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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

More Book Trailers

Well, I found a few award-winning book trailers from The Book Standard, none of which are romance books. They were books coming out from Bantam-Dell. If you click HERE you will see how a publisher's page might look in the future, complete with book trailer and back blurb/synopsis of the story. I found it pretty interesting. The trailers had pretty good movie-like atmospheres, although I'm not sure whether the "voice" would be anything like the authors'. If you do go to the page, I'm interested in your opinions, whether you'd click on an easy access video on a book page, OR would you just read the blurb and decide for yourself, OR if there was a choice to click on an EXCERPT, would you do that, OR all three?

I wonder if one day, will give you these choices? They already do podcasts and authors' blogs, called plogs. Everything is getting interactive these days, if you ask me. Have you even checked out the interviews at Amazon? I personally haven't because none of them are romance authors so far, but let's say they are interviewing J.D. Robb/Nora Roberts about her latest In Death book, I'd go check it out for sure. You know I'll be including the link here too and so would dozens of other blogs in the blogoverse ;-). Not that La Nora needs Amazon to push her books....

*****JUST FOUND*****
Here is a link to a production group that does romance book trailers! Crazy forgetful me, I forgot about my bunch of friends at Romantic Times, Circle of Seven Productions. Their website has quite a few trailers, most of them of Christine Feehan's books. Check out the link:

I clicked on a few and it was fun to watch people I know in working mode ;-). There's Peter de Cicco acting as the hero; there's C.J. Hollenbach as the bad guy; there's Heather Graham's daughter, Bryee-Annon as the heroine! Too funny-cool. My favorite so far, that had me jotting down the title of the book is, is The Gemini Keys by Sheila Clover. Check out the trailer The Gemini Keys EYE; it's simple and intriguing. Anyone read this particular book? Hot? You liked??

These videos take ActiveX for Quicktime, by the way. You shouldn't have trouble seeing them at all. I'm bookmarking the site so I can watch the rest of the trailers.

There, another morning well-procrastinated ;-).

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Anonymous said...

I've seen the COS productions before and--this is a criticism, but I can't get past it--they make the women wear REALLY BAD WIGS!!! Did you see the horrible one she was wearing for Gemini Keys? Come on, if you're a professional organization, do a professional job.

Otherwise, I really enjoy the teasers/trailers. (Is that what you call call "slapping with one hand while caressing with the other?")


Mich "-) said...

I went and watched all the trailers via the site you gave us and they did NOTHING for me! In fact a couple of them would have turned me off from buying the book if I hadn't already read the Feehan books. I think the trailers need to be as good as the movie previews to get my attention but the fact is they don't have that kind of money to spend!

Gennita Low said...

Hi Dee and Mich,

So the concensus so far is that these video trailers do NOTHING for us romance readers, huh? We prefer just stills, then?

Anonymous said...

Now, Jenn, I didn't say I prefer stills...I think COS still has some growing to do. I just can't get past the bad wigs, they take me completely out of the story. I start wondering, "what color is her hair, really?" It's just that I'd rather see higher quality in the costuming and performances.

The actors/actresses themselves must be new to the business because their performances thus far feel scripted and wooden.

The "heroes" have been nice looking but if this is fantasy I want melt-me-in-a-puddle gorgeous.

Gotta give kudos to the H Graham trailer though. Heather's daughter is beautiful and Steve C (isn't that his name?) isn't bad either.;o) Their performances were believable. Hey, and wasn't that Heather at the beginning doing the big dance number?

Remember, this is only my opinion and I'm not trying to sway anyone to agree with me.



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