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Monday, December 08, 2008

Pretty Cool, huh? Want one?

See that grin? It means I'm pleased with what I'm holding. Nice and shiny. Tight binding. Clean quality paper. And the cover doesn't have tiny stick figures!

Check out the proof copy (ARC) for Big Bad Wolf, my dears. I'll be going through it for typos tonight and when I'm done making changes, I'm signing and giving it away to a reader who posts on this thread. Tell me your favorite thing in the COS world. Anything...favorite commando, favorite scene, favorite SEAL joke, favorite...ahem...position :-). I'll pick the winner on Thursday. Hurry! This is the FIRST COPY off the press! A collector's item, indeedy.

As you know, this is the story of one of the missing COS commandos, Number Three, who are mentioned here and there in my other books. If all goes well, you'll be able to order this from Amazon in a couple of weeks.

Here's the back side, a little lopsided, sorry. We took out that yellow everyone didn't like and used another picture. If you want to read the blurb, I think you can click for the enlarged jpg.

I'm quite excited about this little side project! I learned a lot and it made me feel good to get something done.

Bear with me while I learn. The first button likes the POST. The second button likes the BLOG site. Please help me by "liking" me. Thanks!


LadyZannah said...

OK here we go:
Fave Commando: Heath baby
Fave SEAL: Cumber baby
Fave scene: when the 3 stooges are in the bathroom at the opera w/Stash. *sigh* Cumber's hawt
Fave SEAL joke: the one about the sloth in Joker's book- Cumber takes the prize again
Fave Book: Jazz's story, because Jazz is such a gentleman- lots of Cumber in it too, :)
Fave Gem lady: Helen, she's got a wicked right hook....rofl
Fave character all around is definetly Grace. She's awesome
Yeay I was first. Maybe...
Hi Cumber baby! *blows kiss*

Gennita said...

Wow, Lady Z., you went all out and listed lots of favorites! Thanks for playing...and yeah, I know you did it because you wanted Cumber baby to give you a kiss.

Lisa W. said...

Ok here we go!(rubbing hands together)

Fave Commando: His Jediness. He is PURE brain entertainment! A little play on words there ;-)

Fave Seal: Hawk McMillan all the way!

Fave scenes: Where Hawk has written Amber his short order inside her thigh as payback for the ehem, "other".
Where Amber and Hawk are escaping into the mountains and she asks if he wants TQL from the WHD and he responds; ILY. (so sweet)
Jed and Hell in the elevator AND in her room. (whew! get's hot!)

Fav Book: VHis (Jed and Hell's relationship is quite unique. The power play facinates me.)
2nd Fav Book: The Hunter. Hawk is strong and secure. I love that in a man.
Fav Gems: Hell and T. (When I grow up, I want to be them!) ;-)

WK said...

LOL My favorite thing about the COS world? You wrote it! LOL Actually it's all great. The Plots are outstanding. The characters are realistic and memorable. The settings are fascinating. And you've brought to light things I think few people ever thought about, ie. the Child sex rings and so on. Great stories, great charcters, great settings, and great writing. I think for now my favorite character is Jed.


Caralovable said...

Ok here I go!!
Fave Cammando: Jed of course (he is the only one I know). He is just so mysterious and I love mysterious!
Fave SEAL: Flyboy (is he a SEAL?)
Fave Scene: the part where Helen designs her monitor. You know, where she makes Jed appear in Virtual reality all blonde and naked.(Loved it, so funny!!)
Fave Book: Virtually his (that's the only one I'he read)
Fave Gem Lady : Hell, cause she's the heel on wheels!!!
Fave Character: Doc, he just sounds so geeky and he strikes me as a guy in his 50s with thick glasses and a white coat.

Marisa said...

It's got to be Stash McMillan the SEAL. I want the PEARLS--whoa! No, wait, I want to wrestle with him in the hotel suite--double whoa! And that Twitty Bird tattoo will stay in my memory forever.

MoJo said...

Hey, Gennita, I just wanted to say congratulations. Your smile is infectious!

Anonymous said...

teh pearls was very hot. just love the books. such agreat cover. just went thorugh the books love seal


Mo said...

LOL - so I totally have to do this.

Fav Commando: Jed, who else?!
Fav SEAL: Oh Hawk for sure!!
Fav scene: There are so many, but it would have to be Jazz singing that song at his party.
Fav book: Facing Fear
Fav GEM lady: T, without question

Sadista said...

Congratulations! You know I'll pick up a few copies!

Vanessa said...

ok so i enjoy all of the books and really get into them! my favorite things are.....

The COS world; I love the way the COS boys interact with each other. They challenge and push and yet still find time to make some jokes. I Love the Command Magic Eight ball Computer!!!! what a character!

Fav. Commando; They are all unique and interesting but I love FLY BOY!!!! and cant wait for his story.

