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Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Your Uber VIRTUALLY HERS Yak Thread

You may now start your conversation, voice your opinions about Jed and Hell, make noises about the MeanJenn, kick Jed's butt, send Armando love, analyze Heath Cliffe, pick on anything, do your own remote-viewing, make up your virtual reality scenario, scream about that One Crate Scene, figure out the time-line, mock the Jed dictionary--wow, the list keeps growing!--AND do any praising (yes, author has ego) in this here thread.

I want to hear it all.

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Saly said...

Okay, I guess I am the first one to post & may I hope the one to finish the book(Timezone difference etc).
May I just squeeeeee a lil bit. Jenn, I must say that VHers was worth the wait & man what an ending(Bad, Jenn leaving us hanging like that ;) ). I loved the book & Armando's little glimpses were pretty good. And Jed well, he still deserved a through as*-kicking by Hell & not just a punch well but actions speak louder than words & the Ice-Man may definitely not be one with Hell. *grins*

I just had a question, from what I noticed that VHers was set in the timeline of the Hunter[with Hawke, Greta etc], so will VOne be in the timeline of Sleeping with the Agent or more ahead??And any rough estimate of the month VOne will be out next year??What can I say you managed to invest me more into Jed & Hell than I though. :)
And the glances of Kitty....interesting. Will we getting more about what exactly went down ahead??And what's happening with Grace.
And I sure do hope that Grace's & Alex & T's book gets picked up.
Congo, Jenn on yet another GEM. I wish more for you!!!!!!

J. said...

I absolutely loved Virtually Hers!!!! In fact, while I was reading on my computer, I kept glancing at the number of pages left and was beginning to feel nervous; I knew the end of the book was nearing and that was reallllllllyyy upsetting! I wanted more!

I hope the wait for Virtually One won't be too long...

Candy said...

I love VHERS! OMG, Jed! OMG, Heath! OMG Flyboy! :D The techy parts weren't confusing to me and the twists and turns, esp. with Jed's past and the appearance of TWO VERY FAMILIAR PERSONS killed me. Killed me!!!!! I love VHERS. Okay, done with the exclamations now.

kim said...

not done yet but genn "the magic scimitar of love"? lol :) i could totally see a guy like him saying something like that. at least you didnt write disco stick! :-D enjoying every minute.

Eva / TXBookjunkie said...

Agh! A cliffhanger!! And I have to wait until next Spring?!? I was reading this off my phone and didn't realize the pages were running out until the story just stopped. Can you visualize my frantic "what the hell" moment? Spring? Spring?!?

kim said...

well... it was good. too short. the ending was ok but it wasn't at the end. I have to say I agree with the reviewer that said the back story for Jed seemed out of place at the end. I liked learning more but I would have rather had the final ending be with him worried about Hell. But I can wait, hopefully not for another two years though! Liked seeing the roofer references :) was a bit wierd reading about the other books happening real time even though i read them years ago, but i guess this was probably all supposed to come out in quicker succession than it did. In comment to one of the reviewers you mentioned that you had plans for Jed/Hell to continue on like In Death, did you mean continue to finish the trilogy or continue past the trilogy? anyway thanks and cant wait for V1 :)

Gennita said...

As I've said on Pearl's blog, the flashbacks were meant to be supplement, "Intermundia" (Latin for space between space), to the story. It's not really part of the story, but it is part of Jed. As I've pointed out, I thought it would amuse Jed to see his life compartmentalized by odd dictionary words like Intermundia because he compartmentalize his different sides so well.

Jed's and Hell's relationship will have a HEA/HFN by end of Book 3, Virtually One, but there is much I want to write about the Super Soldier Spy series. I want to continue with the other commandos' stories but it will feature Hell a lot because she is, you know, Super Soldier Spy, and by extension, Jed will have to come along too because, you know, he's the SSS anchor ;-). Hope I'm making sense.

I'm going to have to write a blog post asking readers to Please Note: Supplement of Jed's youth as Conor is not part of Virtually Hers ;-). They were written as flashbacks at one time but taken out so that readers who want to know Jed's background can have their own separate moment with him (and understand certain things happening in the real story).

