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Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Your Uber Reward (VHERS Contest)

They say patience is a virtue. I tell you, they lied. Patience will eat the soul up, torture you with happy smileys, then spit your spoonful of hope out like a very naughty angry child.

But I digress. I'm not a bitter person, dwelling on pain and trauma. I'm a very, very happy uberauthor who wants to share her joy with her GlowGirls. This is my thank you to all of you who have given me support and encouragement in my darkest moments.

I've been good. I've been PATIENT. But now I'm going to kick Patience to the curb and shake my bootie. Why? Because it's a month a way, friends.

This is for you non-reviewers, who have been soooooo patient all these years. Want a hard copy of Jed?

Now, now, get that dirty thought out of your dirty little minds ;-). I mean a hard copy of Virtually Hers -- printed out for your reading pleasure.

Here are the Contest Rules.

1) You must post here on this blog.

2) You must answer 2 questions:

a) What would Jed do if Hell had him immobile and at her mercy? ;-)
b) Fill in the blank: Since it's been TWO freaking years since VHis, I'm now so happy ___________! ;-D (Be innovative. This IS a contest!)

3) You must be in the US because I can't afford the postage overseas (sorry, 300 printed pages is a lot of weight!)

4) This contest ends this coming Friday.

That's it. Let me see how much you want a hard Jed copy of Virtually Hers.

Bear with me while I learn. The first button likes the POST. The second button likes the BLOG site. Please help me by "liking" me. Thanks!


Deborah Blake Dempsey said...

A) Lay there and take it like a man-lollipop, then ride the hell out of her.

B) I’m going to treat the book like a long anticipated date with dinner, wine and, heck, a bubble bath to celebrate our reunion.

LadyZannah said...

don't really wanna be in contest but I tell you what he would do. He would smirk, cuz he planned it all to begin with.

Gennita said...

Lady Z., you kill me with your hate ;-).

Tressa said...

a)If he is at her mercy, not a lot he could do, but I think he would accept it and enjoy the moment . . . but oh, the payback . . I think when the blood flow returned to his big head and he could think again, he would devise a plan that would almost scare her enough to keep her from doing something like that again.
b)that all of my coworkers think I finally got on those hormone pills they keep pushing at me.

J. said...

a) What would Jed do if Hell had him immobile and at her mercy? Hell thinks she has him immobile but Jed is the actual one in control; he'll even have that special cream for the muscles laying around and Hell will give him a little tit for tat.

b) Fill in the blank: Since it's been TWO freaking years since VHis, I'm now so happy that when I order my copy of the book, I'm gonna annoy the post office lady (who'll probably want to change shifts) till I get my hands on it and then lock myself in solitary so I can enjoy myself some personal Jed time.

Jovana M. said...

aww... I can't do it. :(

Gennita said...

Jovana, sweetie, email me ;-).

Kim said...

Oh I so hope she gts him back! He would have a split second of irritation at being bested then be proud it ws his woman that did it. He would then enjoy the ride but still verbally challenge/mess with her while immobile because that's just how those two are..

I'm now mst happy about finally moving damn close to my dream city, finally about to start a job in my dream career and seeing the last decade of work come to fruition. :D oh yeah and finally getting to read pat two of virtually!

Lisa W. said...

A.) Jed being immobile would start his unbelieveable, controlling mind. He will tell Hell what she is going to do to him 3 steps ahead and then tell Hell why she's going to do it the way he said she would. Jed will manipulate Hell into doing what he wants her to do, convincing Hell to believe it's what she wanted to do the whole time.

B.) I'm buying up as many copies of VHers as I can and sending them out to everyone I know! Hoping that the more people know about G.Low books and buy them, than Jenn will be allowed to continue the world of spies for Comcen and ultimatly give us Alex and T's story! ;-)

LadyZannah said...

It is not hate, it is truth, he does smirk. Anywho's save the freebie.....I'm buying mine :)
IF Cumber were in the book I would probably celebrate by........well, Cumber would know, hehe. BUT Heath baby is in the book so yeah I'll buy me a new corset and read it in the appropriate garb. Nothing but the best for my Heath baby.

Ferah said...

I saw you were page TWO on the "coming soon" section at Samhain. Whoo hooooo! I cannot wait!

a) What would Jed do if Hell had him immobile and at her mercy?
Struggle and realize how it felt to be on the receiving end of such control issues. Then, of course, pray that she would be kind to him (as he was kind to her?). Heh.

b) Fill in the blank: Since it's been TWO freaking years since VHis, I'm now so happy ___________!
...I CAN GO BACK AND REREAD VHers SINCE I KNOW VHis IS JUST AROUND THE CORNER! (Sorry for the all caps....I'm excited.)

Now, here is a question for you: will we be able to purchase a print version of the book or is Samhain only releasing the e-book at this time?

Thanks! Ferah

Joyce said...

My brother always said patience is a vulture.

1) Jed would enjoy the "hell" out of it.

2) I would drive my dh and the mailman crazy.

alund said...

1. Due to the loss of control, Jed would initially feel "I'm in hell". After a while Jed would be "SO GOOD TO BE IN HELL!"

2. After years of unsatisfactory foreplay, finally the great payoff!

Taylor B said...

a) What would Jed do if Hell had him immobile and at her mercy?

"He moaned and strained his body against her as her hand slid between his thighs, exploring through the blue jeans. The bulging hardness of his loins pressed against her belly, and he quivered in pleasure."

b) Fill in the blank: Since it's been TWO freaking years since VHis, I'm now so happy I'm gonna run naked through the neighborhood, regardless of being 8 months pregnant, shouting to all "Jed's story is here, Jed's story is here!"

