, the Protector, and Virtually His. I loved all of your books and I would definitely be interested in buying a print version of Big Bad Wolf!

Anonymous said...

Loved it!!! Can't wait to read it in print!

M said...

same here loved it and would love to see it in print can't wait for Virtually Hers.

LadyZannah said...

Been reading since the beginning. Lots of fun, even if I did have to put up with HEWHOMUSTNOTBENAMED, lol. It was a great book Jenn.

Mo said...

Darn, Lady Z!! How did I miss Voldemort in there?! ;) LOL

jennylynn said...

Thank you for sharing this with us. I loved it and checked your site several times a day to see if you had put up a new chapter.
I would be pleased to buy 2 copies-one for our home and one for the place on the Outer Banks so anyone renting it would see it and read it too.

kim said...

awww it was very sweet thank you jenn, i get the end of bbw and news that my best friend's bf finally proposed after ten years of dating in the same day! :)

I probably wouldn't buy the print version, though i cant wait to buy your next book... really... cant... wait... [just teasin ;)]

Sara said...

Great chapter, Great Book
Thank you, Thank you

Will we get Alex and T story one day soon???

Anonymous said...

Loved it. I will have to chase down VH here in Australia. Found your site from Jennifer Crusie's and have been coming back since. Would love this in book form.

strauchon said...

Thank you for BBW. I really loved it and this was a gift that was much appreciated. I have been reading your books since the first, and I have been reading your blog for a couple of years now and have always enjoyed the posts and humor. Our business is a painting contractor company and I can so relate to many of your posts about work!!

I really look forward to Virtually Hers.

Gennita said...

Thanks for posting here and letting me start a count of sorts. It gives me an idea whether I should look around for the POD service for those who want a copy.


Thanks for BSH-ing me! Much appreciated.


Thank you, CR! I'm glad that you enjoyed BBW enough to want to read the other books ;-). If you have any trouble getting the rest, I know The Protector is out of print but Avon/Harper Collins offers it in e-book form. I do have copies of Sleeping with The Agent left.


I do have most of Alex's and T's story written--now I need to sell it ;-). I do have the first chapter available for readers who are interested but putting it up means...well...the last time I did it, everyone demanded the rest and I can't do that when the book isn't written the way I want it, LOL.


Anonymous from Australia,

You can get my books through Rosemary's Bookstore in Australia. She does mail order too. A simply fantastic woman. Google Rosemary's Romance Bookstore.

Saly said...

I loved BBW!!!!!And his Jedness is as always ;)

I would love to see him brought to his knees though.
And she another story waiting to happen??

I do hope we all get to Alex & T's book soon otherwise we people might die of excitement..lolz

I have all your books & would defintely buy BBW.

I just wish that Virtually Her's was here...and that Jed & Hell excerpt was too less for our hungry souls....Give us more!!!!!;)



PS:My first time posting!!

StacieH4 said...

Hi, recent lurker here...just wanted to thank you for giving us this story. Having already read it, I probably wouldn't buy a print version, but I will likely seek out some of your other work in the future. Best of luck and continued success with your writing!

Sandy said...

Jenn my love, you know I will buy several copies of BBW. It's a great story and it was nice to see Grace at such a young age. I've waited a looong time to read BBW and it was well worth it.


Theresa said...

I like to read things all at once, so I printed the pages out, double sided, three-hole punched them and put them in a binder with the title and your name on it. So, I have a printed copy already. If it was in print form in the store, I would have bought it, so, if you have a place to accept money, I would gladly send it to you. Saves me tax and shipping and all that. :)

Deborah said...

I am soooooo behind and I can't read the posts until I finish BBW. I'm starting to have withdrawals from you all.


Gennita said...

I'm cutting and pasting the messages below from the Yellbox so I can include them on this thread to be counted. Thanks!


gadgetgirl: I really loved reading BBW; You're such an amazing and gifted writer! I always look forward to reading your books and was happy to come across BBW. Please keep them coming. I also loved Virtually His and I'm dying to read Virtually Hers.

Gennita Thank you for reading, Karen and Diane!

Diane: Great book, I loved reading every word.

Karen: BBW is FANTASTIC!! Why this never sold is beyond me!

Gennita said...

I'll think about giving you a solid chapter from VHERS. Thank you for your kind words!



No, no, BBW is a gift. I don't want you to send me any money. The hard copy is for those who had emailed me asking me whether I can get it into bookform for their collection. Obviously, if I do that, those interested would have to pay because I can't afford to print any books ;-). But BBW, the story itself, is free to read from the links.

Thank you for the offer to pay me, though ;-). I really, really appreciate the thought. Maybe the next book, eh?



Wuv you back!

Leslie said...

I enjoyed BBW and yes, would want a paperback for my collection instead of just printed computer paper. I'll buy a POD!

Tressa said...

I would buy. I want all your books.

Ferah said...

