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Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Uber Ways Not To Write

So I procrastinated today by playing with the width of this blog. Sigh. Hopeless, I tell you.

I found that by going into the HMTL coding of the template, I could widen the blog to give it a nicer spatial look. However, the coding didn't tell the template to fit the blog picture (the running couple above) into the frame. So essentially, you get the same size pic plus a couple of inches of jade green space, which makes it look out of whack. Also the added green inches don't "round" the corners nicely and you can tell where the blog has been adjusted.

EDITED TO ADD: I just took out the "gif" for the rounded corners to the left main posting area, so that smoothed out that particular problem.

Waste of time ;-). But I like the wider look (less outside green) and wish I could find the coding to get the picture and frame on top right.

Then I decided to pay my traffic violation ticket online. It was, after all, the DUE DAY. Technically, anything paid by the due day is ON TIME, right? Well, what do you know, even though it said so on the ticket that one could pay online as an option, the website stated that I couldn't any more.

So, let's call up the County Court House and listen to the electronic voice for fifteen minutes, of which none of the options got me any answers. I finally found a real person and she told me that yes, indeed, one could NOT electronically pay for a ticket after 20 days. And because I live in a modern society in which every police officer has his own laptop that prints out a traffic violation ticket in five seconds, the COUNTY COURTHOUSE IS NOT EQUIPPED to take a credit card payment by phone. Uh, huh. I bet you the court clerks in INDIA are LAUGHING AT YOU, Volusia county.

I, mostly a law-abiding citizen, couldn't understand the reasoning behind this strangely random online rule. If I could pay by check on the day before it's due, and if I could drive to the courthouse to pay by cash on the very same day it's due, why couldn't I pay electronically through the website nine days, eight days, shit--one second--before it's due? It was a bank transfer, after all, right? No answer from the other end.

The Alpha Male, at this point, sent an urgent call for help. He was buried under A SACK OF SAND (I'm not kidding) because he had been trying to weigh down the injured leg slowly into a 45 degree angle, per the doctor's request. The doctor DID NOT REQUEST the use of a sack of sand as a weight. I think he meant someone's help, preferably a physical therapist. I guess, according to Alpha Logic, a bag of sand = physical therapist.

After a bit of driving around because, of course, said injured man now couldn't move that leg for a while, I had to take off out of town towards the County Courthouse to pay this fine. I'd thought I would make it. It was 4.45pm. Doesn't everything close at 5pm any more? Nope, the Traffic Violation Division closed at 4.30pm, ma'am, the burly guard sitting at the security gate politely informed me. Sigh.

So did I actually accomplish anything today? Let's see:

Write one page? Nope.
Widen my blog correctly? Nope.
Pay my fine? Nope.
Get the Alpha Male to not bother me with strange requests? Nope.

Am I in trouble? Probably. We'll see when I drive to the Courthouse again tomorrow. I'll be HALF A DAY overdue and no, I refuse to admit that it's my fault because there is no text anywhere online or on paper telling me about this 20 day limit rule. Stupid.

But then that was how I got into trouble in the first place. I told the burly cop who stopped me that the sign on the road was a NO U-TURN sign and not a NO LEFT TURN sign. Stupid, I said. And he gave me a stupid ticket and now I'm the one running around doing u-turns. Who's stupid now, huh? Yeah. My big mouth, is who.

Go on, giggle. I'm the biggest subconscious procrastinator in the world, I tell you.

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kim said...

oh but see my procrastinating going to bed was worth it cuz i got to read this funny post ;)

LadyZannah said...

I have been accused of procrastinating by the alpha male; I told him I would look it up later. That reminds me there is a bill I have to pay, later.

Casee said...

Oh Lord. You poor thing. LOL

My husband procrastinated on paying a speeding ticket once. As a result of that, he got a $300 late fee tacked on. Thank you, LA County.

SKKD Lambing said...

Procastinating is not buying stamps so few christmas cards I did do didn't make it out until today. Funny ticket story... My husband got pulled over in Montana for speeding and we had to pay the fine there on the side of the road. Or else the officer would escort him back to the nearest town so he could pay. We payed the ticket in loose change and a 5 dollar bill. The ticket was $20.00.

Brenda said...

BWAHAHAHA! How long did you make Alpha Male wait for rescue? Isn't it interesting how you are repeatedly the 'hero'(as well as one of higher intelligence) and A.M. is in the position of 'heroine'? I love it! And yes, I would use that against him in a sec. But then, I'm evil like that.
Poor Jenn, you're a much nicer mommy than I am. If my daughter jumped on my head in the morning when I was sleeping in, I would spank her butt and throw her in a kennel.
Um, Skkd Lambing, isn't paying a cop in cash on the side of a road a bit dangerous? I know they have their recording devices, but it still seems creepy to me. Last time I tried, they wouldn't take my money. Hehehe.
Jenn, I'm not doing my work either. I'm procrastinating. It's a lot more fun.

kim said...

i can see the code ;) just right click and hit view source. padding is the extra space around an image, useful if you are putting a bunch of images on a page and dont want them touching or something. I think your issue is in the style sheet at the top. The part in < style > tells the browser how to display the rest of the page, rather than do the formatting over and over it is supposed to make it easier for you by setting up standard ways to display certain things like headings and such, then later instead of formatting them very time you just say use this heading or use that kind of paragraph (cept for with tags that i cant think of right now ;) anyway ill look again tomorrow after work and email you what i think the problem is and you can play with it if you like, if not cool too, your blog is still worth reading, even with poorly displayed pics ;)

Gennita said...


Yes, I understand the issue but haven't the grasp of coding language to figure out which line adjusts the heading and footer size problem. I usually save the template and then go in and just tackle the lines haphazardly to see for myself but of course, this takes a lot of time and great for procrastination. LOL.

I would like to place the picture correctly so the blog looks nice. Thanks for taking the time to look at the coding for me! It's like some kind of spy language, heh.


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