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Thursday, January 31, 2008

No, This Is Not About A Weredonkey

I had a long, horrible evening yesterday that had to do with trucks, keys, cellphones, housekeys, and headpounding. You'll hear all about it...when I recover.

Meanwhile, entertain yourself with MORE INTERSNETZ KNOWLEDGE THAN YOU WANT TO KNOW:

Did you see House this past Tuesday? Remember the prostitute-patient who flirted with House and tempted him to go see a donkey show? There were a lot of sexual insinuations going on between them, but in the end, the last scene showed him entering a church and there was the prostitute, playing a pregnant Mary sitting on a donkey. The joke was on us. Hah, you guys were thinking of a DONKEY SHOW, you bad, naughty, evil viewers.

If you click on the link above, scroll down and read the "description." You will die. Or choke.

And now you (and I) know what a real Donkey Show is, heehawheehaw. THIS SECOND LINK NOT SAFE FOR WORK. It is NOT a pretty picture, if you know what I mean. I triple-donkey dare ya to open the link....(:::whistling:::...Meljean...Vanessa....)

And on a side note: House's look when he glanced up at our prostitute/madonna? Pure blatant sexiness, if I may say so myself.

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meljean brook said...

That poor donkey! They have to hold him down?

*scrubs eyes*

I have heard of them before, but I really thought they were kind of a racist joke/urban legend, because uh, I couldn't figure out how it worked.

Now I see.

*scrubs eyes again*

...Oh oh! I have seen something else like that, but it was a graphic novel based on a Greek comedy, IIRC. The guy gets turned into a donkey, and a woman loves him ... yikes. Them whacky Greek gods.

MO said...


I bow. You're da queen of curious info.

Dongkey bizneth. Good Lord, that picture was brain bleach material.

Anonymous said...

I heeded your *Not Safe for Work* warning and still think I need brain bleach and a brillo pad...


Jordan Summers said...

I didn't realize that they held the donkey down in those 'shows'. I thought it was much more...participatory. Now I feel real sorry for that donkey. :(

Lauren Dane said...

Cripes, why oh why did I click?

kim said...

not that im overly excited to see what is there now that i've read the comments but all i see is posted by beth:

Tijuana Donkey Show

What is the Tijuana Donkey Show you ask? Your thinking "Hey, I've been to Tijuana", "A Tijuana Donkey Show has got to involve Cute Little Donkeys, Happy little Mexicans, and they put on a show right?"

kim said...

oops nevermind pic took a LONG time to load.... that is ... strange. odd that just like two weeks ago was the first time i heard the rumor about catherine the great and horses

vanessa jaye said...


Thank goodness I picked up a bottle of Brain Bleach on my way home today.

You'd think after I saw that infamous man & horse video I'd learn not to click onto these links. :-P

Gennita said...

OMG OMG Vanessa. Why did you say there was such a video out there in the world? :::brain bleach eye bleach::: arrghHHhhhHHH. THAT horse/man thing? Not for Meljean. See here? I'm putting my hands over her eyes.

vanessa jaye said...

Because I am all that is evoool, my young Padawan, (and I'm feeling a mite vengeful for this donkey/woman thing) I'll also point out that the man/horse thing was not in the configuration you'd think.

And you ARE thinking about it aren't you?

::dusts off hands:: My work here is done.

Gennita said...

No, I just saw the damn horse video. It. Is. NOT. Brainsafe. It doesn't even look possible that the horse...never mind, I'm not going to describe it. I scrub my eyes. Why, why did you make me watch that video? And why would any man think that would be fun?!!

LadyZannah said...

I am not going to click on the link, I am not going to click on the link, I am not going to click on the link, I am not going to click on the link.
I am a VERY good girl and will not click on the link......I will bake cookies instead, yeah that's what I'll do....... Heath baby help me out, my hand keeps going to the mouse. Cumber? anybody???? Well not ANYbody, you can stay away Jed.

Deborah said...

I . . . I just. . .

I just don't understand people.

Unfortunately, I saw a video of a guy doing something hideous to a dolphin. I didn't watch the whole think mind you cause I almost threw up for the 2 seconds it took me to realize what it was I was seeing.

I'm not understanding people.


vanessa jaye said...

