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Monday, August 07, 2006

Spies Do Videos

Have any of you seen the book trailers on the Internet and TV? I've linked you to one before, if you remember, which had y'all cackling up a bit. The ones on TV (James Patterson's book comes to mind) are of a higher quality and a bit more better produced.

Anyway, there was some buzz about book trailers at Nationals. Since Feb. this year, my former publisher, Harper Collins, has had about half a dozen book trailers out on the Internet. I don't know how successful this marketing tool is but I think the main stumbling block is that readers usually don't think about checking a video trailer of a book out first before they buy it. Most of us go to Amazon to read the story blurb and a few reviews.

But of course, book trailers is still a new concept, so maybe it'll be a common thing in the future. For example, maybe if you click on a publisher website, there will be a trailer in between each click to the next web page, just like those ads on the movie screen! Right now, if you go to a few authors' websites, they do give you a link to upload a movie trailer of their books (Christine Feehan had one, if I recall). The question is, do you?

I check out videos all the time, as you know. I'm a pretty visual person and really enjoy the creativity behind a well-made short video. If I had time...;-), I'd love to make my own little book video trailer. I suspect, though, it would be more for my vanity than to hook in more readers, LOL. Most Internet owners are still using landlines instead of high speed (50 percent from what I last heard) and I don't think most of them would sit and wait for a video to be uploaded into their puter.

What book video trailers have you come across these past few months that you can remember? Did you think about trying out the book? Or even remember the title it was promoting?

I was...cough***researching ***cough my Dieux du Stade videos for inspiration last night because I needed to write a scene with all my commandos together. LOL. Well, okay, I was looking for an excuse to procrastinate. Check out this video:

Just pretend the words VIRTUALLY HIS by Gennita Low emblazoned on top of the screen. LOL. In fact, this will be my book trailer video for the COS Commandos, dammit, except that the blond Greek god of lurv I lust after is missing. Ah well, next video ;-).

I cracked up at the part where the four studs sat in the Jeep. Notice how carefully he adjusted his position, heeheehee. Sitting nekkid among protruding tools can be dangerous, ya know.... And yeah, that's Tess busy patting down the boys with powder and oil and whatnot, LOL. And of course, the two "commandos" with the ropes at their feet were definitely giving me ideas about some action scenes for the book!

But the point is, THESE videos are pretty damn successful. Tons of readers, male and female, had gone on to buy both the videos and the calendars. So obviously, a well-made video trailer does sell a paper product, i.e. a wall calendar. But would you buy a book about rugby players, with written words, hmm?

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casee said...

Christine Feehan is definitely one. I just saw one today on Brenda Novak's site for her new series. I think that Lynn Viehl used to have one up on her website when the Darkyn series first came out.

When will we see your next trailer (hint, hint)?

Leiha said...

I've never watched a book trailer. I know Christine has them, I was just on her the site the other day but I've never watched one. I actually prefer to buy a book because of the author and story, I've never bought a book based on the cover.

SQ said...

You know, my hammock and jeep didn't come with those accessories.

Though...really? Nekkid in the car? That can't be comfortable. I mean, in the sun, parts of the bod sticking to the upholstery... Plus, ew, SO not putting anything in those cupholders!

And who needs written words when you've got pretty PRETTY pictures. I say you add pictures to your next novel Jenn. Pretty, pretty pictures!

Gennita Low said...

I found a whole site with Christine's trailers, so check out my post today (Aug 7?). As for more "trailers" from me, heh heh, I think I've spoiled y'all!

Yeah, I don't really want to be saturated with trailers either but I'm shallow enough to admit that I've bought books just on their covers alone ;-).

Pretty, pretty pictures. Hmm. You think my editor will be satisfied with 380 pages of pretty pictures? ;-)

You're right about the Jeep and the cupholders, LOL. I'm going to hang a hammock out in the backyard to see if I can catch one of these accessories....

Mich "-) said...

Now that was a fun trailer to watch! If I was 10 years younger I would even buy their calendar but since my sons' have friends those boys ages--I'm not even going there!

Chez said...

HAHAHAHA What a great morning break you've just given me. Took the kids to school, vacuumed the floor visited Leiha's blog and hooked over here. My golly miss molly that was one funny video. Those boys looked plain bored standing around in their alltogether holding their bits out of the way.
One thing I noticed was the different ladies doing the makeup. I have a feeling some kind soul let all their friends play make up lady for a day each.


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