Hope I'm answered your question, Kim! Thanks for buying my book.

J. said...

Now that Kim mentioned it, I too do think that VHers was kinda short. I mean I loved the book (So many favorite scenes and funny dialogue!) but I was really sad on how fast it ended. Party, I think it's because I waited two years to read the next book that I kinda had hoped/expected it to be longer? I should've known that it would be a cliffhanger (VHis was like that too!) I think because of the excitement of being able to read the next installment, I tried to finish and get as much out of it as possible so I'm going to re-read it a couple more times =]

Oh! I hope VOne have more elevator scenes? ;)

Gennita said...

VHers, with the supplement, is the same length as VHis ;-). Honest. And yes, there will be an elevator scene for Hell and Jed in VOne!

Anonymous said...

I have to wait until Spring for V1?!!! SRING?! Are you taking lessons/orders from Jed? It would be so like him to make us ALL wait in breathless anticipation wouldn't it?

Absolutely loved the book Jenn can't wait to see what happens next!

Tressa said...

Loved it. Inhaled it. Now will go back and read it much slower. Can't wait for the next one. So, other than VOne, and the short story, what else do you have in the works? Hoping and praying the new publisher will let you publish more than one a year.

Gennita said...

Thanks, Anon and Tressa.


I'm still trying to finish the novella. Because of my fall from the roof (and pain meds), I missed the deadline and life suddenly got very frenetic.

As for other projects, T and Alex's proposal is still making the rounds in New York. No bites yet. Also Viking Dude.

When I get my life back to order, hopefully end of Oct, I'll divide my time writing Virtually One and a new proposal with new spec ops. for my agent. It's just very difficult right now because New York publishers are tightening their budgets and I've lost so much momentum from being out for so long.

Being e-pubbed is great, but it's an entirely different kind of business. Most readers who have read me aren't even aware that I have an ebook out because they aren't Net travelers. They go to bookstores and that's it. Also, bookstore sellers aren't going to recommend my new book because, well, they can't make money selling them.

As you can see, much is on my mind ;-). But the most important thing is I have my health and am still writing. Hopefully, the rest will take care of itself and in a good way (like writing contracts, good sales, reader recognition, editor interests...argh...make me stop).

tokia.hampshire said...


Wow! I loved the banter between Hell and Jed, I have never laughed so hard before while reading a book. It seams to me that Hell is beginning to understand Jed, something that no one else have done.

I cannot wait until V1 to find out how the relationship between Hell and Jed progress. I just know Jed will find a way to bring Hell back from the ether.

alund said...

While recuperating from pneumonia, read VHers twice. Brilliant, fantastic, all the great adjectives! 2 questions Jenn:

1. Did you have to sex up VHers when you changed publishers? I mean, it's HOT.

2. Did Hell and Jed fight over who got to row the boat on Lake Matka?:)

LadyZannah said...

#1 emotions become him, it's about FLIPPING TIME!
#2 I like this one most than all the others, because it's the behind the scenes look at what is happening in all the other books.
#3 Heath baby! SQUEEEEEEE

I still think Diamond will win that fight

Gennita said...

Of course Jed will. And he might even say those magic three words!

Gennita said...


Hope you're feeling better! I'm glad you enjoyed VHers so much.

1) No. It's just hot because that's the way the relationship progressed. You know Jed is deviant.

2) Ahahaha. I think Hell was a teeny bit afraid Jed might kill her after he decided to set the guy free. Kidding.

Gennita said...

Lady Zannah approves, everyone! DRINK!

Elaine said...

Hi Jenn. Do we have a date (month) for V-1's release? I've just started reading V-His and enjoying it very much but I haven't made up my mind yet whether to read V-Hers after this or wait for V-1. If you still don't have a tentative date then I guess I'll hold off until it's out.

It's been ages since I last encountered Jed. He hasn't lost his magic.

Gennita said...

Hi Elaine,

How are you?! I hope you enjoyed VHis. I'm hoping VONE to come out within the next six months. You should read VHers because it's all Jed all the time :).

Anonymous said...

When is V-One coming out?

Gennita said...

I'm sorry for the delay. I'm really hoping to get VONE out this year. I apologize again for this.


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