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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Living On A Prayer

Bad News.

The Alpha Male's going to have that re-surgery. The doctor is going in to bust up scar tissue. March 7. Spring Break. There goes my bikini time.

Seriously, though, this is going to be a painful, painful time for him. Even the therapists shudder at the thought. Prayers and healing thoughts, pleasepleaseplease? And pats on the head for me, pleasepleaseplease?


It's Bike Week coming up here, ironically. You know, the cause of all this pain. Okay, that's dramatic, but you know what I mean. It's Da Lore/Lure of Da Bike. Wild and Free. Ruff and Tuff. And...Limping and Out Of Commission. 100,000 bikers descend down to Central Florida and rumble around in a vortex of leather and lace. I enjoy it but not on the highway or bigger roads. Wiping Floridian bugjuice splattered on the face is just not a sexy way to spend the day, you know?

For those who are here in town for the festivities, please drive carefully, whatever vehicle you're in. Because I know everything I need to know about busted kneecaps, 'kay?

I once read a romance book where the hero/heroine did the nasty while riding on a Harley. Uh-huh. Rrrrriiiigght ;-). That was one funny moment where I actually thought about the mechanics--feet shifting gears, one hand on the brake, the other pulling in the clutch. Looking ahead and paying attention to the road. No, wait a minute, the heroine is IN THE WAY and enthusiastically shaking the bike around. And let's not even think about when he closes his eyes in ecstasy.


;-) Have you guys ever read any crazy impossible romantic antics in your books? Hey, whatcha talking about...seatbelts absolutely works great too!

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Jaci Burton said...

Big hugs for the alpha male. Resurgery sounds icky.

My husband is a Harley owner. And I have a biker series that I'm writing right now. And yeah, when I explored the possibility of sex-while-riding(for the book, not for us...heh), he gave me THAT look...the one where he rolled his eyes at me and gave me that "No way in hell could that happen" look.

So alas, my characters get no sex while riding.

And we so want to come down for bike week sometime!

vince said...

Jenn - patpatpatpatpat. And as before, prayers and healing thoughts as well.

As for sex on a bike, I've never minded unusual places, but I want at least a modicum of comfort. And regardless of the genre, I can't remember any romance scenes that were horrible implausable.

On a side note, Virtually His arrived today, so I have my reading lined up for the weekend. And it looks like I'll have to check out Jaci's books. Damn. So many books, so little spare time.

LadyZannah said...

I'll pray for the alpha male and send pink light his way.
As far as books go, The FUNNY award go to Night Embrace (Sherrilyn Kenyon) they got busy on the dude's harley and fell off at the end. The QUICKIE award go to Squeeze Play (baseball romance) where they got busy inside a restaurant's refrigerator. The NO RESPECT FOR HOLY PLACES award goes to the hidden temple scence in Under the Wire (Cindy Gerard) and taking the EWWWW NASTY award is Kathy Love's I Only Have Fangs for You where the vamp and his lady did the nasty against a wall in a nasty alley, yuck.
I wouldn't mind some outdoor fun, I love the feel of the sun on my skin but I woudn't stand people watching. So if I had a 10 foot stone fence and no neighbors anywhere near, the alpha male would be in deep trouble. The whole harley thing sounds very, very, very appealing (it's the chaps). As long as the bike is stationary and I don't fall off with an alpha male AND a harley on top.

Gennita said...

Jaci, when you come down, you have to let me know!

I've seen some wild things done on bikes while they're going 60-80mph (guys standing up, ma-no-hands) but sex on moving bikes...I've asked the bikers I know and they just laughed. "Jerk off, maybe," one said in his very rough voice. LOL.

Jaci writes action-packed books! Good stuff.

Thanks for ordering my book. I hope you enjoy Virtually His. It's a bit different from the rest of my books, since I ventured a little into woowoo territory. If you're looking for my usual snarky sense of humor, it's in Into Danger...I've been told the main joke there is very me ;-).

Gennita said...

Lady Zannah,

Nekkid guy in chaps on Harley...calendar time! LOL.

Sasha White said...

In WICKED, my latest release, the hero rides a Harley, and after taking the heroine for a ride, she's all hot and trembly and ready to explode, so he uhmm , gives her a hand after he gets off the bike. (She's still straddling it, he stands next to it.) but no way would I try to make it work while he was riding.

However, Have you seen Grease 2? LOL Michelle Pfeifer and and the guy get a little creative while riding. It's not full on sex, cuz it's Grease...but it shows her moving around to straddle him while he's driving. LOL

vince said...

Jenn - you? A snarky sense of humor? Naw... couldn't be.


Anonymous said...

Argh, I'm very sorry he'll have to go through that. Although sometimes I believe nothing beats the pain of a woman's monthly. As least not mine. [TMI i know, but whatever. tis true]

MO said...

Jenn, that seatbelt scene in Facing Fear? Sooooo sexy. Also totally plausible :).


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