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Friday, February 29, 2008

Yo, It's His Jedness Saying Hi his own unique way ;-). I thought I would tease those who are thinking about His Jedness. He says: "Happy Leap Year Day."

No, I mean, I thought I would let His Jedness TEASE YOU! Don't read if you don't like spoilers....


Jed watched everything Helen did from his quarters as he put on his sensor suit. Her sensitivity must be bothering her more than she realized. First, she’d forgotten to check whether the micro-eye in her room was blinking, signaling that she was being watched. Second, she’d assumed that the brain entrainment machine couldn’t be controlled from the outside.

Elena, Elena.

Putting the wireless control pad on the cart that supported the BE machine, he wheeled it to the room off the side of his office, a smaller version of the CAVE. Unlike Helen’s training room, though, he had multiple control panels that he could use to enhance the virtual reality experience that the CAVE provided. He even had the Portal, the VR chair that enabled immersive virtual reality, here. Whereas the CAVE was all physical, with the participants moving around, the Portal was all mental. The former prepared TIRVVR in the latter.
Jed turned on a side screen, changing the channels to Helen’s quarters. He waited till she lay back and closed her eyes. Reaching for the control pad by his side, he readjusted the timer.

There would be no alarm to wake you up, Elena. Not till I say so.

He turned up the temperature in Helen’s room. Then he put on the tabs and ear buds that connected him to the BE machine and flipped the synchronization button. Soon their brain waves would be in sync as she went deeper in theta wave, the level that enabled remote-viewing.

Flipping on another switch, the room plunged into deep darkness. He checked the BEM. Not quite there yet. As soon as they were close to sync, he would start the brainwave management.

He settled back, letting the sound wash over him as he relaxed. This was a new way to sexually imprint, he supposed. He’d first seduced her in virtual reality. She’d then seduced him when she invaded his dreams. After that, he’d gone to her.

He let his mind wander back to the night before. Elena naked and aroused, begging. The unique taste of her. The urgency of her release. It felt so damn good to be finally inside her instead of virtual touching.

Fucking was so much better when it was real.

Jed smiled wryly as he watched the screen. His eyes half-closed as his body relaxed. She must be feeling the warmth because she just kicked the light sheet off her, revealing beautiful bare legs. Legs that he recalled holding apart. The feminine heat between them when he’d used his mouth to pleasure her. He felt himself getting aroused.

He turned the volume higher as the brain entrainment machine continued feeding them the cycle he’d chosen, between theta and REM. That was the level when she had been in when she’d unexpected took in the images in his dreams as her own. He hadn’t been too shocked by the experience. Unconscious telepathy happened all the time among family members and lovers. The question was, in her sensitive state, would she now inadvertently take in the images and feelings of his private fantasy?

Conjuring an image of a naked Elena came easily. He’d like those strong legs around him again, this time with her moving in rhythm to his thrusts. He watched with interest as Helen’s legs parted tantalizingly, seemingly responding to the sexy visual in his head.

Mental trigger had begun.

The sound waves seemed to recede into the background as Jed gave in to total relaxation, focusing on only one thing—that sexual need he’d been building up for Helen Roston. He’d always been turned on when she started undressing herself by the poolside. In response, on the screen, Helen put a restless hand on her shirt, as if it was bothering her.

Was there some kind of telepathy compounded by their brain wave syncing?

He did enjoy it so much when he’d gone to her. “But now it’s your turn, Elena,” Jed whispered.


See? No elevators here. Would Helen "go to" him? Heh, heh. Any comments?

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Monique said...

Evil! Just evil, both of you!! ;) Oh Jed, he's just looking to get his ass handed to him, isn't he? Though truth is, now that he's had her, well it's becoming an obsession if he can't stay away for even a couple days. He's in real trouble the silly man and he doesn't even know it. As for will she go to him, I could see it happening, just not without a bit of a mental fight on her part.

Leilani said...

I'm with you Monique. Helen isn't going to go to Jed without a fight. But I can see Jed playing dirty and turning up the heat until she surrenders. Can't wait to read more! How many months away is the next release again?


Anonymous said...

AAAARRRGH YOU ARE EVIL. Elena, you should kick his ass for the little temperature play he's done. I say, resit him till the end.... if you can handle that.

And I second Leilani's question!

Kathleen Dante said...

Oooooh, YUM! That's just pure Jed! I can hardly wait for Elena to get him. I want to see the tables turned. =)

Lisa W. said...

Uuugghhh! I need more Jenn! I want this book and I can't wait! LOL! I'm with Mo on this one. I believe Hell will go to him. If she doesn't, then it serves him right for messing with her! Love the teaser!

LadyZannah said...

Mister Number Nine never plays fair, he's just got his bloomers in a bunch 'cuz she's got under his skin.

Anonymous said...

More! Need more. Sigh. His Jedness is just so damn arrogant and sexy. What was Helen doing? I'm dying to know.

Elaine said...

Does Helen know her Monitor is Jed at this juncture? Is this excerpt from V-Hers?

Casee said...

OMG, Jenn. Do we really have 9 more months to wait?


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