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Saturday, October 06, 2007





I'm alive! Check out my video:

They don't allow lone-jumpers without a six-jump class, so we did tandem. Didja notice RB basically CARRIED his instructor to the front of the plane and nearly KNOCKED him out by bonking his head to the ceiling? We were supposed to scoot forward, sit at the edge of the plane and then the instructor would tap us on the shoulder before we jump. RB apparently missed that part, LOL. He stood up, injured the poor dude, and then hopped out of the airplane without waiting! He was lucky the guy wasn't passed out!

Everything went great for me. When we first tumbled out, all I saw was blue, blue, blue, and the wind was tremendous, whipping against my face. Then we righted into position and I was able to enjoy myself. We freefall for about a minute, which seemed to last forever, before the chute went up.

Then we were below the clouds and I could see the earth below. It was the strangest sensation because I felt very, very light as we hung midair like that. My instructor even let me tug on the ropes to steer the parachute.

I got a bit dizzy when he tugged hard to get us to spin around in the wind. It was like being on a giant swing and I guess my old head wasn't liking that. It was remarkably easy to talk once the chute was up and I told my instructor that I was glad I skipped breakfast that morning. He said he would slow down the spins, since that was just "fun" stuff.


And after about five minutes, we landed, soft as a feather. I felt fine. It was surreal to think I was 14000 feet above ground just minutes ago!

The funniest thing, though, happened on the drive back. My stomach suddenly caught up with my head and started to react at a hard turn and I was nauseated for a whole minute. Dude, it felt like a hangover after a wild night with crazy partying authors ;-P.

All in all, an uber experience well worth the money!

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Monique said...

That looks like soooo much fun. Glad to see you made it. ;-P

sq said...

whoa. you are NUTS. why jump out of a perfectly good plane?

I especially like the part of the video with the skydiver with the video camera AND the Animal hand puppet. Yeah, like we needed more proof he was INSANE IN THE HEAD!

Sarah said...

Amazing! What a totally cool movie to have for keeps! Awesome! Did RB enjoy himself as much as you did??

kim said...

aww im so jealous! i gotta go :) congrats! ...didnt really get the muppet in the video though, what was that about?

mec said...

Video was great! Glad you enjoyed it and live to write another day!
By the way, what did you shout as you jumped out?

Aimee said...

Getting a movie made of your jump is so awesome! The company we jumped with didn't even offer something like that, and so we used our own camera. Of course the camera is now so old that the battery is shot and we can't even get parts of any kind for it. So my vid sits in a sort of limbo forever LOL

I loved the freefall, the floating down.... Not so much. When the instructor started doing the circle thing, I was all about "STOP IT" Heh.

Glad you had a great time & lived!!!

Leiha said...

Wow, when you see the clouds below you it really shows us how high you are! You go chick! I have no interest in jumping out of a working plane but you looked badass!

Elaine said...

That was awesome...but I thought you were going NUDE skydiving. No? Steve must be proud of you!

Fanciful Fern said...

You two were awesome! I doubt that I'd ever get the balls to do it. Good on you both.

Casee said...

OMGosh, I can't wait to see the video when I get home!!

I can't believe you did it!!

vanessa jaye said...

That looks like so much fun! And what an awesome video.

Jordan Summers said...

That's very cool. I don't know if I would've had the nerve to jump out of a perfectly good airplane. ;) *g*

Deborah said...

That looked like so much fun. You should be very proud of yourself for doing it. It's scary, but looked to be well worth the thrill of a lifetime.

How long did it last - from jump to touching ground?

BTW, tell RB he's a babe!


Gennita said...

My dogsitter was glad I made it too ;-).

I am not nuts. Lots of people jump out of perfectly good airplanes ;-P. The skydiver with the hand puppet was funny, though. BTW, where are you, baby? I'm in New York and waiting for you!

I think RB frightened his instructor so much he wouldn't even shake his hand, LOL. His experience in the army was difference, where no one landed softly. He met another Airborne Ranger jumping at the site, so he was happy.

What if I jump off carrying your favorite dish? Heh. I bet you would come after me. Thanks for saying I looked badass. I didn't feel it!

It was cold out there! Nude skydiving is overrated.

Fanciful Fern,
Try tandem first. Then you have no choice but jump! LOL.

Well, did you like my yellow suit?

I'm so glad a video was made too. It's something I prove that I did it. ;-)

The world looked strangely different when you're perched at the open door of an airplane looking down at the earth below, let me tell you!

It took about 10-15 minutes tops. It's FAST. I can't believe how fast an object can fall to the ground from 14000 feet *grin*

You should see RB's muscles and abs, heh. He's in competition shape at 57, all washboard tummy and big arms. He made all the ladies sigh at the ballroom dancing class he went to. Another funny story ;-).

I'm not sure what the muppet is about either, but it's a funny way to end it, I guess.

The first time, I yelled "Airborne." Then I think I just went "Juuuuummmmmmp!" LOL.

The floating down is fine until you have to make the parachute swing and spin. That didn't feel good to the head!

Anonymous said...

You looked like you were having loads of fun! Maybe next time I'm down that way I'll do it. NOT! lol


Brenda said...

Crackers, chick! I just watched your skydiving video and it scared the crap out of me. I always thought I would love to go skydiving until I saw what you saw up there. Shiver. It looks way different than I thought it would.
You, however, looked fab and brave falling to the earth.
BTW, was that Grover? Cookie Monster?

Susan Grant said...

That was amazing! I felt so thrilled for you watching the video (whoever put it together did a great job). Congrats on the jump!

Me, I fly 'em. I don't jump out of 'em. (unless they're on fire or something--lol).

Anyway, SO COOL, Gennita!

Gennita said...

Yes, you have to do it next time you're down here! It'll be fun!

It's an experience you won't forget soon, guaranteed! And a lot colder and faster than you'd think.

Funny how when I was jumping, I didn't think I might meet an airplane passing by...GULP! The video does make me look brave, doesn't it? LOL.


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