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Sunday, February 24, 2008

OSCARS 2008 Liveblogging


What to do, what to do, my beloved NASCAR race is on in California, so of course it's running the same time with OSCARS. It's only 20 laps in and there's a red flag intermission, so I'm anticipating a long night ahead for my boys there. Watching the OSCARS with the roar of NASCAR in the background...

Welcome to the NOSCARS event, bwahaha. I'm also anticipating the tipsier I get (I always watch the OSCARS with wine), the more confused I'm going to be with the channels and events. So, if it so happens that I'm screaming that Jeff Gordon is the winner of an OSCAR, and he's in the lead right now, you know I mean, he's actually a winner of the other event, the NASCAR race. And if I say George Clooney crashed, you'll know I'm mixing it up again.

Got it?

Of course, a NOSCAR event would be quite fun to watch, don't you think? The actors would arrive wearing skintight fire suits and helmets. They would step out of limousines that are plastered with logos of their favorite perfumes and fashion brands. Then the red carpet would have tire burns all over it. If Viggo wins the NOSCAR, he'd be required to do a backward flip, or climb a fence, or drive around the red carpet with the brakes on. If little Earnhardt wins, I want him to start sobbing like the momma's boy he really is (hahaha, you can't stop my little E sneers, racefans), or he can hug MY JEFF GORDON, sobbing and thanking him over and over for bringing him into THE WINNING TEAM.

You see? I'm stoked for the OSCARS and I haven't even opened the bottle of wine yet. If you hang around, your comments throughout the ordeal would be appreciated. Don't let my wittery stop you from yours.

See ya in a few minutes....

You know, NASCAR fans are so patient. I don't think many OSCAR fans would wait over an hour in between stop and start because of accidents or rain. Of course, you can't get too drunk at the OSCARs.

OTOH, wouldn't it be fun if Regis were drunk as a skunk while interviewing the actors on the red carpet? And he's with MY GEORGE RIGHT NOW. Oh, MY GEORGE, he is so beautiful, with his nicely greyed hair, now. I love you, George, even though you're with that silverfish beside you. You need to stop that; silver doesn't become you. And you'll look good in a fire suit, in my Lexus and me...never mind...but you can drive my car and shift my gear.

Goodness, was that John Travolta or a monkey? What is it with the Balls of Fury plasterhair?????! John Revolta.

Do you know they are going around that racecar at 182mph a lap? And those drivers talk back and forth with their crew chiefs while they're inches from the car ahead? Let's see them actors making OSCAR thank you speeches with that speed. I'm sure they'd flub their lines.

Ha, and Tony Stewart has fallen back. No, not Jon Stewart, dudes. I'd like Tony Stewart presenting. He would be rude, stupid and funny. And if his favorite dude didn't win, he'd sideswipe him.

Damn, damn, damn, it's raining in California AGAIN. Yellow flag. My poor Jeff can't run away with the race.

How come it's not raining over there at Regis? I'd like to see a big tumble of rain come down on all those lovely gowns and tuxes. Then they'd all need some chassis adjustment and four tire changes in 12.1 seconds.

Not Helen Mirren, of course. She's the Queen. Someone would bring her an umbrella. What a lovely dress she has on, btw. I bet she'd never had a smear of motor oil on her.

Ha, and there's Penelope Cruz. Bet she doesn't know that Tom Cruise is at the races. That's right, he's reliving Days of Thunder.

Yawn. Time for my drink break. No, folks, in case you're wondering what the heck you're reading, the OSCARs haven't started yet, but the NOSCARs have. It's yellow flag, which means caution, which means Regis is boring me to death interviewing unimportant mortals.

Cute guy comparison. Come on. Kasey Kahne vs John Revolta. Mark Martin vs Regis. Oh, awright, there is NO ONE who can compare with my GEORGE CLOONEY (sorry, darling Jeff...maybe in a few're getting there).

And here is Jon Stewart racing on stage. He's explaining the wreck that was left by the crash of the Writers' Strike. You see, the writers are like the race drivers of the film industry. No writers, no racesshow.

Jon is talking about amazing performances. You know, I was expecting him to wake up in bed again with GEORGE CLOONEY as the beginning skid, but I guess they think that's not original anymore. Not that the last minute writing is entertaining. So far, Jon isn't drunk enough for me, or vice-versa.

