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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

I Need Your Uber Help

My feet feel as if they have grown into elephant size. Walking on pavement is so not like walking on a rooftop. And on heels! Arghhhhhhh. How do y'all do it everyday? My feet are killing me.

All my fault, of course. I went exploring and shopping after my meeting with my editor. The Metropolitan Museum of Art. Fifth Avenue jewelry and clothes. All the way to Broadway to see whether I wanted to catch a show this time. Decided not to. Took the subway to Chinatown. Walk, walk, walk while I munched on everything I have been hankering after. I started limping after about three hours of shopping and had another foot massage again ;-). This time, the woman had just come from China, so I got to pseudo-interview her for a future book's material while she pressed down on all these pressure points on the bottom of my feet.

Refreshed, I stomped all the way back to Grand Central to say goodbye to Stacey Agdern. I treated her to some traditional Malaysian "cakes" that I've bought in Chinatown. She bought me a New York cheesecake that melted in my mouth. I guess the walking around is good in the sense that I get to walk off all the calories I put into me!

Anyway, I declare this short trip very successful and enjoyable. I love my agent and my editor, the two most important people in a writer's world. When you get the right ones, it's an unbeatable feeling!

Here's the update on the e-book I want to give to you through eharlequin. My editor says that she's still talking to the PTB about it and so far, doesn't have an answer. She thinks that it's a great promotional idea and really wants to help me do it, but the publisher, like every other publisher, is all about meetings and going through various departments and feedback.

My editor says that it would really help if I can get her PAPER feedback from my readers so she can keep them in a file which she can use to show her PTB during her meetings with them. E-mails are easily lost or deleted because no one prints them, but all snail mail is filed. If you can help me out by sending two snail mails about how you are enthusiastic about an e-book from me, one to the NY HQ and one to the Canada HQ, then, when they have their video conference about me, they will all have a copy of your feedback in their respective files ;-).

Here are the addys:
Gennita Low's Editor
c/o Keyren Gerlach,
233 Broadway, 10th Floor,
New York, NY 10279

Gennita Low's editor
225 Duncan Mill Road,
Don Mills, Ont. M3B 3K9


Thank you so much for doing this. I know I can just simply give away a book from my site, but I think if I do it through my publisher, it'd be more professional and simpler. They have the net tools all set up and of course, I represent them and vice-versa, so everything would look good.

You would think that it would be so simple when I'm giving this e-book for free, wouldn't you? Apparently not! ;-P Nothing is simple when there are levels of inter-departmental redtape, I suppose.

Okay, now I rest for a few hours before catching my cab at 5am. Wahhhhh. Watch me turn into a bitchy elephant in the morning. I don't. do. AM.

Bear with me while I learn. The first button likes the POST. The second button likes the BLOG site. Please help me by "liking" me. Thanks!


Elaine said...

I've got my letters all ready in their envelopes and will be taking a trip to the post office later, on my way out. I don't know how much it costs to mail to Canada and US since I no longer write snail mail these days! LOL!

Gennita said...

thank you, elaine! Wow, I forgot some of you are living overseas. If it's an expense, please don't feel you have to send overseas mail! Now I feel bad.


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