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Friday, September 19, 2008

Big Bad Wolf Ch. 15

Remember, CHAT tonight. 9pm EST.

Click on LINK and then choose the Chat Room link. If you have any problems, just post here or email me. I'll be online and will check both places for messages.

Check out what Lady Zannah sent me:

She's good at this button thing, isn't she? ;-) Thank you, Lady Zannah, she-who-hates-the-McNeils....

Oh, one more is a short chapter that should give you many questions and thoughts for tonight's chat!

BIG BAD WOLF CH. 15 (link no longer works)

For those who aren't reading the e-book but still want to make it to chat, please join us. We're talking about all things GLow and all things romance, with plenty of cyber chocolate and margaritas. I'd love to have you at the chatroom.

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Mo said...

Ah, Nick. What can I say? Jed, you better do something quick! LOL

Gennita said...

Jed just wants Killian to be Killian for a while ;-).

Mo said...

Jenn, you sure about that verb. I'd say Jed *needs* Killian to be Killian for a while. ;)

Gennita said...

Need is a very strong verb. Sez Jed.

yovana88 said...

I already made previous plans with le bf! I will simply have to follow up on the Yahoo group emails! I know you girls will have tons of fun. After the last chat, I was very entertained reading some of your post-chat comments. haha :P

Anonymous said...

Hi Jenn, I'm going to respond to your question here:

You wrote:
"What Mo said. I'm curious, though, since you love my beloved Roarke and Eve now and are starting to read those wonderful books, why you'd think Virtually His and the series would be any different since I fashioned the books like the In Death series, with an ongoing relationship in each book as they go through their adventures? Roarke's and Eve's romance is what draws in to Robb's books again and again, and I love Roarke so much. I also love my character, Jed, very much and wanted to explore his past, his present, and all the implications of his job and her job in future books through their relationship."

When I used to ask questions about the Virtually series, I had not read the In Death books in over a decade. I'd also only read the first two and did not like them. I knew knew very little about the series since I did not bother with them after the 2nd one and had stopped reading Nora Roberts altogether.

I also wasn't aware that you'd deliberately fashioned your series after the In Death books and even if I did, it wouldn't have meant much to me, not having read the series beyond the first two books.

I do remember you advising me NOT to read BBW since I haven't read V-His, and so I had not followed your blog posts and the chapters you uploaded. I have my browser set to open multiple tabs and your blog is one of them as I used to read it first thing in the morning but stopped. Since Mo says BBW is a sort of prequel to the Virtually books AND V-Hers may not even come out this December, I'll go download the chapters now.

Roarke is the quintessential hero, isn't he? I feel, though, that Jed is harder and more cynical but that's probably he hadn't yet met his "Eve" and Roarke, before he met Eve, would have been equally cynical, dispassionate and cold. Just the thought of Jed being with Hell the way Roarke is with Eve makes my heart squee.

I do hope things work out for you publishing-wise because the thought of a series like the In Death books featuring my Jed and Hell sounds like Heaven.

I did email Susan about V-Hers' uncertain publishing date and got a reply filled obscenities.

Gennita said...

To the best of my knowledge, I don't remember ever telling you not to read Big Bad Wolf since I have never ever said much about Big Bad Wolf till a month ago. I have always told the Yahoogroup and anyone who asked, that Big Bad Wolf was written three years in advance of Into Danger's events and they were related in the verall Big Arc and that the hero was Jed's cousin, Killian. I really don't think it was me telling you not to read BBW, Elaine, since the books stand alone.

I do think, however, that you'll find BBW suspense-light, the kind of stuff you told the group you don't like, because this was written targeting Silhouette Intimate Moments during that time. The main focus for that category line is the romance rather than the suspense. It was one of my favorite lines to read from during the late 90s.

I know that not everyone has read the wonderful Roarke and Eve books but with the popularity of serial books now, from Evanovich's Stephanie Plum series to Robb's In Death to LKH's Anita Blakes in so many genres, I had hope that readers would be familiar with the idea that a serial means the same couple's story carrying on a series of books. It's a device I love very much because I get to see a couple's relationship actually be given a chance to grow and also the author gets to try many different things that one book wouldn't allow.

I'm not sure how else to explain a series/serial to readers, frankly, other than to point to those books as an example on my website, in my blog, and on the forum. I'll have to think of this further and maybe write another heading on my website explaining more about the series.

Meanwhile, it's so good to finally convert another reader to the world of Roarke and Eve. You'll find Roarke's dark edge soon enough. ;-)

Susan was pretty aware of the problems with the next Virtual book coming out because I've detailed it several times in the Yahoogroup. It's disappointing and I'm frustrated, and I apologize to you and all the readers for the delay, but it's totally out of my hands. I can't thank everyone enough for their patience and wonderful encouragement in their emails and here on the web. It's something I'll work to give back. This free ebook is part of my thank you to everyone.

There'll be a solution to this problem, but like everything in publishing, it takes time. Know that I'm working on it, but it's difficult to beg a faceless powerful monarch that's behind an entity.


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