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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Books Make Nice Prizes And Gifts!

Books are wonderful gifts. Here are some great reasons:

1) They are relatively cheap
2) They promote mental health
3) They are easy to wrap
4) You can read it first before gifting them
5) They take you away from boring daily life
6) They help starving authors to buy Christmas gifts for their loved ones

So many absolutely irrefutable reasons. Why would you want to go walking round and round in the malls when you could be browsing bookshelves of...books?! (In my best Craig Ferguson--of whom I adore, adore, adore--imitation) I know! I'm such a genius.

And of course I have a few ways for you to get a good book:

The Keanu! BlahBlahBlah! Caption Contest will be open till Friday, so put on your funny thinking caps. Come on...look at the prizes ;-). BOOKS! Or, don't you at least want a $10 Amazon gift cert.? It can go to pay for your order of, ahem, Big Bad Wolf. Just sayin'.

And when does Big Bad Wolf go live, anyway, Jenn?

Well, glad you asked. I just finished reading the ARC for typos and making changes and will be waiting for Amazon's email to me for the thumbs up. Then you can start ordering. I'm just so happy to get this ready before Christmas.

I was also thinking that some of you might need suggestions for new authors to try out to get to $25, which qualifies you for free shipping at Amazon. Let's put out some names on this thread.

Who is a new author you've discovered this year that you've really enjoyed?

My recommendation is Ilona Andrews' superb Magic series. It's urban fantasy, with a heroine who's a mercenary who cleans up magic gone wrong in a post-apocalyptic Atlanta (YO, LADY ZANNAH!!!!!). The love interest is the Lord of Beast, a werelion named Curran. Trust me. You want to meet Curran. ;-)

Your turn.

There, some of your Christmas shopping anxieties taken care of. I know! I'm a genius!

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Ferah said...

I love, love, love Joanna Bourne and am liking Kresley Cole (although her books feel a bit formulaic, at least in the development of the love scenes). Two different genres, but they are fun reads nonetheless. Merry Christmas!

Sara said...

I found two author this year that I really enjoy reading

Jeaniene Frost
Lisa Kleypas

Both are totally different from each other but I really like their storys.

Anonymous said...

You've recommended some great reads this year, Jenn, including Joanna Bourne. My new find for this year was also from your review, Marjorie M. Liu. Great paranormals!

Anonymous said...

christie craig and lauren dane,cherie whitefeather with her erotic hot book the art of seduction

Jen said...

I have found a few good books.
Wild Card by Lora Leigh,The cat Dupree series by Sharon Sala,
The wilde side by Janelle Denison.
Merry Christmas. Wishing everyone a safe and Happy New Year!

Mo said...

@Sara: I'm also loving Frost right now.

I also discovered Michelle Maddux, Liz Maverick, Eve Kenin (all 3 of the SHOMI line), Ann Aguirre, and Patricia Briggs. LOL - all of them are either speculative/futuristic or urban fantasy. Must be my thing this year.

There were other authors I read and I liked maybe some of their stuff but other books weren't so good.

BTW, for those of you who like Charlaine Harris/True Blood, check out the HBO store. I have the Merlotte's t-shirt on my Christmas list. LOL

LadyZannah said...

post apocalyptic Atlanta, that's like at rush hour right? There are a bunch of books based in Hotlanta (like Lora Leigh's SEALs). I think I'll try it.

Leilani said...

One of my favorites for this year is Larissa Ione and her book "Pleasure Unbound". Loved it. Can't wait for the next one!!

Gennita said...

Actually, Lady Zannah, I always thought my experiences at HOTLANTA HUB major post-apocalyptic apoplectic myself.

Sara said...

Pleasure Unbound was really good. I like that book as well

For the people who like Paranormal Romance read
Pricia Briggs- Cry Wolf
Jocelynn Drake- Nightwalker
I thought they was pretty good

Lisa W. said...

I found that I love urban fantasy which I never thought I would get into very well. I read LL Foster's "Servant" series which there are two books out there so far. I have also found that I love reading Shannon McKenna books. Love her series which can also be stand alone if you wanted to read them seperate. The Ultimate Weapon has been a really good read so far!

Gennita said...

Lisa W.,
That's one of my proposals going out, an urban fantasy with a Viking dude. ;-) Fingers crossed that the editors will like the voice. I might pose the first chapter at that "other place" ;-) for some feedback.

Gennita said...

I too recommend the authors mentioned in other posts. The new-to-me authors this year, besides the wonderful Ilona Andrews:


As you can see, all urban fantasy/paranormal authors. But the Ilona A. series is my favorite that I'm keeping up with for sure!

LadyZannah said...

If you dread Hartfield then you should try the highway at rush hour. Really does a number on your nerves.
Anyway, have you read Lick of Frost by L.K.Hamilton? She got the next book out but I dunno if I wanna try it, first one was way too weird.

Jane said...

I discovered Christine Feehan, Lori Foster, Allyson Roy and Wendy Roberts.

Mo said...

Oooh! Feehan is good, especially since she finally got away from her formula a bit more in her latest Carpathian books.

Vanessa said...

I second Lora Leigh's wild card i thought it was her best book.

kim said...

atlanta highways ack. i drove them once to pick up a guy, every exit was mlk or peach tree. a friend told me how he was harassing another friend who was a state trooper in atlanta about the rampant speeding and the trooper bud said fine come with me and we'll see what you think. they went out in a marked car and it made no difference, people blazed by goin 95. he said we've lost control, all we try to do is keep accidents out of the way. kinda scary, g'luck!

Gennita said...

Lady Zannah,
I haven't read a last couple of Merry Gentrys. I do know what happened in A Lick of Frost, though. I also did read the beginning chapters, which, if I remember, was all about a dream about cookies and pigs and blood in the snow. Sigh.

How has Feehan changed the Carpathian formula of Carpalation? ;-) I think you'll enjoy the Jacqueline Frank series, which reminded me a bit of Feehan at the beginning, but with demons.

Mo said...

The women are quite so doormat-ish. Destiny, Natalya, and Jaxon are flatout fighters. And Lara, Nicolas, woman is um... very interesting. Plus, without ruining the last book for everyone, there has been a significant development in the world of Carpathians and fighting alone will no longer cut it. Lara can help in this new fight that isn't a battle.

LadyZannah said...

ah the infamous peachtree street...there are a ton of those. Only time I've driven them highways with almost no traffic was at 3am on my way home from visiting my parents up north. That was unbelievable. I also don't think I was lucid at the time, could've sworn there were pink elephants crossing the road.

LadyZannah said...

I've tried Feehan but did not like sleeping in the ground thing. Like Cole's books, Ryd's book coming soon. CL Wilson's book this year was awesome. Tried Ward for the first time and love the Brothers. Did not like Wild Card, Nathan changed too much. Tried Margaret Weis' Fallen Angel and did not like it either, the story built up then fell flat. Michelle Bardsley's funny vamp series have a heroine POV take on the stories that are very funny.

Anonymous said...

Anyone has any historical recommendations? There are so few interesting ones out that I know of. I already read the Bournes, which was fabulous like you said, Jenn.


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