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Monday, August 09, 2010

Nnnnnnggggggah! Nnnnngggeeeehhhhhh!

The contest will run a few more days, folks, so keep your friends coming! Demon Dog is excited at the prospect of chewing on five names out the hat! (And my book and magazine collection thank you for saving them from ruin....)

Demon Dog Progress Report

He's growing out of puppyhood although he still has the fluffy chicky-ducky hair. The funniest thing is, he has these two baldish spots on top of his head where horns are usually found. You know what, it kinda feels nubbly there. Do you think...? I wouldn't be surprised.

Besides the usual yips and yaps, he makes this peculiar sound when protesting anything that displeases him. Imagine a dog who has smoked too much cigar trying to growl-talk, but all that comes out is these short little throaty noises that resemble "nnnnggah! Nnnnngahhhhh! Nnnngggggeeh!" And he keeps making them till you think that's actually a real animal sound.

The horrifying thing is, I actually have managed to assimilate it into dogspeak. You know how you sometimes growl at your doggies if they misbehave? No? Just me? (whistling) Anyway, yesterday was a mother of a humid day and I was roofing on this old house where they used planks instead of plywood. It's very difficult to nail fast, even with a nailgun since there are these big cracks in between the boards and covered with tar paper, one can't actually see to avoid them. So, every so often, one hits those gaps, and has to put down the nailer, stand up and get the tar to fill the nail holes, and try to remember not to nail that height that particular line of shingles.

Rinse repeat rinse repeat. Like I said, it was a mother of a humid day. Perspiration was pouring into my eyes. There was hardly any breeze. The tenth or so time I did that in ten minutes got me really frustrated. Suddenly, these sounds started coming out of my mouth as I glared at the object of my frustration.

You guessed right.

"NNnnnnnnggggggah! Nnnnnnggggggeehhhhhhh! Nnnnnnggggaaaaah!"

Oh dear. I caught myself doing that and it was so ridiculous I started laughing. And couldn't stop for a good five minutes. God, Demon Dog Talk has infected me. My partner thought I had been touched by the sun because first, he heard these weird noises and then saw me lying on my back on the roof, cackling like an idiot.

So now you know what sounds to make when you're frustrated. Go practice :D!


And for your amusement, go to this link and check out these Banana Republic pants. Heeheehee. Bet they sold quite a few that day!

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Deborah Blake Dempsey said...

OMG, I know exactly what you are doing. I find myself and the pug doing the same kind of grumbling when we're aggravated (oh okay, when we don't get what we want). It's the funniest thing. I don't know who got it from whom though.

I have no idea how you can stand being in the hot sun and the humidity for so long. Wow, someone would have thrown my butt off the roof for all of the complaining I would be doing, especially since I sweat like a horse in the Kentucky derby. You have my admiration.

Oh and thanks for the enlightening picture. I think they should have kept the picture as is. Is more realistic - although it sure is interesting "eye candy" for the viewer if the wearer is unaware of the goods being shown.

Gennita said...

I'm glad I'm not the only who can't figure out why I'm making certain weird noises, LOL. As for roofing in this heat, I can take it better than roofing in the cold damp ocean days. But I'm thinking about blogging about my miserable job so y'all will know how I feel, Ha!

JP said...

My Lab Riley has this very distinctive 3-note whine she does when she wants something. Hnn-nn-nnn. This could mean:

1. I have to go out
2. My water bowl is empty
3. The toy I want is in the closet, please get it
4. It's time for my meds (I'm not kidding about this one!)
5. May I please get on the bed? (when whined in the dead of night)

The beauty of this whine is (other than the dead of night one) when you follow it up with "show me what you want," she'll TAKE you to what she wants -- the door, the bowl, the closet, the drawer where we keep her meds when she's on them (see, told you I wasn't kidding).

The drawback is you hear this 3-note Hnn-nn-nnn everywhere. It's catchy. I swear it's the background note to a Blur song. When I get frustrated with something, I find myself making that noise too.

Gennita said...

What a smart furbaby! I don't think mine have ever asked for their meds, except in the morns, when I try to sleep late. But I think that had more to do with "Hey, sleepyhead! I know you're supposed to be taking care of me!!!"

Over the years I've recognized the barks, the whines, and even the little growls. But this one by the Demon is new and definitely inhuman-sounding, LOL.


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