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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Pimping Is Hard

I love John Scalzi's blog. He's an award-winning science fiction writer with a tongue of acid and a wit like a new razor. He's also auctioning off a pre-publication bound manuscript version of his coming-out-soon novel, ZOE'S TALE to benefit the Disabled American Veteran's Charitable Service Trust. This is a cause after my own heart, and if you enjoy science fiction, or maybe your loved one does, and would like to place a bid, read about this generous offer HERE.

John Scalzi, in today's blog post, gave a chance to his readers to pimp their blogs/books/whatever. Many of his blog readers--I would say 90 percent--are science-fiction readers and writers, and the opportunity to pimp there could provide interest in their books/areas. I was tempted to post something, but I knew that probably none of his readers would care about reading romance in their suspense. However, I was really, really tempted to write, with a link to my website: "I write romantic suspense. My works are full of bang bang." LOL. It IS hard promoting one's genre in a blog that is about another genre.

Talking about promotion, I'm guest blogging tomorrow so, TOMORROW, BE HERE to get a link to THE SPECIAL MASSAGEMESSAGE: GENNITA LOW's WRITING PROCESS. Really, it's going to be good. Full of bang bang. And, it'll read like science-fiction. No, it's DEFINITELY not suitable for pimpage at Scalzi's blog either. :::grin::: Find out why tomorrow.

Maybe you have some suggestions as to how to pimp myself? You can be the GLowing Pimpettes!

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John Scalzi said...

My readers read all sorts of stuff, and I figure some of them would like to know about what you do. That is, if you want to tell them.

Leslie said...

Um, Jenn, it's definitely funny to see John Scalzi posting as a Sexy Vege in your blog. Hee.

And I checked out the auction for his book. Holy Money, Batman! Did you see what the bid is up to?!

Gennita said...

Hi John,
Thanks for dropping by. I know you have an eclectic bunch at your blog; after all, I'm there all the time. You're right...pimping at your place is an opportunity that must be seized!

John Scalzi is a very sexy vege. An ultra-twisted carrot. And yes, the bidding is fierce and the money goes to a great cause.

CV Rick said...

Good Pimping - I think you did it just fine.

I like your blog and I'll check back to see what you're up to from time to time . . .

I'm a professional window washer who writes. I love putting on a tool belt and climbing ladders all day - it gives me time to think and listen to audiobooks (which I do all day long).

vince said...

I LOVED your guest blog! Almost fell off my chair laughing.

As far as pimping, I got here from Scalzi's blog, and like what I see (the Valetine's Day hair entry was funny to read, but glad it wasn't me it happend to).

While science fiction, fantasy and mysteries are my favorite fiction, I do read some romance. Or at least I think these authros are romance authors - Kay Hooper, Nina Bangs, Laurell K. Hamilton, Christine Feehan, MaryJanice Davidson.

Gennita said...

Hi CV,
Thanks for dropping by! Listening to audio books while washing windows...I hope you aren't, like, thirty stories in the air!

Hi Vince,
Welcome to my madness! Yes, those authors are considered romance writers--we write in many genres these days. My favorite right now is urban fantasy and these last two years, I glommed on Lilith Saintcrow's Danny Valentine series. If you enjoyed LKH's first ten Anita Blakes, you will, I think, like Saintcrow's story.

As for my writing process...I always learn the hard way, it seems ;-).

kim said...

aww cute he visited anyway, see i like scifi and your books though i dont like half the romance genera, give it a shot, a lot of scifi is about adventure and guys getting their rocks off imagining themselves to be the adventurers, maybe theyd want to imagine being super sexy solder spy seducers

CV Rick said...


Usually no more than 35 feet up, sometimes on a roof for the dormers or skylights. No problem.

You've got a really nice blog here, by the way.

Gennita said...

Yes, Scalzi's visit was unexpected and a much appreciated. He's a nice guy.

I enjoy both science fiction and romance, but fall more into the group that enjoys the relationships more than the science, hence my love of my genre, which "allows" this without the old guard complaining. I find that more readers of romance enjoy books outside of their genre, like science fiction and fiction, than vice versa, don't you?

Gennita said...

CV Rick,

Thanks, I try to make the blog as informative as possible. I don't have time to write a whole e-book right now to give away, so I offer little vignettes and observations.

Back to construction work, I do mostly residential, but have been, till last month, stuck in hell for two years doing 36 three-storey townhomes. Groundhog Day, and not as funny, over and over.


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