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Monday, February 25, 2008

All Kinds of Pains

Whew! I think I'm recovered from last night ;-). It's been a long day today...wonder why?

This morning, I took out three more boxes of books and clothes. And a lamp. And whoooosh, they were gone within the hour. I never got to see who these people who love old school books and hard covers are, or I'd get a phone number so I can just call them up when I have a box ready, you know? Because it's just the beginning of my :::fisting my palm slowly::: wahr against the kudzu rebels, bwahahaha.

Strange how, by changing one's attitude--by looking at something at a different angle--a dull, totally uninspiring job (such as cleaning and dusting) can become a quest. If only I can take this newfound energy and channel it to pulverize my writer's block, LOL.

Talking about pulverizing...bad news. The Alpha Male's surgically-repaired knee is not bending to 90 degrees. The limb is hard as a baseball bat. The doctor told him if the physical therapy team can't get his knee to that angle by mid-March, he's going to reoperate, warning that, quote, "You're going to hate life if I do that." The head physical therapist dude, when he heard what the doctor said, comfirmed that the procedure would indeed be very, very painful afterwards.

"We'll have to get aggressive with the therapy," he said. "How much pain can you take?"

"How much can you give?" The Alpha Male asked.

"Oh, we have our ways."

So, during the next session at physical therapy, the Alpha Male discovered that he was given His. Own. Room. With a radio. It's to be turned up to drown out the screams.


And, they sent in their biggest physical therapist. His name? BUDDHA.

I really feel sorry for the Alpha Male, but I couldn't help thinking, wouldn't it be cool to tape his screaming session and then put it on my blog with the heading, WHY YOU SHOULDN'T RIDE A MOTORCYCLE? No pics. Just the screaming. I know, I know, I'm a sadist.

He has three weeks to get his leg to bend from 76 to 90 degrees, folks. Pray for me and him, please? Because you know if he has to undergo that second surgery, my life is going to be miserable too. I really don't need another thing to stress me's only February!

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vince said...

Oh my. Glad you've recovered - that's a good thing.

Sorry to hear about the Alpha Male - that's a bad thing. I broke my ankle a couple of years ago - no motorcycle, just ice. But I did it up good, including significant nerve damage. God bless the Alpha Female, 'cause she dealt with four months of my whiny, whimpering non-mobility without throwing me out the second floor window. At least my physical therapy was pretty mellow. I don't envy the Alpha Male his therapy at all.

However, the thing about recording the screams? Well, that's just evil. But funny. Would make a great PSA.

In the mean time, prayers and positive thoughts are being sent your way.

sq said...

ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow!

I'm mentally sending Alpha Male happy pills. I'd physically send some, but my doctor friends won't let me play with their prescription pads.

Leilani said...

Screaming alpha males? I didn't know they came in that variety. ;)

Positive thoughts, energy and prayers heading your way!

LadyZannah said...

I was all sorts of messed up after the CM I consumed on Oscar night, even tho my cup had a leak. Not a hangover mind you, more like my eyelids were too heavy and I wanted to rest my head. Yeah, I was tired....that's my story and I'm sticking to it.
Ouch, poor guy. I mean Buddha, what with all the screaming and loud music he probably is half deaf by now. Good luck with therapy alpha male dude.
On happy news; Lora Leigh's book Killer Secrets arrived yesterday so I have a new book to read. It's a rainy day too, perfect for sexy alpha SEAL dudes. Beats laundry day every time.

Tressa said...

Is this the same person that went out without you on valentine's day and was not sympathetic about fiberglassed hair? I say record the screams. Go for it!

Anonymous said...

Ohh i hate reading about bad bones, because I get the feeling it's happening to me too. Ayy But I hope he doesn't need a second surgery as it does not sound ....all that good. Best of luck.

Gennita said...


Yes, evil thought, wasn't it? But maybe it would stop some other crazy male from attempting to learn how to bike when he is well past, oh, his twenties.


This Alpha Male doesn't take pain pills. That's a problem to ME because of course it affects me when he's in pain.


Oh, pain isn't discriminatory. Thanks for the good thoughts. He's going to need it. Buddha is BIGGGGG.

Lady Zannah,

No idea why you'd feel sleepy when your cup was leaking so much! :::grin::: And it's always good to have a good book as an excuse not to do laundry.


No, not the same alpha male. Besides, I didn't get to go out! I spent the whole night washing my too long hair.

Gennita said...


I'm praying that he won't too. He isn't too optimistic, though. I think it's the scar tissue...they hardened around the kneecap and impede movement or something. I hope that's NOT what's happening to you!

Anonymous said...

damn, I should learn now not to type in a rush next time. I meant to say that whenever I read about anything relating to bones, or big serious injuries [ but mostly bones], I get the feeling, as im reading, that it's happening to my bones. But I don't have any problem talking about my injuries lol.


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