Vanessa said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Vanessa said...

Canada is not really over seas, we are touching with only a few little lakes between us ;) but i understand about not being in the contest :(
i still want to answer though......

a) i think jed would take it and enjoy it but he would warn her that payback is a real b**ch and so she'd better watch her pretty little ass!
b) i'm going to take the day off work so i can rush to chapters as soon as it opens, then im going to hold and look at the book like its a god :) i cant wait to read it!!!!!!!

Gennita said...

Sigh. I suppose, mail to Canada is about the same as mail to the border states ;-). Okay, I'll include Canada. Will that make Mexico mad at me? LOL.

Diane V said...

1. If Jed's immobile, it's because he wants to he's just going to lay back and let Hell do all the work.

2. I'm going to finally stop praying every night that the powers that be at HQN go to hell for not publishing VHERS -- I think I've only bought 2 HQN books since they screwed you (and us) over VHERS 2 years ago.

HannaMich said...

a)What would Jed do if Hell had him immobile and at her mercy?

Revenge is so sweet Hell thought as she slowly pours warm, melted chocolate over Jed’s nipples, down to his 8-pack abs and ever so slowly working her way lower. Jed wakes up suddenly with a bitter taste in his mouth, the smell of chocolate and woman in the air. He opens his eyes to darkness seeing nothing but the shadowy figure of a naked woman standing over him. Jed attempts to struggle but realizes that he is immobile and smiles a cool smile, “You have me where you’ve always wanted me don’t you Elena”. Hell laughs softly but says nothing else. Jed fights a losing battle with his typical cool, emotionless control and groans loudly when Hell bends over and swipes at a chocolate covered nipple with her tongue. “Hell,” he rasps, then groans again when she bites his nipple before lapping it again with her tongue to soothe it. “I’ve always wanted to use my mouth on you Hades, and now I have my chance,” Hell whispers, before sliding her body against Jed’s chocolate covered hardness. Jed closes his eyes, feeling the heat of Hell’s breasts brush against his sticky chest as she slid down his hard body. Her tongue laps slowly around the head of his erection before taking him fully in her mouth, Jed clenches his teeth in agony of need. He remembers back to a night just like this and how excited he was being in control of Hell’s emotions and bringing her to exquisite completion over and over. He wondered what she was thinking now that she was in control of him. He smiled again, remembering today’s dictionary word, indulgence; the act or practice of indulging; gratification of desire. Jed breathes in deeply as Hell uses both her hands and tongue to punish him further. The realization suddenly occurs to him that he is right where he has always wanted to be and by fulfilling the indulgence of his desires for Hell, will allow him to finally let go of his control and fall over the edge into heaven.


Since it’s been TWO freaking LONG years since Vhis, I am now so DELIRIOUSLY happy that Virtually Hers is being published that I am GUARANTEEING to Jen that I Personally will purchase TWENTY-FIVE (25) copies of Virtually HERS from Samhain and will give them away to friends and strangers to get them hooked on your books. Will the free marketing and bribery get me a signed hard copy? ***Evil Grin****

In addition, I will send mantra’s daily to the powers that be (no Jen, not your publisher…. but, the higher power *L) begging that sales of VHers will top all of your other individual novels combined along with a personal mantra that you need a real life Hero of your own to come rescue you and take you down from the rooftop to the path of endless seduction. (Hey, it’ll give you more material to potentially put in your books too!)

Last but not least, Jen (aka roofer/author goddess) can sleep well knowing of the good deed she has performed in fulfilling one of her dedicated reader’s (that’s me!) fantasy, because I will be in bliss with my own HARD copy of JED at my bedside…. ***Happy sigh****

Congrats Jen, I’m so excited for you and all of your readers that VHERS will finally be out!

Michelle R.

Leiha said...

Congrats Jenna on the release of Virtually Hers! I'm sorry I've been such neglectful glow girl, you know I love you!

I am not entering the contest. I want to buy your book and support you! I can't wait to revisit Jed and Hell!

Anonymous said...

Jenn I am not entering your contest cause I am in Canada, but I wanna tell you that I'll be the first one to buy your book when it come out.

GO Jenn, Go Jenn!!!


Gennita said...

You guys are making me worried. You do know that it's an EBOOK coming out this Oct., right? ;-) The print format won't be out till 2010 (next year).

Some of you have great imagination about Jed's predicament!

HannaMich said...


Thanks for the Ebook/print format clarification. I was thinking Ebook format and am thrilled to tears that it will be out in Oct. Can't wait for my fix. My commitment still stands however for buying multiple print copies and marketing you to my friends, coworkers, etc. I've already done that anyway with some of your past books, you deserve it. I'm excited not to wait until next year and it will be a treat to read the eformat soon. I spent today rereading VHis for the 4th time and I still can't get enough.

Thanks again!


Sara said...

I believe he would try to do no pain on her, because he likes to be in control. I think Hell will show he the time of his life and he never forget her. That would start stage two of their little personal game.

Saturday is my bday so I am looking at this book as late bday gift to me. I will spend the day in bed with my laptop and read and read and forget the rest of the world.

Anonymous said...

a) I think Jed would take it as well because he would want to be
tied up by then surprise the HELL out her by getting loose and riding her.

b) I have been waiting for this book every since it was first mentioned. I was glad to see the hints on the blog.

Gennita said...

You're all too funny! I'll announce the winner Monday. It's going to be fun rereading these!


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