Man, these jokes are lame. Personal stripper name using first pet name and street name???! SO LAST CENTURY, Jon. I tell better jokes than that. It's now the expected commentary on the Presidential Race. Are they going to bring up Al Gore? Come on, bring up Al. He needs the attention. So is Hollywood for Obama or Billary? He just made fun of Obama's name, which rhymed with Osama, of course. Another OLD JOKE. Hey, it's not like the race driver named Dick Trickle, 'kay? Ah, that would have been a perfect presidential candidate.

Poor Jennifer Garner, Alias girl, relegated to Best Costume announcement. You need to race more, Jennifer! Forget that mommy-thang. The black gown--not your color, sweetie. Remember that glorious orange you had on a few years back? WHEN YOU WERE DATING MICHAEL VARTAN, MY OTHER SWEETHEART? You broke his heart, you did.


So you flubbed your lines. That's okay. The writers, apparently, are a bit rusty because so far the writing SUX. They are showing 90 years of presenters saying "Good evening" on the screen. Such inspiring prose. Do we really need to use the theme to The Titanic for showing grand moments of the last 80 years? I mean, this show is sinking, folks. Sinking fast.

They are presenting the animated feature award right now. What they need is Kurt Busch fighting with JonTony Stewart. Now, that'd bring some much needed animation. It's Lap 74. My, my, the NOSCARs are just racing along.

That's Kathleen Heigl with Marilyn Monroe hair. There's a hole on her left shoulder strap. Other than that, she looks amazing. Hope she's not going to tell us (again) how to pronounce her name. And NORBIT is the most disgusting movie ever to be shown on the plane, 'kay?

You know, if the speeches go on too long, we can knock these award winners off the stage with a speeding car. That would be kinda fun, I think, because they'd then speak weallyweallyweally fast to get to the end of their speech.

And now, our first entertainment portion of the night--little Earnhardt singing Enchanted..."A Happy Working Song." He looks so good in a miracle push-up bra. Oh, sorry, that was Amy Adams.

They are showing a montage of Michael Botoxface. Me, I'm taking a pit break.

Hey, it's The Rock, announcing for Visual Effects, you know, the award where the actors look scared when a huge monster-that-isn't-there is attacking them. What? The Golden Compass won over The Transformers?! As for Pirates...oh well, nothing new, more ocean waves, more fishface monsters....

Beautiful Cate Blanchette in purple. She looks pregnant. Is she? She's announcing for art and set direction. Yawn. No surprise, Sweeney Todd. And they just flashed Johnny Depp with that underlip mold growth. Poor man.

Jon Stewart just likened Cate B. to a pitbull. Interesting.

Is it scary if I tell you that when they show those old black-and-white montage, I REMEMBER WATCHING them when I was a kid? Argghhh. More wine.

It's Best Supporting Actor time. Jennifer Hudson shows up. I see the latest fashion trend this year, folks. Egyptian necklines. You know, shift with an Egyptian jeweled collar. Every woman's got them. And the winner should be Tom Wilkinson (Michael Clayton), but who knows? I only watched that movie, LOL. See? I was wrong, it's that Javier Bardem dude.

Damn, another rain delay on the Other Channel. At this rate, it's a race for which event would end first--the Oscars or the Nascar. So boring. Not a crash or weird see-through dress in sight.

They are showing the Oscar salute to binoculars and telescopes, a sort of self-mockery of what you'd have to watch if the Writers' Strike had continued. We get the point, Jon. You don't have any material. You should have come out in an Egyptian-collared dress. And push-up bra.

And now, the second act: Tony Stewart and Kurt Busch hugging up and singing "Kiss It Up." And then they crash each other's cars again. Oh, throw in Montoya too. You know he wants a piece of the action.

Owen Wilson is given the nominees for Best LIVE Action announcement. I don't want to say anything, even though it's the perfect moment for a cruel snark. Not saying it. Uh-uh.

You know, these foreigners are infesting the NOSCARS, dammit. What with Villeneuve, Montoya,, have some chewing tobaccy, luvs. You guys need a cap. And stop all that accenting already.

Y'all just missed the Short Animated Film award. Do you care? Thought so.

I haven't seen any truly ugly dresses yet, by the way. This is truly disappointing. Oh wait, I think I remember Daniel Day-Lewis' date's dress. It looked like someone vomitted a poinsettia on its front. Maybe I can find a pic.

Best Supporting Actress. Oh come on, it's got to be Cate B., right? I did like that actress in Michael Clayton, though. That scene with her sweaty armpits? See, I remember it, so it must be good. HEY SHE DID WIN! Heh. She still looks sweaty with slicky hair and shiny face. And she's all accenty and wearing the wrong era--some kind of black Greek balloon. It's Egyptian time, girl! Sheesh!

