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Saturday, November 17, 2007

Saturday Potatoes Aren't Normal

Today, for some reason, my memory reminded me that the deadline for the annual RWA RITA contest is at the end of this month. For the first time in my writing career, I'm actually hesitating about entering my book!

For one thing, they change the categories' descriptions again, and I'm not even sure whether I really fit in romantic suspense. For another, I have had readers and reviewers confusing Virtually His as a paranormal/scifi type story, so should I enter it in that category? And if I do, would I be marked down because, heck, it's not actually paranormal? LOL. Third, well...third is just knowing that I probably won't win, and maybe I should just save the entry fee and cost of mailing books to buy myself a nice dress for the RITA awards ceremony instead.

Ah well. What to do, what to do....

BTW, next year's RWA is going to be in San Francisco, girls and boys! If you live nearby, mark your calendars now and try to make it to the Literacy Signing, where you can meet a few hundred of your favorite authors signing their books. All proceeds from the sales go to promote literacy, so it's for a good cause.


Girl talk:

I was looking for some sweet potatoes/yam recipes, other than the usual casserole, thinking of trying one out for Thanksgiving. Do you know that yam is NOT a sweet potato, but to add to the confusion, canned sweet potatoes in the stores are sometimes labeled as yams? So, when I claim that I love the very sexy yam ;-), does that mean I actually love the sweet potato?!

Anyway, I was HOPING to surprise my girlfriend with some Malaysian sweet potato balls, but maybe I meant yam balls? I'm confusing myself. I should just stick to being a sullen writer, hapless and helpless in all household affairs.

Guy talk:

Well, not your typical guy talk, since it's with the one roofer who is the master of linguistics.

Him: "You wouldn't believe it! She was supposed to be taking care of my kid, and when I rang the doorbell, she was naked!"

RB: "Why was she naked?"

Him: (pause) "Because she wasn't wearing any clothes."

All of us: (sigh)

Maybe I do write para-normals! Ha.

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Fanciful Fern said...

I think you're referring to the fried sweet potato balls - small, round and dark yellow on the inside.

I don't recall eating yam balls but I do rememeber buying yam cakes from the wet market. Does that help?

LadyZannah said...

Oi now my head hurts, so the canned stuff is really sweet potatoes but labeled yams? Are yams real? I think I will make some kind of butternut squash recipe and stay away from sweet potatoes/yams/whatever this Thanksgiving.

vanessa jaye said...


LOL@ the very literal answer.

Gennita said...

Fanciful Fern,
Ok, I will go look for a sweet potato ball recipe then.

I'm thinking yam means a different tuber in Asia than here in the States.

Lady Zannah,
yeah, isn't that confusing? I was reading this and going, so which is which and which one have I been enjoying all these years? LOL.

Yes, he is like that, everyday. And no, he doesn't understand the humor in it either.

Casee said...

Virtually His is soooo a romance!! I think you should enter it. But hey---that's just me. :)

I'm definitely going to be in SF next year. Hopefully I'll be there long enough to actually have that drink. LOL

Gennita said...

Many readers (and I'm not criticising them, just using their email comments as an example) consider this book very unromantic, and since it's book one of a series, without the traditional HEA, they don't think it should have the romance label. You'll be surprised at how many ticked-off readers there are when they don't get a traditional HEA without warning ;-), even in a series. And they will let the author know about it too!

So, considering that, I think the RITA judges would also have a similar kind of attitude. Get angry at the book and mark me low for a non-trad happy ending. The rules for the RITA is quite specific. There is a line there that says "the ending must be emotionally satisfying." LOL. Just for that I think I won't get any great marks for Virtually His and thus, waste my entry fee.

When I judge the RITA entries, I'm a pretty flexible reader. If it's obvious to me that it's part of a series and there is a romance building, I take that into account. But who knows whether I'll have someone like me for a judge? :-P


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