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Monday, September 22, 2008

Bitch, Bitch, Bitchery

I'm late with the Final Chapter of Big Bad Wolf, I know. It was that kind of a weekend--all work and no play. I'll try to post it tonight...just need a bit more rewriting on the final scene of Jaymee and Killian/Nick.

I look around my house and did it get so untidy when I don't spend any time in here except on this one chair at this one table with this one laptop? How did all these boxes of books and piles of papers wander into each room? How did each room become a living growing kudzu-filled mess? It's as if when I'm away, everything--books, dust, clothes--copulate and reproduce. Speaking of which, I just gave Bad Puppy the Laundry Raider the evil eye. How can one tiny ten pound thing drag that many BIG pieces of clothing under the bed?

What drives you crazy about your current life? ;-) Is it space? Is it people? Is it office gossip?

So, your complaints. Let me hear them.

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Theresa said...

This is easy. I was laid off my job of 18 1/2 in August, just before my birthday. That kinda chaps my thighs. Then there are all these authors that keep writing these amazing books and their publishers don't seem to understand that we are like vampires out here. We need the fix NOWNOWNOW! Not only VHers, but now I've just finished reading Karen Marie Monings lastest book Faefever and to say it ended badly and abruptly for the heroine... arg. And I think we have to wait a year for the next one... does that sound familiar to anyone else???? Sigh. I guess I really don't have too much to bitch about. I'm getting a 90 day paid vacation, but I'll lose my health insurance which is bad for my family. They are giving me these panic-y looks since everyone has medications. Bitch and whine, whine and bitch. So, that's my day. Anyone else?

Theresa said...

Oops, that would be 18 1/2 YEARS.

LadyZannah said...

you should get some goats for that kudzu problem of yours Jenn.
As for me; Mr hottie is out of town on business, I got bronchitis and no Cumber baby to ease the discomfort (hint, hint). Got more month than money and my landlord wants me to move because my doggy MIGHT be part Rottweiler. Like who cares, she is more likely to lick a robber to death than to attack somebody. Well, they don't want ME to move, they want me to get rid of my doggy, AS FREAKING IF, I am not throwing my baby out like she was trash. I rather move, thank you.

Anonymous said...

Ladyz - landlords can be so evil. Have you offered to get insurance to cover any possible death-by-licking your dog may do?

OK, my whine and moans are about paying way too much rent money, my clients cutting back on my hours thereby making it close to impossible to cover my rent, car payment, food. Landlords in this town are charging $1,600/month for freakin' teeny little studio apartments aka carpeted storage sheds and with no pets allowed.

And people who fail to use their car's turn signal - guess the look of terror on the faces of other drivers is sooooo amusing. I truly want to smack 'em uplongside the head with a dead cod when they don't signal.

Mo said...

Hmmm... what to complain about? Oh I dunno, I need to lose 30 some pounds. I'm a chocolate addict, I can't find certain blasted authors at the bookstore. Nah, I got nothing to complain about right now. Wait? What? Nothing to complain about... I need to complain about that. LOL

yovana88 said...

Ohhh Kia I totally agree about the turn signals! My dad doesn't signal until the moment he's about to turn and it drives me wild every time I'm in the car with him. Grrrr.

As for other things that are driving me crazy, I would say not having enough time for everything. I have a lot of reading and assignments and time always seems to laugh at me. Not to mention I am reduced to seeing my baby only once [or twice] a week if I'm lucky. :( I miss him every time the weekend is over...

stephjoy824 said...

This week it is living in Nashville and not being able to find gas anywhere. The 12 gas stations on my drive to work have been out of gas since last Wednesday...and they are saying hopefully by Friday it will be better.

Gennita said...

I knew I can count on you to share your miseries with me. There is nothing like a rant-release thread.

Keep'em coming. It's good to rant. Except for Mo, of course, who doesn't seem to have anything to complain about.


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