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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Virtually One Snippet 1

"It's about damn time!" Helen ran towards the lone naked figure and jumped into his waiting arms, wrapping her legs around him. She'd never been this happy to see Hades in her head. "I've been wondering whether you're really as smart as I thought, always one step ahead and all that, not using this sooner to--"

Hades' head bent and his way of shutting her up was very effective. She'd missed him--this and his presence inside her head. She had a ton of questions. Why was she stuck here? Why didn't he show up for so long? She'd been--she didn't want to admit it--a little afraid because she couldn't fight whatever that thing was alone.

But right now, his lips on hers made everything all right again. His kiss was deep and searching, as if he wasn't sure about her. That pissed her off enough to grab a fistful of his blond locks and tug hard. She kissed him back fiercely. What--did he think he was dreaming again?

He broke off the contact and held her face between his hands. Those brown chocolatey eyes stared deeply into hers for a long moment. His expression was different from the sexy Hades smoldering gaze that she'd given him.

Helen stuck her tongue out at him.

His hold tightened and still without a word, he kissed her again. Completely this time. She sighed, happy to have convinced him. Yeah, none of that tantative shit from her Mr. Perfect.

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Jolene Allcock and Family said...

your killing me! More More More :) When is the book coming out, I'm on pins and needles

Anonymous said...

Is that really Jed? Or is it one of the other guys?

Miss Mary said...

Oh my goodness! Please post more soon or get the book out before I melt. Hope it is Jed and not someone tricking her mind to sink in further away from reality Jed.

Deborah Blake Dempsey said...

Good goobly goop. I so want more than a nibble. I can't wait for the book.

Gennita said...


Oh you did find the snip here ;). Book is still being written, but more snippets coming!

Gennita said...


Hmm. I hope that was Jed!

Anonymous said...

OMG, OMG. Finally I have been waiting forever. I almost gave up hope. Thank you so much. Now if only you can get the book out ASAP I won't completely loose it. In another note I kind of picture the same thing in my mind, Jed would have to use the portal and plug Hell and himself into it. But of course he would have to do it while breaking many rules (so Jed like). Once again Thanks for this sweet morsel and can I have more PLEASE!!!!

Gennita said...

My pleasure ;-). I'm hurrying as fast as I can, and will post a second snippet soon.

Ok'Ki'Ki said...

Wow! Jed is showing a lot more emotion. Do you think he has finally admitted to himself that he is truly in love with Helen?

I can not wait until Virtual One. Jed is falling hard. I got to read what will happen next between him and Helen. I just love those to characters of yours.

You have a true devoted in me.


Gennita said...

Yes, Jed isn't handling emotion very well ;-). Actually, it's been really tough trying to break him, writing-wise. It's more like he's torturing me rather than me torturing him. Gah.

Snippet 2 coming soon.

alund said...

I've been on vacation and unable to access RSS feeds. Wow, great snippet. So, Jenn, questions:

a. Hell is still in a coma and Jed somehow was able to use "this" to synch with Hell's brain waves and somehow get to Hell in VR. So, million dollar question, what is "this"?

b. Now that Jed has synched with Hell, will he kick the shit out of Hell's mind intruder?

Gennita said...

a) the Portal :).
b) No, it's more complicated than that. They discovered that it's Jed's physical presence that's causing all that convulsing and pain to the remote viewers. Hint: remember, every one of them, including Hell, couldn't "see" Jed and they suffer some form of panic or pain when they force themselves.

Quantum entanglement, baby!

Jordan said...

Gennita, I've just finished reading Virtually Hers on my nook and I tried to find Virtually One but I couldn't! Then I google searched it and it just took me to hers and his..please help me find this book, I've got to read it!

Gennita said...

It's not out yet, Jordan. I hope to get it out soon. Thank you for buying my books!

Anonymous said...

Gennita i just finished reading virtually hers and his and i really want to find Virtually one! Where is it? it said it was going to be out in 2010 but i can't find it! help me

Gennita said...

Hi Anon,
I know, I know. VOne has been delayed. I really hope to get it to you soon. Right after Tempting Trouble (done, needs editing), Dangerously Hot (novella) and a children's book. Samhain will find a slot for it on their schedule. Thank you so much for your patience.

Jannia said...

I agree with the other ladies. I'm on pins and needles witing on this book. I have read V His and V Hers multiple times as well as some of your other books, but I think I love this series the best....but the waiting is killing meeee!!!

Anonymous said...

Bought and read Virtually His and then Hers. Is Hell really dead? Or will there be another book to pick up where Virtually Hers ends?

Teresa said...

I love the Jed and Hell story. Cannot wait to read the final book. Thanks.


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