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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Bad Puppy Nearly Gave Me A Heart Attack

I thought I'd take a writing break by taking a nice late night walk with Bad Puppy. It was really humid outside so instead of the usual brisk pace, I took my time and strolled. I live in a pretty quiet neighborhood and usually, by this time of the night, everyone's inside their cool homes.

Not tonight.

A young man was outside with his unleashed dog. Big dog. It was dark and I didn't see him leaning against his car till it was too late and the big boy started coming after Bad Puppy. I couldn't scoop my baby up because he was playing Alpha Dog and running out to block the attacker's path. This dog was five times the size of Bad Puppy.

I didn't even have time to yell out. Everything was moving in slow motion. All I saw was this hugggge maw about to swallow Bad Puppy's head. I tugged at my leash as hard as I could and sort of did a bad pirouette with one leg while my free hand reached out in between the two dogs. I'm still not sure what happened, but I must have swung my arm hard enough to toss my furbaby into the air.

One moment he was about to get mauled and the next, he was yelping because of the tight leash as he flew into my arms. I started running like a mad woman because the other dog was still trying to jump up after his new toy.

The man, who had been yelling all this time, finally managed to get his dog under control but I was already half a block away. Because it was dark, I couldn't tell whether Bad Puppy was hurt since he was yelping and wincing. When I set him down, he just curled up and refused to budge. That got me really worried, I tell you.

When the other dog's owner finally caught up with me, he began apologizing profusely and tried to pet Bad Puppy. I had to stop him since my baby didn't like strange men getting too close to me. I was suddenly aware of my wet hand. I prayed it was piss and not blood.

Calming down a noisy apologetic man and a whining dog at the same time without raising my voice was quite a feat. I finally convinced him to just. Let. Me. Be. for a few minutes. Bad Puppy finally got up and we walked under a streetlight.

Oh no, my hand was bloody.

I knelt down again, this time feeling more panicky. Where was he bleeding? I undid the leash so I could look better and Bad Puppy whined again.

"Where are you hurt, Jiggy? Where are you bleeding?"

He allowed me to run my hands up and down his body and didn't seem to be hurting. I stood up and following my lead, he did the same. I frowned. WTF? He seemed okay.

I looked at my hand again. Oh. Looking closely, I realized that I was the one bleeding. It was just a tiny puncture wound but I guess all that adrenalin made it appear worse than it was. I think Bad Puppy's teeth grazed me when I snatched him from the air. I'm pretty sure the Other Dog didn't bite me or I'd definitely have more puncture wounds than this one. Bigger ones too.

Anyway, I'm home now. Bad Puppy is fine. A bit on the quiet side but I'd checked him thoroughly. Nothing. Maybe wounded pride that he didn't get to fight. He didn't understand that he'd have lost that one if Mommy hadn't stepped in.

Ah well. It was supposed to be a nice peaceful stroll for the uber author looking for some relaxation and to perhaps lose a few calories. Instead, I'm now wide-eyed and all tied up in knots. Need comfort food. Where's the icecream?

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Mo said...

OMG! Jenn, I am so relieved that nothing worse happened. It was bad enough and I'd have been screaming bloody murder. Thankfully, all is mostly well and hopefully bad puppy will not suffer an ill effects.

Gennita said...

I'm relieved too! I'd rather be the one bitten than Bad Puppy (my hand stings a little this morning). The owner of that dog was, like, "Wow, thank goodness you have him on a leash or my dog would have chased him all over." I almost slapped him on the side of the head. Where is HIS DOG'S LEASH? It's not as if his pet is a little thing like Bad Puppy; it was a full size dog. I don't care how late it was; you go outside with an untrained full-size animal, you put a leash on him.

Okay, rant over. I guess my adrenaline just crashed ;-).

Bad Puppy is fine, not to worry. He even let me put the leash back on him without growling.

LadyZannah said...

I'm glad your puppy is ok. I've experienced a little poodle running at my 3 rotties on the street before and I was scared for the little guy. Fortunately my rotties were old and very laid back so the hair ball didn't even get growled at. I kept saying to myself "it travels down the leash" over and over so I had to keep my cool even tho I was terrified for the little guy. His owner came running out the house and when he saw my babies froze on the spot then asked "can I get my dog?". Poor guy probably wet his pants.
Some people should be slapped upside the head.

Deborah Blake Dempsey said...

I held my breath the entire time I read that. I kept seeing my little Cooper in that scene and he too would have been ready to fight soon. Thank goodness you're a fast runner and he's alright.


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