Here's Jessica Alba who forgot to shave her chest hair.

The Other Race is still red-flagged and they're showing cartoons while waiting for the rain to stop. How appropriate.

The writing is still bad. Racing too. This is a disaster.

Best adapted screenplay. Atonement. Away From Her. The Diving Bell and the Butterfly. No Country for Old Man. There Will Be Blood.

What? No The Flame and the Flower? No Sleeping With The Agent? No The Millionaire and The Virgin? I swear those are better titles, yes?

Good God, we've arrived to the interesting portion about the Oscar Procedures. I shall now chug down more wine. Because it's like watching waterboarding, you know. I NEED SOME ENGINES ON FIRE, PEEPS!

The next song is sung by Michael Waltrip's happy warbling about Toyota. And LITTLE Earnhardt is playing with the Jeff Gordon's bongos. I'm sorry, my NOSCAR entertainment is much more fun than what they have. Sigh, where is Antonio Banderas and his guitar when you weally, weally, weally need him?

Starting my fourth glass, my friends. This does not bode well for coherence and spelling.

For some reason, Jon is tallying the pregnant actresses count. Jessica Alba, Cate Blanchette, Nicole Kiddman, and Angelina Jolie, if you're interested. Halle Berre and Judy Dench just showed up on stage with clown hair and face hair. Okay, it's two men who sorta look alike, pretenting to be JD and HB. It's the presentation for Sound Edit. Can you stand the suspense????! Well, Bourne Ultimatum wins. You know, the movie with the dude that looks like the guy on VIRTUALLY HERS. Ya don't believe me? Look at the cover on the right side of this blog. Told ya.

(Hey, what's a little liveblogging without pimping my own book, huh?)

This winning couple gave the Best Speech Evah. They both blanked out.

Now it's Best Sound Mixing. What's the difference between Sound Mixing and Sound Editing? Good question. Do you care? Like watching the cars go round and round and round without hearing the roaring engine, you know. And Bourne Ultimatum won again. Wow, that movie has good sounds.

I'm still scared. I have seen everyone of these past Oscar winners they are showing when they were making those speeches LIVE. My life...I wasteth four hours a year on this. I need therapy.

I believe Forrest Whitaker is an immortal. He looks exactly the same every year. Best Actress award now. Cate Blanchett, whom I love. Or, Julie Christie, the favorite, and still very Dr. Zhivago-beautiful. But it'll go to a foreigner.

You see? Gennita is rarely wrong when she's drunk. And she's all overwhelmed and accenty, saying, "Eeet iz trooe der is some MANGELS in this city." Obviously, she's been with MY GEORGE CLOONEY. Damn her, damn her to hell.

It's Colin Ferrell who spots pre-bald Agassi hair. Or current Tony Stewart dirty hair. And they sing a duet together. The songs nominated year proves there was also a SONGWRITERS Strike.

It's Bad Boy Jack Nicholson. Instead of sunglasses, he's wearing the frame of one with old-man reading glasses. So he isn't as immortal as he thinks. Montage of the past 79 best movies. Okay, this would be fun for me. See, I actually saw most of those movies up to the late 90s. So I know what I'm talking about till then, LOL. I actually saw The Sound of Music 365 times because my siblings grew up watching that movie once a day. To this day, they can still mouth the entire movie's dialogue. Scary, I know.

Bourne Ultimatum won for film editing. You see? Good sound. Good editing. And presented by Renee Zellwegger wrapped in so many Swarozski diamonds, she had some left over for Nichol Kiddman. She doesn't look at all preggers, but then I'm blinded by the bling-bling. It's an honorary Oscar. Like, if you'd never won a car race but live to be 100, they're going to give you a little something for being such a great driver, or something like that.

Nichol With-Kiddman looks like she's going to barf on stage any minute now. This guy, Robert Doyle, is giving a history of moving images. Zzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Oh wait, something to look forward to coming up...John Revolta! Don't leave me now. We're still stuck at Lap 87 on the Other Event, by the way, with Jimmy Johnson leading. Jimmy is also J. Gordon's protegee and teammate, for those who aren't in the know, and that's why it's no coincidence is car is 48 to J. Gordon's 24, if you ask me. Now little E., he's now 88. He can't do math.

Penelope Cruz, also with chest hair, presents...the foreign movie award. I bet you a glass of wine another foreigner wins. Wait, did I just watch a Kazakhstan movie of Mongolian ala Genghiz Khan warriors? (looking at wine suspiciously) Mongolians speaking Kazakhstani? Bwahahahaha.

