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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Unter-Hurricane Ernesto

Ernesto was more like a slowie-cane than a hurri-cane, and he farted more than he blew, but hey, I'm not going to complain (even though I lost two days' of work tying materials down instead of working!) because better safe than sorry, right?

I love author Mary Stella's post on her blog several days ago. Quote:

"Ernesto is beginning to resemble several previous men in my life. The relationship intensified in the 'getting to know you stage' as he drew closer, but then, when it ran into a little interference, things weakened. He lost a lot of his strong focus and interest scattered.

"Now it's not sure what direction he's going to take. It's possible that he could recommit, and gain strength, but most observers think his arrival won't be quite the major event first thought.

"Of course, storms, like people, aren't always predictable. Just when you think you have him figured out -- he changes, for better or, possibly for worse.
Time will tell more about his endurance and if this relationship has staying power, or if Ernesto will soon be gone with the wind."

HAHAHAHAHHA. I love Mary's dry wit.

For myself, hurricanes are like party-crashers. So now we see the difference between Mary and me ;-). She sees her potential mates as hurricanes--hehehehe--whereas I...umm...seem to party all the time....hmm...I don't think that's a good comparison!!! ;-)

Really, hurricanes, to me, remind me of party-crashers. Some are kind of shy, like Ernesto (even the name!). who tiptoed through a party trying not to be seen. Then there are those really loud and obnoxious ones who know they are getting some free booze on somebody else's property, so they do their best to destroy everything, like evil biker-baddies in the movies.

So if you're a Floridian (or live on that path where hurricanes like to visit), what do you liken them to? It's a Freudian moment, so be honest, because Mary and I will analyze your answer, heh heh.

Laur, who came up here to visit me, is staying South Florida, close by Miami, and this was her first "hurricane" experience. She's probably wondering what's the big deal, what with Ernesto acting like a tired old geezer in need of Viagra. Still, we all welcome old geezers to our state for a very good reason ***nodding wisely*** and Ernesto behaved like an old gentleman. Let's hope he continues to be that way wherever he's heading.
Writing goal:

Ten pages a day for the next ten days. Can I do it? No more distractions. Helen needs to jump our monitor's bone and tell him that she is NOT his to play with, not her mind, not her body. Ya think she can convinced him?

Ten pages a day. Maybe if I put it in writing, my Muse will hear me and realize that I'm serious.
Now, I DON'T MIND these Bird Day party crashers, do you? They can visit me any time and...and... :losing train of thought:

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NancyB said...

You know - I live in Washington State - But my whole life I had always wanted to go to a Hurricane party. You know that song "There's Hurricane partys everytime I go."? I always pictured everyone packing up their stuff and going to big hotels to wait out the storm and having big partys in the meeting rooms... I was a little disapointed when I went to New Orleans and found out a Hurricane Party was just a regular party with the drink called a Hurricane.
If I ever live somewhere there are Hurricanes there will be a party at my house, you all are invited!

NancyB said...

Oh - That is Leiha's Nancy to you :)

SQ said...

Oh sure. You get to mock. Ernesto's gaining speed and headed my way and weather people are saying brace yourself.

I think God's punishing us for Katie Couric. I KNEW no good would come of her!

And Happy Belated Birthday!!! Should've known you were a Virgo. =P

Anonymous said...

Talk about Freudian, said "Helen needs to jump our monitor's bone." BONE, not boneS. I would have spewed my water if I'd been drinking any. LOL!


Gennita Low said...

Welcome! You know, there used to be some pretty wild hurricane parties here in Central Florida until two years ago when we were hit by 4 hurricanes and there were actually HUGE damage for the first time. So everyone sort of sobered up and never partied again. Give it a few years. ;-) People forget quickly.

So are you getting the rain? Hey, you get the slimmed down version of Katie C., how cool is that?!

Also, since my Bird Day is Aug 15-Sept 15, I could be a Leo baby. ha! Rawr! And what do you mean, you shoulda known I was a Virgo?!!! Hmmph.

Heeheehee Dee,
How do you know that wasn't what I meant? ;-D


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