Hi! I'm another lurker and a new member of your yahoo group (still a lurker there, though). Just wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed BBW, and I'm really, REALLY wanting to read VHERS. I'm sending positive vibes to your publisher to get their acts together! Thank you!

Casee said...

I really didn't think I could be any more intrigued by Jed, but seeing him interact w/ Grace makes me want even more. LOL

I loved it, Jenn. I would definitely buy it if was available in print.

Gennita said...

Adding this from the Yell Box for tally purposes:

Donna: Thank You, Thank You, that was a great ending I realy enjoyed reading BBW. I all ready have Virtually His and I and am eagerly awaiting Virtually Hers. If BBW comes out in pb I'll buy buy it just to make my little libary better I love your work.

Anonymous said...

I absolutely loovveed this! More so especially Jed was in it =] and since I'm patiently waiting for Virtually Hers this gave me a lil booster. I would actually buy the book form of this just because I have the rest of your books and I love having a 'set'. What I'm really looking forward to now though is Virtually Hers. (So far with the situation of VHers, have you talked to your editor about maybe publishing an ebook of it? I would buy it right away so I can read it on the computer and when the book form comes out I'll buy a copy to collect. =])

Caralovable said...

I LOVED Killian and for those who don't know, he is MINE. Did I say I LOVED Killian? and I still love him. He is the hottest of the hottest. Let me list all his fine qualities. He is hot and totally sexy. He is is smart. He has the most beautiful smile and body to die for. Did I say he is hot and sexy?
My true Hero and the sexiest man on fictional and on real earth. I LOVE him!!!!!!


Vanessa said...

I finally got to read the last few chapters. I loved it!!! and Jed and Grace were so great. I would buy this book to add to my G. Low collection. Can't wait for another great read's!

Gennita said...

Adding this from Yellbox for tallying purposes:

Mandy: Gennita-LOVED it! And I just purchased VHis from eharlequin! Loved Jed and can't wait to read "his story'!

Gennita said...

You know, the response for BBW as a printed book is tempting me to try a POD service just to test how it works.

HannaMich said...


ABSOLUTELY Loved reading BBW. Thank you so much for sharing and giving me my FIX of your work again. I've been a fan of your books and COS/GEM web for ages and have hooked many friends as well.

The only bad thing about the new read is that I'm having a tough time coming off the FIX and want more, more, more! I MISS YOUR WORK!

I was so disappointed for YOU and YOUR fans that Virtually Hers is stalled :-(

Your Books are on my all time favorite reads and re-reads along with SK, JRW, LM, CA, CG, SB. I for one need the escape from life that your books/COS world gives me. So thank you for that :-)

Keep the faith, something good will turn up and I'll be faithfully waiting to purchase.



P.S. Think Print copy of BBW.

Gennita said...

Hi Michelle,
Thank you for posting and giving your feedback! I'm so glad you enjoyed BBW. I'm right now about to start shopping around Grace's story (whom you met in BBW), so it's a nice segue!

And yes, working on a print copy of BBW for those who have been asking for it. Trying to find a way to do this cheaply and easily. I think it's doable.

Thank you again.

Lisa W. said...

Hey Jenn! Abso-lutly LOVED BBW! It's awesome! I would love to purchase it in book / POD form so I can add to my G-Low collection. So! You have my answer my girl! I just love Jed. Can I marry him? ;-)
A girl can dream can't she??
Hugs, Lisa W.

Lisa W. said...

Loved BBW Jenn! It was awesome and I would love to purchase it in book / POD form to add to my G-Low collection! So you have my answer on that my girl! I was hooked from beginning to end which is nothing unsual when reading one of your books. ;-) Thank you so much for sharing. You are truly a fabulous individual for doing this for your readers and I think you greatly for it! Hugs, Lisa W.

Publishing Renaissance said...

Why don't you just go indie all the way? (And blech...POD is such a loaded word. You're an independent publisher.)

Gennita said...

Publishing Renaissance,

From research and working on this project, I think POD/Self-pub has its merits as long as the writer's goals are met. To play publisher, producer, marketing dpt, editor AND WRITE is a LOT of work. Many serious writers would prefer to just write. I'm fortunate in that I have the experience of being New York published to understand how the book business works (and still learning, actually) and so can play with this POD project from a "bigger" perspective.

I have a lot of respect for many self-pubbed authors who have taken their decision to go this route seriously, doing all the legwork of a publisher. They are very tenacious people indeed. I'm learning from them too, although my expectations are probably not as ambitious as some of the blogs I've read. But hey, I don't mind being pleasantly surprised.

The publishing business is* changing and yeah, I don't see why a writer can't try different things and not-so-traditional methods. It'll be interesting the next few years, for sure, to see how the landscape changes. One has to be realistic, though, about one's goals when it comes to POD/self-publishing. The Internet may seem huge (because it is), but the targeted group is really very, very small. However, if the writer is happy with that, then why not?

This discussion is one that I think about a lot, so thanks for bringing it up.


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