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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Spy Battery Needs Recharging

The title of this post says it all, literally and mentally. I need to really do something about my fried brainage.

Today's Moon...oops...Mood:

It's the August full moon, my Bird Day Moon, and can you hear it? Everyone's howling about something in the universe. Just listen. And when one wolf starts howling, there are others following and then no one gets heard.

Oh my, I'm in an esoteric mood.

The battery in my car died, that's why. I hate car problems. It always means I have to depend on someone to help me to get it into the shop. And I hate doing stuff like that in the morning because mornings are my happy times. My writing moments. My COFFEE IV TIME. Instead I'm making phone calls, which I hate to do also. Gah. So I'm howling my sad story here. Hey, it's my Bird Day Month. I shouldn't be bothered with inconveniences ;-).

If you don't know by now, I'm fascinated with Astrology. Not your daily dosage that you get in the papers, but the stuff that gets deep into explanation of political woo-woo. Or doo-doo, depending on how you view that particular subject. And I mean politics, not astrology, heh.

Two days ago, a BIG thing occurred in the planetary dance. It's called Saturn-Neptune Opposition. This happens every 35 years! Saturn is the planet of reality and Neptune, that of fantasy, so right now, there is, supposedly, confusion and conflict among us on earth. Big stuff like: breakdown of dreams and illusions. Bridge to reality. Personal goals vs community/family duties. Eye-opening moments. Relationship Restructuring. Secrets revealed. Yearnings vs Reality.

Okay, so WTH am I talking about this for? ;-) Well, I found it quite interesting that I jotted those things down as themes for my hero's internal conflict in Book Two (Virtually Hers). I was trying to figure out how a covert operative, with pretty gray morals, was going to learn to love in the traditional sense. As a person, he would understand the difference between black and white, yet he is cloaked in gray all the time, which means he's pretty aware of what is "real" in his world isn't always the way it's shown. So what would affect him?

Anyway, I jotted these themes down, like I said, and then WHAM! I read the same things, almost word for word, in one of my astrology lessons. How weird is that?! I was quite taken aback. Of course, I have no idea what that means, but as a writer whose style veers on the subconscious, I'll take that as confirmation that I'm heading the right direction!

But reality calls. I need to go get that car to the Tuffy Center now. There is ONE nice illusion waiting there, though ;-). The head mechanic is a Gorgeous Man. AHWOOOoooooooooooo! LOL.

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Anonymous said...

Sory to hear your morning started out so bad. Always a bad omen when a morning starts out bad. Be careful the rest of the day.
Glad to hear you are getting taken care of though. It is always the best when there are at least hot mechanics to look at to even out the fact that your life has been inconvenienced.

laurence said...

Hey Jenn,
Next time you go to a convention, I'll hide in your suitcase, I want to have fun too(and I have nice shoes!).
Happy bday to you! If all month is your bday, how do you know choose your sign? I'm from the 2nd and I can tell you, Leo is the best! But I didn't get the Dieux du Stade video though, nor a handsome mechanic...but my car is fine! *g*
Good luck on the rest of your day *s*


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