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Thursday, January 04, 2007

Super Uber Speaker!

And I'm not talking about me being a speaker at a conference either ;-).

Don't care about your political beliefs but LET'S GIVE A SHOUT OUT to the new LADY SPEAKER OF THE HOUSE, Nancy Kickass Pelosi! ;-) That's third in line to the Presidency, girls and boys, and I think it's about time too. Girl power! Heh, heh. I suddenly get this image of Nancy Pilosi in Power Ranger costume, LOL.

Now, the next thing, the most important thing on the House's agenda--a WOMAN'S BATHROOM near the chambers and not five miles away, dammit! Why should the men have theirs (more than one) right next door so they can just slip in and out in the middle of voting important shi-te and our women have to run down the hall, across another room, take a left, take a right AND THEN line up for one measly powder room? And we can't just slip in and out, get what I mean? We can't have the Speaker of the House, the THIRD IN LINE to the Presidency, hurrying down the hall during an woman's emergency AND MISS breaking THE TIEBREAKER vote now, can we?!

I mean, I know how tough it is, being a man's territory and NO female facilities nearby. There I am, hours on the roof, and men just whip their thangs out left and right behind trees and bushes (they forget to look UP, in case a woman might be sitting above them on the roof, haha). You have to get the timing right--before work, midday at restaurant, and after work. It's tough for those who need to go often.

There is, of course, the portolet:

Oh shit, I mean:


Sorry, finger slipped there.


But you really don't want to go inside one of these after MANY MEN have used it. Really, you don't. For one thing, it's disgusting. For another, it's VERY disgusting. Also, men revert into boys in these bathrooms. Toilet paper is always a misused item, meaning it's rolled into wads for no other reason than to annoy. And the graffiti is so juvenile, you would think there is no way these adults around you could have drawn these obscene stick figures with huge protrusions on the walls, doing graphic acts, and calling each other names. And the sad thing is, men--boys--REPLY each other's graffiti. And betraying a lot more than their crude thoughts.

Favorite example:

Blacks have bigger dicks.

Replied underneath: Oh yeah? We have bigger brians.

Bwahahahahaha. This was shown to me by RB, of course, because he just had to share. So anyway, for days afterwards, when I called him "dummy," or "stupid," or "idiot," he just told me that I was wrong because he had the bigger "brian."

I wonder whether the men's bathroom in Congress has similar griffiti? I can see it now: VOTE FOR US!: WE HAVE BIGGER BRIANS!

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Anonymous said...

I saw in a ladies room once,

"If you love your man, than show some class. Don't write his name where you wipe your a$$"

I like the "brian" thing though, and my DH laughed his butt off LOL!

Whats up with the hiking 5 miles to a womens bathroom?! Thats awful! Hmph.

Gennita Low said...

Hi Aimee,

Funny line!

Yes, the ladies room is a loooong ways away from the main room where the representatives do their business because they all assume no women would be voted in, I guess, when they designed the building.

In all these years, past female reps had to hike it to the restroom using speed and timing whereas the men just walk leisurely next door!

**&#&%! right?

Anonymous said...

For some reason, I was thinking "Spice Girls a la Geri Halliwell" but with the Stars and Stripes dress, for the very rockin' Nancy "Kickass" Pelosi! Girl Power!!!!Yes Indeedie!

Gennita Low said...

Hi Jennie,

Hey, welcome to my crazy blog! And Nancy Pelosi in Spice Girl costume is even scarier! LOL.


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