SHRRRIIIIEKKKKKK. It's Patrick McDreamy Dempsey, whom I can lick all night too (looking at George very apologetically), introducing Kasey Kahne to sing a song from Enchanted. So we get to see a bunch of dancers waltzing, going round and round the race track. Wait, is that Karl Edwards playing the prince?

It's it's...argh...Revolta. My God, man. Botox is really not your friend. And that helmet head. Even your chin dimple is frozen, man. I. Need. More. Alcohol.

For your trivial information, I did J.T.'s roof. He used to live around here, and everyone called him J.T., like he's their best buddy or something. I also saw Saturday Night Fever at least 360 times because it was on that freaking long in the theatre that I get to see free movies (friend working as usher sneaking us in). That damn movie. That damn shirt. That damn pose. They censored the scene of Johnny's hand in his underpants (beginning of the movie), so I never got to see that till it came out in Betamax. How's that for Gennita tidbit?

They're drying the track on the other channel. I think they're going to try to reach the halfway mark to call it official. I suppose the OSCARs is now official then, since I'm way halfway done with my bottle. Way halfway. Like running on empty.

Hey, it's what'sherface--Cameron Diaz--in a recycled gown. I swear I've seen her wearing it before. And she just tied her hair in an untidy ponytail. Wow. Cameron, running late? Cinematography went to And There Will Be Blood.

Hilary Swank presents the montage of those who have departed. After all, she did that movie this year about someone who died too, you know. Besides the most recent tragic loss, the only big name I remember is one of my idols, Ingmar Bergman. I love his work.

Is it bad form to say that I'm getting the munchies?

Amy Adams comes out and posed some rhetorical questions (would Jaws be frightening without the Jaws music?). Then it's Atonement for Best Score of something like that. I'm sorry. Brain not working any more. I found a new bottle of wine. Oh-oh. o-O It's another win for the accent, folks, if you're paying attention.

It's Tom Hanks, the Botox Bee. You see? He can't smile either. So let's invite our so-very-busy military dudes in Iraq to give out the nominees for Short Subject. Wow. And they're stuck in a...LONG war. Look out, look out, incoming, incoming!!!! Dudes, this war isn't action-packed enough for you, right? And the funniest thing just happened: the subject that won...samesexlurv. The military giving an award for Don'tAskDon'tTell short subject. Bwahahahaha. I die.

It's now documentary time, which means the winner would be something against Bush. You just know it. See? Waterboarding and torture--sure bet for an Oscar.

Well, if I had the inclination, I'd have made a short documentary of JT's stay here. He lived in famous subdivision that allows its homeowners to fly in their airplanes and PARK THEM IN THEIR SPECIAL GARAGES. But he wanted to buy a Lear Jet. John Travolta was banned from the neighborhood. And that was the end of his stay ;-). See, I'm full of Revolta trivia. Get me drunker and I might tell you about HIS LIVED-IN ASSISTANT who wore a smoking jacket when he answered the door. Bwahahahaha.

You know, those dang racecar drivers look more and more like Bart Simpson whenever I check. So strange. You know what's great with Zinfandel? Girl Scout Cookies. The ones with the chocolate and coconut all over them.

Oh, Harrison Ford, who sounds very, very tired. Original Screenplay goes to Juno, a screenplay by an ex-gogo dancer. Egyptian tiger top and a tattoo. She is cool in my books, dudettes! My, the slit in her dress opens up all the way up there...good for pole-dancing. Snark, snark.

It's the Oscars for Best Actor. In my book, I'll give it to MY GEORGE CLOONEY, of course. Is there even any other man worth the Oscar, huh, huh?

Helen Mirren has the Best Dressed Award, for sure, and her voice is sooooo wonderful to listen to. GEORGE GEORGE GEORGE GEORGE CLOOOONEEEEYYYYY. I lurv you, my George, I LURV you. Mwah mwah mwah mwah mwah. Okay I love Daniel Day-Lewis too but his moustache is horrible in this movie. As for Johnny Depp, he deserves this Oscar for his singing cojones. Tommy Lee Jones is an old favorite but he already won one, so there. And I nominate Viggo Mortenson's naked butt for an Oscar.

Boohoo, it's Mustachioed Man DDL, the favorite to win. See? Accent win again. Okay, what is this with the double earrings--Daniel Day-Lewis looks like Ruth Buzzi without the hairnet.

