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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Post #2: Fun Question

When we write, we sort of roleplay in our heads. What would our character say in this situation? What would they do in that?

So, roleplaying with American Idol, IF you were a contender on Idol these last two weeks, what songs would YOU pick to sing? Why?

The themes were 60s and 70s music.

I'll go first. If I could sing and if I were crazy enough to be on stage like that, I would pick...

UNCHAIN MY HEART for the 60s song. This was originally sung by Ray Charles but I'd do it like the Joe Cocker version. Rock it out!

I choose it because it's contemporary (doesn't sound stuck in the sixties), got a bluesy rock feel, and there are part a singer can change the arrangement to show off his/her vocals.

For the 70s song...RING MY BELL by Anita Ward. HAHAHAHAHAHA. Just kidding. I would do it just for the look on Simon's face. Hahahahahahhaha. Okay, hmm. This is a hard one because most of my favorite songs are done by males in the 70s and some wouldn't work in this contest.

I think I'd go with Carole King's IT'S TOO LATE. It's also more contemporary sounding than You're So Vain, IMHO, esp. with the beginning piano chords. Anyway, I had always liked the bongo drums in the background. It would also go with the 60s song choice in the bluesy way, since Simon and Randy are always harping about finding and establishing an image and "stand out."

Not that I can sing, but I have several great buddies who can karaoke their asses off :::ahemLeiha::: ahemSuahem::: :::coughLaurencough::: so I think it's be fun to hear their song choices as well as yours. Come on, what would be your strategy, eh?

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LadyZannah said...

sorry but I'm a child of the 80's and like big hair bands and loud rock music. Gimme Bon Jovi, Aerosmith, Guns&Roses, Def Leppard anyday. But I am partial to Abba's Dancing Queen (what year is that from?) and I would sing some Village People just to annoy the heck out of Simon.

vince said...

We likes karaoke, don't we precious?

Oops, channeling there.

Anyway, for the 60s song, I'd take a risk and do the Beatle's She Loves You. I'm a huge Beatles fan, and that was the song that really made people stand up and notice them here in the US.

As for a 70s song, I'd take an even bigger risk and do the Aerosmith remake of Big Ten Inch Record off the "Toys In The Attic" album to, as Ladyzannah so eloquently said, "annoy the heck out of Simon."

If you're not familiar with the song, here's the opening verse and chorus:

Got me the strangest woman
believe me this trick's no cinch
but I really get her going
when I whip out my big 10 inch

Record of a band that plays the blues
well a band that plays its blues
she just love my big 10 inch
record of her favorite blues

Ladyzannah, Dancing Queen hit #1 in April of 1977. Aerosmith's self-titled first album with Dream On was released in January 1973, but had their resurgance in the 80s. And I really like your choices of 80s and 90s bands. But please, no disco. Except to annoy Simon, of course.

Gennita said...

Lady Zannah,

Well, none of these contestants were children of the 60s or 70s either, so you have no excuse ;-). I suppose you can sing Dancing Queen, but would that get you to the next round? We're being really serious in this game, you know. :::giving you a serious look:::

I believe Idol had a Disco Night during one week, or maybe I'm mixing that up with some other reality show, LOL. Disco is hard to sing, man! Come on, you try singing Staying Alive and make it sound good. ;-)

Do you think "She Loves You" would be a good choice with its very simple arrangement? Maybe done alone with a guitar?

Yes, me LURVs Aerosmith. Watched them in concert eons ago. Simon's face would 'splode and you'll be kicked off the show! But no one can do the Steve Tyler snarl-pout, no one.

vince said...

Jenn, I love pre-disco BeeGees, and I wouldn't try singing most of those songs. Falsetto sounds easy, but isn't. But bet you could sing you some KC and the Sunshine Band!

Do you think "She Loves You" would be a good choice with its very simple arrangement? Maybe done alone with a guitar?

Yes, ala Eric Clapton with Layla. Slowed down, minor key, more plaintive. Great idea!

An no, no one can do the Steve Tyler snarl-pout. I wouldn't even try. But Simon's face 'sploding would be fun!

vince said...

Yes, me LURVs Aerosmith

Like Ladyzannah, you have great taste.


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