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Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Virtually Hers out in print and BOOKS GIVEAWAY

I've been so busy trying to get caught up at work that I don't even have time to unload my RWA books from my car trunk! I can't do it like I used to, pile them in a neat pyramid in the living room and stare at my loot all week because of DEMON DOG, who, as you know, can climb anything, open anything, and devours everything. It's not a risk I'm willing to take!

But VIRTUALLY HERS, print format, is out this week and I have to promote ;-).

So, comment here and Demon Dog will pick one winner for one book from:

Gennita Low (I have two!)

Marliss Melton (one of my favorite writers of SEAL spec ops!)

Dee Davis (one of best crafters of RS)

Cindy Gerard (nummy heroes!)

In your comment, tell me why you enjoy romantic suspense and which different subset you especially like (police procedural, spec. ops, serial murders, etc.)

You actually have four chances to win, so please get your friends in other forums to come by too. Yes, yes, it's that pesky thing called promotion, you know. Good luck!

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Jeckie said...

Why romantic suspense... hmm, well it gives TWO chances for heart-pounding tension. The suspense part and the romance part! :)

I like spec ops. There's something really enticing about secret agencies and dangerous missions.

Jane said...

I love mysteries(Agatha Christie, Arthur Conan Doyle) and gravitate towards romantic suspense for the thrilling suspense and action. I enjoy police procedural and specials ops.

KatiD said...

I love romantic suspense because of the danger and powerful emotions. The combination gets my attention all night! I like spec ops best, the mission impossible type stories.

Linda Kage said...

Romantic Suspence, huh? I love RS because, well, it's romance, which I'll pretty much ready ANY romance. But romantic suspense books tend to have better sex scenes. Linda Howard, case in point. Though I'm quickly learning paranormal romance has pretty good sex scenes too.

Anywho. Suzanne Brockmann got me hooked on SEALs, as did you, Gen! Thanks. But I love Cindy Gerard's Spec Ops boys and the cops Linda Castillo can cook up. I grew up on Sandra Brown books; her lawyer suspense books are cool. And Julie Garwood's FBI men are too fun to put down.

Want me to go on, or shut up.

'Kay. I'll shut up.

MayMay said...

Romantic suspense is fun to read because it doesn't really go into too fantastical realms like paranormal romance. I can still relate to it--no werewolves or fairy prince or whatever. Psychic stuff or in your books, virtual reality mind control, are out in everyday science/psychology news so I can certainly take it as part of my story. Then the adventures with a good heroine and a protective hero is the cherry on top!

Anonymous said...

Finally - I feel like I've been waiting for this print book forever! I am really anxious to see how the rest of the story plays out, thanks so much for pushing for so long to get your book out there!!

Romantic Suspense - I like the action, adventure, the scenarios (covert, cia, fbi, hot cops, etc)and of course the heros!

OtherMo said...

RS is great escape fiction--alpha heros, strong females, and a dangerous challenge. My favorite types are adventures and maybe a damsel in distress or two. I like being rescued!

riana said...

what can i say..i read lora leigh's navy seals series,and have been hooked since..linda howard,janet chapman,shannon mckenna,mckenzie mckade,cherry adair,christine feehan,anne stuart,nora roberts and sandra brown followed..i like the covert ops,enhanced soldiers are acceptable..but my favorite are when an operative goes out into the field and the woman he must work with is an old flame..i love the sparks..these writers and now u too gennita low..does something to my system..a flushed heightened feel to my senses..a Need to read as often as possible..toes curling..stories that moves so fast in so many different directions..just takes my breath away! but if u now really want to make me get impatient,u must do what gennita is doing to me..making me wait and sweat it out for t's and alex's me crumbs all through the other killing me!! the waiting game is not my kinda game..i'm hungry for their story..suzanne brockmann's also got a troubleshooter's series,weaving two people through all the books,driving me crazy!! i need to get these books before i end up at the funnyfarm!!!!!! well,that's all for now..if i can think of anything else to say,i will....

BeeBee said...

Oh, pick me, Demon Dog, for I love me some RS!

I love RS more than any genre, esp. yours, Gennita, because you wrote the kickass heroine way before the trope became overused and that was what attracted me to the genre. And yes, spy-romance is my favorite, how did you guess? I've wanted a Jane Bond type of stories for ages and ages and you feed that need.


I love romantic suspense especially spec ops and serial killers. I guess because of the same reason I love disaster movies.
Action, romance and a mystery.


Courtney said...

I like romantic suspense because (usually Spec Ops or something similar)I like to watch an alpha male meet his match in a woman who calls him on his crap while the tension rises as the reader follows them on their mission. Do they succeed?? Do they fail?? Oh, yeah, as a bonus there's hot love scenes thrown in the mix.
What's not to love?? LOL

Joyce said...

Romantic suspense is my favorite genre. I like Spec Ops the best but the police procedural, CSI type are great too, and don't forget Vince Flynn's Mitch Rapp and Suzanne Brockmann's SEALS.

John2 said...

Romantic Suspense is a thrill ride, with all the emotions heightened 1000 percent. I hate thrill rides in real live, LOL, and this is my way of living vicariously!

flchen1 said...

I like romantic suspense because it makes for a very good stories and plots aside from the romance :) I like the special ops and enjoy some police procedurals, but the serial murderers spook me way too much! I've friends who've been waiting for the rest of your Virtually series, so I'm thrilled to be able to tell them the good news :) Congrats!

Joy said...

Oh good, I'm not too late! I enjoy romantic suspense because of number reason the alpha hero. They can be as alpha as they like and in most cases I'd forgive them because heck, they are dangerous men living in dangerous times! Number reason is the heroine who gives the alpha guy hell. I just enjoy watching the poor man slowly lose all his bearings!

Rose said...

Romantic suspense is cool because the bad guys lose and the good guys get hot! :)


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