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Friday, August 29, 2008

Predict My Uber Day

7.00am (me snoring)

Phone rings. Me (growly and half asleep): Yo?

Customer whose roof I'm going to today (CWR): May I speak to Jenny?

Me (trying to wake up): Yeah, that's me.

CWR: When will you be out here on my roof?

Me (checking clock): Umm...*8? 8.30?

CWR: Okay.

Hangs up. Me, rolling over to catch that extra five.

8.15 Me in shower. Phone rings. I thought maybe RB since he's cking on materials. Ran out of shower.

CWR: Hello?

Me (dripping on my floor): Yes?

CWR: When will you be out here?

Me: As soon as possible. We have to get materials and other stuff.

CWR: Okay.

8.30 Me getting ready. Phone rings.

Me: Yes?

CWR: Did you get the materials yet? When are you coming out?

This man is 67 years old. I want to cry.

Me: My partner's picking up the material. We'll be out there soon. Like maybe 9.15. But it could be around 9.30. I can't say because I'm not picking up the material.

CWR: Okay. What color will the shingles be?

Me: (pause) Same color as the shingles on your house now. (It's a VERY SMALL REPAIR JOB).

CWR: What color will the ridgevent be?

Me: White like before.

CWR: Okay.

Hangs up. 8:45. Phone rings.

Me (in my best cheerful voice): May I help you?

CWR: My wife wants brown ridgevent.

Me: Okay.

CWR: When will you be out here?

Me: (smiling through my clenched teeth) I'm on my way.

CWR: Will you have the brown vents?

Me: No, my partner is getting the materials. I'll let him know to pick the right color up, okay? See you in a bit.

In the truck. Phone rings. I don't want to answer. I really don't. But it's like the horror movie with the door creaking and I have to go check it out.

Me: Yes?

CWR: Did you talk to your partner? Is he bringing the brown ridgevent out?

Me: Yes.

CWR: When will he be here?

Me: (laughing) I don't know.

CWR: Will you be here soon?

Me: Of course. But I can't do anything anyway, till my partner shows up.

CWR: Oh. When will...

Me: I'm driving so I can't talk. See you when I get there.

I'm now at the convenience store getting drinks. The phone rang. It's CWR. I sat in my truck, drinking my morning coffee. I've decided to waste some time blogging instead. Why? Because I don't want to go to work today.

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Monique said...

Oh Jenn. I'm a total control freak, but even I'm not that bad. I'm so sorry. That is so frustrating.

Gennita said...


THE WIFE JUST CALLED. She wants me to fax my liability insurance to her office. Okay, I want to kill myself now.

Off I go.

Monique said...

Oh Jenn... sending happy thoughts, good thoughts and lots of patience your way.

vince said...

These are the kinds of clients that, if I have plenty of work, will be told politely that I won't be doing the work for them. If I can catch this before I agree to do the work, I will make sure I don't get the job.

Much patience your way as well.

LadyZannah said...

Oh man, I feel your pain Jenn. Some customers are placed on earth to try your patience.
Hope your weekend is good. :)

Deborah said...

I work with 2 people who are like that.

I drink a lot of wine.

I'm sorry your day started that way. Hopefully it's over now and you are home with a lovely glass of wine and a wonderful weekend to look forward to.


Sara said...

Send his Jeddness over there and it will be all better lol. I hope you have a great weekend!!

Joyce said...

I work at a local bank as a telephone receptionist. It's tough being polite and cheerful all day! By the time I get home I some days I just want to snarl. Needless to say I don't answer the phone when it rings at home.

kim said...

oh man i want to smack him for you. most of the people i work with are around his age and act like that. and they wonder why i have my ipod turned up so loud. sorry you had such a day :(

Gennita said...

Hey Vince,
Wish I could say 'get lost' too but I needed the job. Beggars can't be chooses, I guess, huh.

Gennita said...

Yes, girlfriends, I was good all day and tonight I vegetated with wine and video. Tomorrow, I go back for more punishment. Wahhh.


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