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Sunday, October 15, 2006

To Blog Or Not

I came across an interesting topic while traveling around in the Internet forums. Maybe we can discuss it a bit.

1) Why do you visit authors' blogs?
2) Do you prefer an author discussion board instead, wherein you can ask questions on a specific topic ad infinitum?

The questioner said she has difficulty keeping up with the interesting topics because she lives across the pond, and by the time she posts, there's another new daily topic and there's no more discussion of something that interests her. Someone pointed out that there are author-specific discussion forums to do that but the questioner noted that many authors have taken down their discussion boards and replaced them with blogs.

Blogs are chatty and more personal but she feels that it takes away interaction between author/readers and readers/readers. Also, they are confusing because one has to scroll down two hundred comments to read what's going on. Obviously, this isn't MY BLOG ;-) she's talking about, more likely one like Jennifer Crusie and Bob Mayer's, whose blog is visited daily by thousands (feel my envy, heh) of "Cherry Bombs," as their fans are called.

So, do you enjoy blogs more than a discussion board run by the author? Or do you enjoy just coming to something like mine and just go along with my daily soliloquies? I do have a Gennita Low Yahoo Group for readers who want to discuss about my books as well as whatever they're reading at the moment, but I keep my participation light there and mostly post when there's a question directed to me. No nekkid veges for them! LOL.

For myself, I enjoy the blog format a lot. It fits my style because I'm not good at discussing things. And it keeps the focus on ME, ME, ME! Nyah, nyah. Where else would you find out about my annual adventures with Delta Airlines?!

Bear with me while I learn. The first button likes the POST. The second button likes the BLOG site. Please help me by "liking" me. Thanks!


Sarah said...

I like your style and I absolutely loath Delta Air, so everything is all good here.

Elaine said...

Yours is the only author blog I read and I check in as often as I can for the same reason why I call up a friend - just to catch up with each other.

As for which I prefer - blogs or discussion boards - blogs don't work too well for discussion purposes, for the reason you explained. I don't get to check in everyday and most times, I've found that a previous blog post has a topic I want to post about and don't see the point of doing so since the discussion is over. Blog topics only have a one day shelf life.

Even your Yahoo group isn't ideal for discussions as it's not possible to organize the posts by subject since not everyone bothers or remembers to change their subject title so it's no use scrolling through the subjects to look for one that interests me.

Which leaves discussion boards. So yes, I still prefer the good ol' forum on an author's site as the topics can be grouped so if I just wanted to yak about the Cos Commandos in general, I just go there but if I wanted to tear *one specific* Cos Commando apart and savor him piece by piece, I just go to you-know-who's section to meet other like-minded crazies.

I think authors have gone over to blogs because it's the in thing to have but for the reader, the old forums work better.

Lolo said...

I don't do discussion/forum too much. I have done that on a singer forum and then I got bored since ALL discussion were about the guy and everybody in there is in awe of him...I like him very much but still... Anyway, Just to say that I like the "checking up on you" kind of thing. You know I enjoy your blog very much. It makes you very reachable and satisfy my voyeuristic side. I like the fun and I love all the info you dump on us. And listening to you rant improves my english lol.
I don't like when there are thousands of people either. So when you'll get there, I'll switch to email *G*.
Btw, what are YOUR fans called?

Gennita Low said...

Hi Sarah,
I'm glad you enjoy my "style" too! I read so many other author blogs and am always amazed at how good their topics are. Wish I could come up with interesting discussion topics all the time.

Hi Elaine,
Yes, blogs are daily update things. I see them more as a newsletter than a discussion forum.

Also, I don't think many readers would visit an author discussion board unless the author is really, really BIG. I've visited a few and they are very lonely. I don't think Jed can sustain a whole thread too long! ;-) I mean how many posts can you do on Jed and his skills, hmm? Heehee.

But seriously, if I add a free board, such as one from Amazing Forums on THIS PAGE (link on right), do you think anyone would visit AND post?

I* am voyeur material? Haha. But good to know we are all learning English here! ;-)

Thousands of posting fans reading my blog is pretty much unimaginable to me, but if it happens, do you think they will get the naked veges? Heh heh.

My fans have been known to call themselves GLow Girls. Yikes. For fun, once upon a time, in a newsletter, we came up with SASSy girls for the Shadow Assassins Series (Into Danger and Facing Fear).

NancyB said...

Gennita - I love the blog format because it does not require input from me. I love to log on, learn about you (No matter if it is your characters, your roofing trials, your dogs or your amazing airport adventures.) and feel no need to contribute unless I feel like I have something interesting to say. I like the no pressure (at least for the reader) blog.

Laur said...

Oh they will definetly get the veggies or we'll throw them out! oh, and they'll get the kilt weeks too *S*

Anonymous said...

I like the blogs because they feel more intimate. Boards are more of a fan forum where they get to discuss with each other but I feel like on your blog, I talk to you which is what I would prefer. I daily check my friends blogs and a few author blogs (those I consider friends, LOL) but I rarely if ever check an author's message board (except for the one I set up, LOL).

As for large blogs, those are not my thing either. I love the girls at Squawk and will check in on them but not daily, like I do with you and I love reading the Greys writer blog but I never post there, too many people!

Gennita Low said...


Admit it, you come here for the Uber Subservient Chicken ;-).

I think the Killer Nekkid Veges has to have its own page ;-). That way, people can just click on it and stare wonderingly at the wondrous shapes.

I like your take on it, that the blog seems more one on one. I seldom post on forums too, mainly because it's the same discussions that I've read before.

Blogging is definitely different because it's one topic a day and it has to be interesting enough that other people care to read it!


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