Fav. Seal; Jaz he's such a sexy southern boy!!

Fav. Scenes; When Jaz wouldn't just have sex with Vivi to make her forget the pain about Rose. He wanted to take his time to make her feel good not just get it over with.

and although it was not in a book I love T in the elevator with Alex. And her needing Jeds help to get away!!

My Fav book is; Into Danger

Fav Character; besides T has to be Lady M!
and Fav Position; Hawk taking Amber on the wall then floor then bed and tub.

All books are a great read and i cant wait for the rest to come out ;)

Side note: Will Dr.K files be updated with seals and Gems?

mec said...

My favorite thing - kick ass women and hot men!

Book looks great - looking forward to the release.

Anonymous said...

Pick me, pick me!

Favorite man: Rick Harden wins hands down!

Favorite position: The seatbelt. I'll never forget the seatbelt!

Favorite SEAL: I like Reed. I guess I like the quiet ones.

Favorite GEM girl: Nikki. Quiet too but a tigress inside!

Rick has the best lines in all the books. So romantic and yet sometimes, so cynical, like when he thought about the trouble with women, dead or alive, is that they have one by the short hairs, or something like that. That's so damn male and crude and I love him because he is all male. And hard! So hard!!!!!


Heather said...

I'll have to agree with Joy. My favorite character has to be Rick Harden. That might be because Facing Fear and Into Danger were the first books I'd read by you. As for the favorite thing overall? It has to be that the alpha men are actually Alpha Men, not some watered-down version of alpha masculinity. It seems to be harder to find these days, sadly. I wish you much luck on the BBW venture. I'll certainly be snagging a couple copies.

Anonymous said...

That's so true Heather. It's also hard to find books nowadays with the kind of alpha guys Gennita has. I haven't read a good book in weeks!

Reading everyone's comments really makes me want to see another book come out! *like Grace's :D* but after the last post, Im pitching to see a Armando story!

My most favorite thing is The Hunter. I love that book! Especially since I got a signed copy from you! =] I need to reread your other books now to calm the addiction.

Anonymous said...

Favorite book: Virtually His
Favorite hero: His Jedness in all the other books.
Favorite hot scene: Jed with Hell, omg. Virtual sex, **shiver** and then there he was, standing outside the elevator looking down at Hell. Jed and elevators, what can I say? He's really good in elevators :).

yovana88 said...

Fav scene: when Marlena puts on Stash's leather coat and decides it doesn't look as good with clothes on. She starts to undress and he gets in a daze and asks her what she's doing. She point-blank answers she's taking her boots and clothes off as if he couldn't figure that out himself. I loved her answer. And naturally what follows was hot. Muy muy hot.

Gennita said...

I'm glad different scenes are mentioned--it makes me proud that my heros and heroines stand out! Thanks so much for playing along.

We have ONE MORE DAY, for those who hadn't entered in the giveaway yet.


I plan to get more character updates in the Dr. K Files. I'm so sorry it's taking longer than it is. The wonderful reader helping me has been very busy at her job. Since I don't know how to make the files look like the way she'd created them, I'm going to be patient and hope that she'll find some free time for me again ;). Or maybe get an idea on how to do it so I can continue the project. It's sad how stupid at techy stuff I am //hanging head in shame.

Anonymous said...

Better late then never, I hope.

Fave Commadando: Alex. Number One for reason. Love his master of disguises.

Fave Seal is: Hawk. Jazz. No Hawk .. NO JAZZ. (They fight affectionately with each other in my head as much as they do in real life. It has it's perks, lol.)

FAve HERO: Rick HARDen. (Even though he is TIARA). Is it possible for a man to get any sexier? His whole presence is Sexy!

Fave thing about Com world: is their comradarie. Their heart. They never hesitate to jump and help a team member. They do what needs to be done to get the job done!

Fave Scene: Nikki touches her cheek and says "My face.." Rick cups her face, looks into her eyes and says "It's still you." (ahhh, Rick, sniff sniff).

FAve Book: Facing Fear. (I know you didn't need me to answer this, but I have to say.. it is the Book to lead all Books!).

FAve Gem: Nikki. (WHo do you know would come out of what she has been through, with the poise and grace she has?! Nobody I know)

FAve story waiting on: Alex & Tess. (That is gonna be awesome)

2nd Fave story waiting on: G-R-A-C-E. Can you spell trouble? (LOL)

2nd FAve book. The HUnter.. No.. THe Protector. WAit.. NO.. THE HUNTER.. (sorry Hawk and Jazz are at it again.

HUGS.. Susan. (Tobynbowman) (can't remember my gogle name)

Sara said...

I try to pick one fave book, one fave commando, fave seal and fave scene I COULD NOT DO IT. I love every book and everyone.


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