That man/horse vid is still on the internet?! =:O

I'm genuinely sorry, Gennita. I saw it years ago, :-P Honestly thought it had been taken off line. (It wasn't widely available even when it was getting a lot of buzz because it was in the news due to the guy dying). It certainly cured me of my 'click this link' curiosity for a very, very looooong time. (That plus a series of body piercing links that led me deeper and deeper into sites which featured the most bizarre, grotesque, 'mangled and bloodied' body mutilations that I've ever had the misfortune to view. I'm honestly not sure those peeps survived much past the time the pictures were taken. :-/

I figured the Donkey thing would be gross but fairly harmless given it was on your site, Gennita.

Dolphin? based on your comment, Deborah, I'll remain in ignorance, thankyouverymuch.

meljean brook said...

Oh, god. I haven't see the man/horse video, but I did hear the story about that guy.

Massive, revolting ickiness aside -- it doesn't take a genius to realize that's NOT going to fit ANYWHERE in the human body.

*shudders and cries and borrows some brain bleach*

meljean brook said...

Jaq -- I don't think the ones I saw were that bad, but my link clicking days almost ended when I saw a human corset -- complete with laces.


*goes home and watches the Princess Bride to clean out all images*

Gennita said...

Yes, the horse@man thing is still out there because I found it within five minutes. Needless to say, I couldn't watch it without covering my mouth and using some roofing English phrases.

No, I won't link it because it is absolutely XXXXXXX-rated, as you know. And BLeacgh-rated. I know the guy died, but did he expect anything less than death with that thing inside him? Oh, my poor soiled brain. Did you see the movie based on it? I can't remember the title but it was in the Sunshine Film Festival and much touted for its cinematography. CINEMATOGRAPHY!!!! :::boggled eyes:::

I have seen some horrible piercings too, some of them live, because we have Bike Week where I am and twenty years ago, these bikers were younger and think they looked cool with tats and piercings. Now...they look like very old walking trees with dangling bits.

Gennita said...

Hey Meljean (do you know my fingers have this tendency to type Melbrook Jean??? I'm so, so, so, soooo sorry! beforehand, in case one day I really do this without checking....).

Did you see the woman on television (recently) with the world's smallest waist? 15 inches or something like that. She and her husband are Victorian freaks and dress up in those Victorian costumes for fun. And yes, she wears a corset for 24 hours everyday, even while sleeping, I guess.

When they showed her on the show, I kept looking and looking and wondering what happened to her kidney and liver. There's no space for anything in there!

Here is a link. It's not disgusting but it's quite disturbing to think of women at the turn of the century all looking like this:

World's Smallest Waist.

Ouch, huh.

vanessa jaye said...

Trust me Meljean, you don't want to see the horse/man. ugh.

Although, believe it or not, it wasn't as bad as some of those pictures of body mutilations I saw (and really they were waaaay beyond the point of being call 'piercings' or even 'modifications'.) At least the man/horse vid was sort of shadowy with no close ups, IIR. ugh.

I stood in line at the bus stop, a couple of summers ago, behind a girl in a halter who had metal rings down either side of her spine, I guess for lacing up. Each puncture hole looked angry red and puffy. I think it took a week for me to unclench my shoulder-blades and grimacing.

But that still was nothing compared to those piercing pics I saw. I'm almost sure those were "torture pictures" with genitalia mangled beyond human comprehension.

There's only one other 'ugh' memory I have from following links. I was on one of those free erotica sites and clicked onto a story that quickly turned to some light BDSM (no warning of this in the description) but what was really shocking was that it was essentially the literary version of a snuff flim. I read the ending twice cause I couldn't believe my eyes. I felt sick, like I had a brush with evil. This was someone's fantasy that they'd written and posted online.

I now only follow links of peeps I know and trust. I listen to my gut instincts when it tells me to turn back--there's nothing I need to see or know that badly. And I absolutely don't let my curiosity get the better of me when there are strongly worded warnings posted. etc.

Ignorance really is bliss, and there's some truly sick f**ks out there.

vanessa jaye said...

Gennita, I tend to write "Mejean" (forgetting the 'L'), and anytime I run your name through spell check they always suggest genital as one of the correct spellings. (which, since I'm evol, makes me giggle every. time. lol).


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