Well, it's downhill from here. My GEORGE didn't win, what a shame. What a shame, I say. He actually did ACT in this movie too, dammit, dammit, DAMMIT! GEORGE WAS ROBBED! RRRrrrrOOooOoooBBBBBed, I say! The final scene of Michael Clayton? BEST FACIAL EXPRESSION EVAH! You voters are just jealous of his face! EndRant.

Martin Scorsese comes out to present Best Director. The Coen Brothers won. They look like Judy Dench and Halle Berre. Snerk.

Oooh, Denzel Washington. When did he go bald? =8-O Best motion picture. Well...I bet you Judy Dench and Halle Berre win again.

SEEEee? See? You cannot beat a drunk Gennita at the guessing game. Cannot.

I weep for Michael Clayton. But at least Sweaty Armpits won for Best Supporting Actress. George, you were robbed, baby. Come home to me...I'll kiss you better. And more.

And so, it's over...BEFORE MIDNIGHT! How's that possible?

One and the half bottles of wine later and I can still type ;-). Thank you for staying with me through my NOSHSCAR, ahem. I think this year's Academy Award was the MOST BORING EVAH. The only thing going for it was all the ladies with their chest hair.

See ya next year!

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vince said...

Ooooo... Oscars, NASCAR and wine. Thsi ought to be interesting :-)

Gennita said...

Ah, Vince, welcome to my crazy, crazy Sunday. I've done good today. I took out three big boxes of books and a bag of clothes. I deserve this wine.

LadyZannah said...

you know NASCAR is definetly more fun than the Oscars. I ran out of wine tho so I'll keep you company with tea.....maybe I have a beer or two somewhere.....

LadyZannah said...

Darn my tv rights are gone, the alpha male wants to play Halo, he WILL pay later....what is it you say all the time? bwahahaha!
Anywho, you are my eyes now....I'm in trouble aren't I?
I want Tommy Lee Jones to win, I like him.

LadyZannah said...

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson......sigh.....hunky male, yummy, yummy

Gennita said...


vince said...

Jenn, you did well. You definately deserve the wine.

And we have the first Oscar winner. A short acceptance speech. Gorgeous George is now speaking. Jenn is swooning.

Lasyzannah, I'm a Tommy Lee Jones fan, too, but I hope Viggo Mortensen wins. I don't think he will, though.

LadyZannah said...

that's ok, some horrible computer virus will destroy every picture of Jessica Alba in his computer.

LadyZannah said...

leave Jr alone...*pouts*

vince said...

He looks so good in a miracle bra.

OK, that is just so wrong!

vince said...

Javier Bardem. Not suprised he won - a VERY powerful performance in a pretty gory movie.

vince said...

Not a crash or weird see-through dress in sight.

NASCAR drivers soemtimes wear see-through dresses?

LadyZannah said...

Only #24 does Vince

mind the gap said...

What did you make of Francis Ford Coppola's Youth Without Youth? It didn't get very good reviews, but it's a more engaging film than many of those being given awards tonight. Here's an interesting discussion of the film.

Gennita said...

Right now, #88 is showing his push-up bra to my #24, dahlink Lady Z.

vince said...

They could skip the songs. I'm not impressed with any of them. They're not bad, they're just meh.

On a happy note, I found some Captain. Think I'll get a little Captain in me.

LadyZannah said...

Oooh Vince you just reminded me I got some Captain left as well....brb

Gennita said...

At this rate, I'm going to need some Captain in me too, vince

LadyZannah said...

Bwahahaha! Alpha male was reminded he's gotta get up early and must get some sleep. I love being the boss and working from home......and how could Transformers not win sound mixing? or whatever that was, dang too much captain morgan in my coke

LadyZannah said...

OK so how could Cate not win????

vince said...

Come on Jenn, tell us how you REALLY feel!

vince said...

"Falling Slowly" - I'd forgotten it was nominated. A great song. And Once was a great movie. That better be the song that wins, dammit!

LadyZannah said...

Colin is hot......sigh

LadyZannah said...

what is with Renee Zelwhatever-her-last-name-is mouth? does she have to pucker up all the time or what?

LadyZannah said...

Nicole Kidman does not look too good in black, red is more her color.

vince said...

Jenn, my sympathy on seeing Sound of Music so many times. (Why no, I didn't like the movie. Thank you for noticing.)

Ladyzannah - rich, famous Oscar-winning actresses can pucker any time they want and for any reason they want. Doesn't make it smart, or necessary, but there it is.

