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Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Are We 2008 Yet?

Since Santa didn't show up properly unattired

I decided to catch the New Year Boy before he got away....

Ooops. I guess he was busy checking out last year's headlines....


Sadly, I didn't make any New Year's resolutions. I was too exhausted, LOL.

The top of the building is DONE. The project, the one I showed pictures of a couple of years ago, is FINITO. So I'm almost relieved, even though the future of construction looks uncertain.

But I would like to start 2008 by making positive affirmations:

1) I will write at least one page of my WORK IN PROGRESS a day.

At least. Sometimes it's just too damn easy to stare at the blank screen and then click to the blog and then to various sites. I need to remind myself the reason I spent all my savings on that first clunky HP laptop so many years ago. Uh yeah. To write my stories.

2) I will say one nice thing to someone a day.

I know I cuss a lot at work. Sometimes it's no fun being Ms Bitch on the jobsite ;-). But I'll find someone before the end of the day to say one nice thing to. Ha. I feel like Dante Valentine, how 'bout that.

3) I will pay my bills on time.

Duh. Ms. Procrastination here. Do you know how many times I've forgotten to pay the electric and water bill in 2007?!

4) I will write better.

Faster. Tougher. Sexier. I'll not let one star reviews stir my fears! I will not feel like a mountain stepped on me when someone emails me that I write trash. Fair and smart reviews are always welcomed, but if you recall a certain post, some people think calling an author a "pimp" because she writes about female trafficking makes their piece a review.

5) I will talk a bit more about myself and how the past influences my writing life.

Sort of a writer's journey to help other writers. I don't know how to write craft essays (bores everyone to tears, I'm sure). I don't plot much so there's nothing interesting for me to add to that topic. I'm horrible at promotions. I can't tell you how one thing works, even though I could show you.

However, I would like to help other writers the way they've helped me with their wonderful writing and promotion nuggets. The only way I know how is the knowledge that one's experience is a powerful basis to writing a good story, that by making connections with past emotions/experiences with certain scenes or stories, I can show how writing is disemminated, distilled, and done through me.

Whew. Am I being positively affirming here, or what?!

If you can have one positive affirmation, what would it be?

And oh, yeah, spank Bad Puppy more. He raided my laundry again.


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vanessa jaye said...

Write. Write every day. If it's only 1 pages per day, it'll add up to 365 pages (almost a single title) of the year.

Gennita I'm going to send you an email in a bit, the sender will show up as Jaquelin (it's my secret real life identity. *g* ) Just don't want to get caught in the spaminator.

vanessa jaye said...

Crap. ::head-desk:: I meant to say:

Happy New Year!!!

LadyZannah said...

My new year's resolution would be not to choke the alpha male to death this year.....maybe. Alpha males are fun and all (wink wink)but doggone I ain't nobody's b*#@%, he's got to quit giving orders.

Amie Stuart said...

Genn....take heart! You're not alone with the paying the bills on time problem *blushes guiltily*
I finally put the water and phone on auto-pay since they're virtually the same every month (and really the water is like 30.00 a month. There is no excuse for having it shut off).

Do you do only commercial construction?

Brenda said...

Happy New Year! Love the Santa pic.
I do not understand this 'flaming of authors'.Their world must be very small and boring, so they try to stir something up. Kinda Jerry Springer like.
Resolutions: I'm making a mass general resolution to live healthier. Baby steps, no drastic, painful changes. Maybe then I'll keep this one. LOL!
Auto-pay for bills is a blessing. Much quicker, easier and I don't have to buy stamps. WooHoo!
I hope your new year is more rewarding than the last and that Bad Puppy learns some self-restraint. HA!


Casee said...

OMGosh, Jenn. I forget to pay bills way too often. Then when the notices come, my husband doesn't pass them along. It's lovely.

My resolution this year is to continue to be a good mom to my children. It's hard sometimes. Other than that, I try not to make resolutions. LOL

Gennita said...


I used to write at least two pages a day and then...I sort of lost my way through the Black Hole called Internetz. I will now sin less in 2008. You notice I didn't say "sin no more." Sigh.

Lady Zannah,

Pst. They never stop giving orders. I only pretend not to hear.


I'd do auto-pay if I just can't stop having a total paranoia about online banking and money moving in and out of my account without me thinking about it. It's too much spy-writing and research that cause this....


Ah, baby steps in weight loss programs ;-). I'm hoping to do the same too since I don't do diets at all.

As for Bad Puppy, I don't know about him getting any less evil. Today he jumped on my head to wake me up because I felt like sleeping in.


Good to know I'm not the only one with late bills! I get worse and worse each year so this year...sigh, well we won't count December 2007's bills, okay? That's still last year's stuff, right? LOL.

UNC Girl said...

I just re-read Facing Fear. You are incredible. Absolutely, beyond talented. Just thought you should know that. I'm waiting avidly for your next release.

Hope your New Year is wonderful!


Gennita said...


Thank you! Facing Fear was one of my favorite books to write. I'm glad you love the story as much as I do.


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