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Monday, October 13, 2008

Everything Tastes Uber Bland

Ranger Buddy and I heard a funny joke at Shit and Grits today. You know, the place where all the wise guys and old geezers get together to talk shop and politics. Anyway, on the economy, one of them said:

The federal government today announced that it is changing its emblem from an Eagle to a CONDOM because it more accurately reflects the government's political stance. A condom allows for inflation, halts production, destroys the next generation, protects a bunch of pricks, and gives you a sense of security while you're actually being screwed!

Best. analogy of. Bailout. Ever.

It's good to know we're guaranteeing some rich guys' bad loans, isn't it? ;-P It's spoiling all my usual fun of reading the Presents lines. I keep thinking of titles like:

The Billionaire's Lost Virgin Bank Account
The Gabillionaire's Secret Wedding Loan
Subprime of Passion
The Virgin's Suddenly Poor Banker Lover
The Blackmail Wedding Loan

See? No fun to be reminded about reality when I'm indulging in my Presents mind candy. So...instead of them, I delved into my good old reread shelf and did a major old Linda Howard glom instead.

Did you notice that I haven't said a peep about baseball post season at all? I seemed to have lost my passion for the World Series excitement ;-(. I mean, Tampa Bay should stir the Floridian soul a bit, right? Sigh. It just isn't the same without my Braves to cheer for and the Yankees to boo at, you know?

You guys have been extremely quiet. Are you busy or just finding things bland too? Maybe it's time to bring out some Sexy Veges to perk us up. What say you?

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Anonymous said...

Well...I like the Phillies and Tampa Bay. :D


vince said...

Love the analogy!

Despite the economy (or perhaps because of it) I've been screamingly busy in the computer world, leaving little time for favorite bloggers.


Mo said...

It has been quiet... I was wondering about that over the weekend. I'll probably not have as much time from now until April as curling season is just starting up. But, I will definitely still be around.

I think the bailout is a big well, I can't say the word and the additional 100 million in pork added to the bill only makes it worse. {sigh}

Ah well, at least I have my books to retreat to. :)

LadyZannah said...

Too many things happening to keep me away. I haven't even been able to sit down and catch a football game, as for the Yankees: you mean baseball season is over!?? Darn I missed it.
Oh well, guess I better hit the bookstore and see what I can find.

Gennita said...

Argh, not the Phillies. Damn Phillies.


Vince, missed ya! But if it means you're making money, then I forgive you ;-).


Mo, see, if you voted for Gennita Low for President, everyone gets free book incentives ;-). And bookmarks instead of earmarks. Ha.

Curling. Sigh.


Lady Z, well the regular season is over. We're into the post season now. But like I said, it's just not the same without the Yanks to boo.

Mo said...

I'll take all the free book incentives and bookmarks I can get!! LOL

Ah, curling is awesome!! ;) But, I am not disappearing. I'll still be here.

Vote Jenn for president. Hehe, I don't think I'm allowed to tell them that at the polls. I'm an election/poll worker this year. Woohoo!!

Anonymous said...

Wednesday is the official end of the 2007 tax season and Thursday is the start of the 2008 tax season, so I've been a bit busy dealing with hysterical clients waiving and flapping arms, running about in small circles and bitching about having to file their taxes. Just mailed off the last of the tax returns and I have my life back for a couple of days *happy dance* which makes me insanely and deliriously filled with joy.

And, I can now delve into my stacks of books to be read while ignoring the whole bailout and pretending the whole thingie isn't happening.

Also, I agree that is the Best. analogy of. Bailout. Ever.

Gennita said...

Hey, tell them I'm a write-in candidate in the state! ;-)


Yeah, I'm doing it now. I do my business taxes in April and personal one now. It's a headache.


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