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Friday, November 21, 2008

Your Uber Opinions, Please

Hey, here is my fun project about to be let loose in the wild world of POD publishing. So many of you have emailed me for a "printed book" version of Big Bad Wolf so your non-computer mom/aunt/relative can read the story too and so you can add a book to your GLow collection, that I looked into various options available. I think I found one that wouldn't cost an arm and a leg (under $10, I'm hoping).

Since Nathan Kamp is out of my pocket-league, I have three covers here that I have picked from stock. I haven't bought them yet since nothing is finaled. There were some awfully sexy ones in jeans and all but I thought I'd tone it down with just a good-looking face. Which one appeals to you? You can click on the first two pics so they open "bigger." The first and third look similar but one of them has a female silhouette behind the title, floating above him.

(Ignore the watermarks. I didn't buy the converter program or the pics yet)

The following two were verrrrrra pretty, but I figured too much for romantic suspense??? But I'm adding them here for your gratuitous enjoyment ;-).

NONPICK 1: He's got an outie!

NONPICK 2: There's a roof behind him! ;-)

Your feedback is much appreciated since this is my Fun Project. Everything is almost ready to go! Just need a good commercial cover and once I pay for it, etc...yes, you can buy the book for Christmas at Amazon! Yeeha.

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Leslie said...

I like #3, without silhouette. Nice face. Mysterious. Still sexy that it caught my eye.

Lauren Dane said...

I like the first one!

Diane V said...

I like #3.

Anonymous said...

first and third looks nice. i think that yellow back cover looks kinda funky with the black front cover. well that's just me though.

Gennita said...

The yellow you see is that silhouette removed from the 1st cover. It's the second and the third that you see the hint of yellow outline.

I printed this out on paper and it's not very noticeable.

Should I remove, you think?

Gennita said...

Lauren girl,

I'm so going to use that sexy-you little icon pic of yours for my cover ;-).

Maria said...

I vote for the first one. Also, could you please give the kid standing in front of the roofed house a sandwich. He is waaay past heroin chic.

Kathleen Dante said...

I prefer to first one, too.

Anonymous said...

I vote for the 1st one!
by crazy_ldybg

Saly said...

My vote goes to the first one too.

kim said...

took me way too long to figure out the difference between one and three, but i like one better.

besides the back chick's hair is way too done up, the roofer chick's hair was not smooth and well behaved like that. I hate it when the cover art doesn't match the people in the book :-6

Firecat said...

I have to agree with the majority, the first cover looks the best. Really not keen on the yellow silhouette on #3.

Jane said...

I like the first one, too.

vanessa jaye said...

Did i post on the wrong post? I could have sworn I voted for #3, yesterday.

Gennita said...

So everyone loves the dude with the blue hood anyway, with or without silhouette, yes?

Kewl. I like him too. I showed the two pics at Shit and Grits today and the waitresses gave thumbs up to Blue Hood too!

Marisa said...

Maybe the third one without the yellow in the back? The shadow or silhouette is just this blob of grey to me.

Isabel said...

I like the first one

Lisa W. said...

I like the first Jenn. A very nice face indeed! He has beautiful lips just like I imagined when reading the book.

Gennita said...

Okay, we're going to work on this again, this time with more blue in the back cover since everyone thinks the yellow is odd. The silhouette blob might be gone too--not sure. Then everything should be ready and I'll send for my first ARC (advanced readers copy) for a final runthrough. Maybe I'll run a contest :-).

Leiha said...

I am so in the minority but I liked cover #2.


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