LadyZannah said...

bah, she ain't my Viggo Mortensen....rawr

vince said...

Were I female, I would agree.

And on the NASCAR front, officials are still drying the track while the rain has slowed.

More wine, Jenn?

vince said...

You win. We owe you a glass of wine.

LadyZannah said...

Sean looks better with age, or is that the Captain talking?? HEY where did my drink go? Its almost empty now

LadyZannah said...

dang I said Sean when I meant Patrick.....the Captain is talking alright....Khane singing Enchanted, rofl....

vince said...

Wow, Jenn! That's great trivia!

LadyZannah said...

Heath Ledger...sigh...another hottie gone too soon.
Dang it I am sure this cup has a hole or something.

Gennita said...

Even my dogs are bored now. They're starting to scratch at the door, needing to escape the pain.

I'm looking around for some munchies.

Gennita said...

Is the track dry yet? Sigh.

vince said...

Jenn, munchies are good, letting the dogs out are good, and they hope to get the race underway again by midnight EST.

So, you gotta be up early in the morning? Gonna watch the race anyway?

Mary C. said...

The Oscars are so boring - it was more entertaining to read your blog. Need more chocolate.

LadyZannah said...

I remember when my honey was in Baghdad, no fun at all. No more CM, I guess I should not refill, this cup has a leak.

vince said...

Please tell us the tale! Please! We'll get your drunker, we promise!

LadyZannah said...

OK has CM addled my brains or is Jane of the jungle there named Diablo???

Gennita said...

Midnight?!!! Sheesh. They must all be watching the Oscars or something. I guess I'll stay up and suffer tomorrow...gah, I so don't want to wake up tomorrow. Too much wine!

vince said...

Ladyzannah - yep, Diablo. Former stripper, blogger, and from Minnesota, where I live.

Sorry, Jenn, bet Daniel-Day Lweis winds.

LadyZannah said...

oh my.........why HIM?????

LadyZannah said...

How's Minnesota these days Vince??

LadyZannah said...

and Helen has some bodacious hips on her. Liked the dress a bit, I'm not into 3/4 sleeves or whatever those where tho.

Gennita said...

Vince, Come on, now, you have to let me save some of my JT tales (which I have two years worth of, mind you)!

Lady Zannah, I snorted wine up my nose at the Jane of the Jungle comment. And yes, I do believe her name is Diablo! Dancing name???

LadyZannah said...

my apologies, I do not mean to cause alcohol abuse in such a manner. I shall go to bed as soon as the best pic oscar is announced.
There, CM is leaving the system....maybe. Hi Heath baby, whatcha doin'???

vince said...

Why him? Because most of the critics thought he was the best. My opinion why, anyway.

Minnesota is pretty good. Elections coming, and with the bridge collapse and perhaps an $800 million deficit, much brohaha going on. I live up by Canada so I can make a quick escape if necessary :-)

LadyZannah said...

I've always wondered why Scorcese wears them birth control glasses. They make his eyebrows look hairier.

vince said...

Jenn, okay, save some of the tales. And Diablo's real name is Brook Busey. Think she changed it when she started stripping.

LadyZannah said...

well Jenn and Vince I bid ya'll good night. Heck I'm tired, that was one boring show.

vince said...

Goodnight ladyzannah. You're right, it was boring.

vince said...

Next year, Jenn. Hopefully there will be NO ladies with chest hair. Hope you wake with no headache after that bottle and a half of wine :-).

Gennita said...

I can tell you, Lady Z., Minnesota is COLD now. Hahahaha

Gennita said...

I'll be okay. Just let Jeff Gordon baby win a NOSHCAR too. Goodnight you two. I'm staying up. You think I should maybe write a bit too? heh.

Monique said...

Just got to your blog - having seen all the movies (AMC does an all day event the day before the Oscars and shows all 5 Best Picture nominees for $30 a person) - Javier Bardem totally deserved his Oscar. O M G!! He was good!

Anonymous said...

Well it's certainly more interesting to read it the day after. That way I actually noticed how boring my evening was compared to yours. lool And I thought Jessica Alba looked cute with her belly, and no chest hair! As did Cate B! And yea I was waiting for Nicole's bump but it was no where to be found!! lol maybe she had some good spanx under her dress. Anyhow, hope you're not feeling bad today. :P

PS. Bourne Ultimatum -did- have the best sound. ;) :P :P

Anonymous said...

This time I was smart; I skiped the broadcast and just read your summary. You the best!



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