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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Pimping Is All About The Nekkid Truth

Today, Debra Dixon and the Gang of Nine have invited me (and all of you) to invade their space at

They gave me free reign. So, of course my topic was seriously intellectual. It covered everything, from my writing process, to never trusting any foreigner who hands you a toothbrush, to the importance of seaweed. I hope you'll comment there as well. And I hope I did you proud as a self-pimp.

Do you think I have a future as a writing instructor? ;-)

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Leslie said...

Oh Jenn, you have to put up this experience in your A Writer's Block. Maybe Auntie Muse will pummel you a bit.

I'm beginning to think there should be someone following you around with pics of your funny "disasters." The hair pic. Now the having a nekkeed woman on top of you pic.

vince said...

Heck ya, you have a future as a writing instructor. I've taked a few riting courses where the instructor damn near put me to sleep. That wouldn't happen in your class.

Leslie, what a great idea. And Jenn, you could have a special "disaster pics" area, paid membership only :-).

LadyZannah said...

You know, if my writing teacher had been like THAT, I would enjoy writing better. I just settle for reading tho, nekked women are not my if it was Number Eight....that would be different, he could massage me all he wanted.

Anonymous said...

Hey Vince, you said you just started reading Jenn's blog. Did you catch her play on Cassie Edward's plagiarism? That one, you have to read:

Anonymous said...

My english teachers were never that descriptive. heheh

Brenda said...

Jenn, I laughed so loud in the office that everyone was asking me to share what I was reading. So I did. I'm listening to snickers and giggles throughout the 1st floor of the building.
I'm so sorry about the nekkid woman on top of you. And the spanking....was it good?

LadyZannah said...

Hey I discovered two books with the same cover. Different authors, different title but same cover, is that legal?

vince said...

Anonymous, thanks. I had read a bit about the Casie Edwards brew-ha-ha, but that is the best and funniest snyopisis about it.

I see a pattern. I see a humor book emerging. I r wishing I could be that funny. While sober.

Gennita said...

Leslie, hmm, good idea. I'm going to steal my own post from another blog and put it in my own blog about...writing. Bwahahaha. That is so me.

Thanks, Vince,
for playing along all day with me. I just got home from roofing a very small roof. Humor is my only salvation from bad crapentry, I'm afraid.

Lady Zannah,
Number 8, Number 8, Number 8...he IS the maaster of DIM MAK, no?


That would have made a great assignment, wouldn't it? Send your students out to a spa...special pack style!

Spanking is NOT sexy. Those Harlequins are so wrong.

Lady Zannah,
There are quite a few books out there with the same cover art. Pub houses reuse their commissioned artwork or buy stock pictures that have been used before. Which titles did you see?

LadyZannah said...

Heath baby can touch my pressure points all he wants, as long as he lets me cover him in melted chocolate. As for the books: The anthology "Real Men Do it Better" and Cherry Adair's "Edge of Darkness". I don't think they are even same publishing house, are they? Weird

kim said...

that was hilarious and i leave for korea tomorrow, have yet to see a spa there but i will definately stear clear if i find one :)

Tressa said...

As for why so many love Rick, I know for me it is because he never stopped loving his wife and no one could measure up to her, and then the next person he meets that he is attracted to again, beyond the physical is . . . his wife. Soul mates. FF is my favorite book of all the books by you or anyone else.


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