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Thursday, June 29, 2006

Uber Ranger Hotness!

No, no, not Ranger Buddy! You're scaring me, girlfriends!

From the Book Standard:

Mystery novelist Janet Evanovich's Twelve Sharp beat out Dan Brown's The Da Vinci Code and James Frey's A Million Little Pieces in selling the most copies during a single week so far in 2006, as reported by The Book Standard's sales-tracking sibling, Nielsen BookScan. The latest in Evanovich's numbered Stephanie Plum series, Twelve Sharp, sold 163,000 in its debut week, landing it at the No. 1 spot on The Book Standard's Overall and Fiction Charts, to be updated tomorrow for the week ending June 18.

Important question to all JE fans: are you a Cupcake or a Ranger Babe? ;-)

I'm a Ranger Babe and don't mind Stephanie Plum rolling around the sheets with His Hotness, as I call him, in spite of it being really against all romance rules for the heroine to cheat on her boyfriend (and Morelli is her boyfriend, after all). But you see, I have never considered the Plum series as romance, so that makes it all right in my book. Bahahaha.

I read Twelve Sharp last night. It's hawt. It's perfect. It's filled with Ranger hotness and Ranger goodies and Steph isn't too stupid in her usual clueless bounty hunter role. I just lurv me some Ranger Hotness. Don't get me wrong, Morelli is hot too but Ranger has a coolness and edge that just wins me every time. And if I were Steph, I would be one confuzzled (but lucky) girl too.

Cupcake fans worldwide are gnashing their teeth, screaming that Steph is being unfaithful. But as one of my friends say, "Screw the Cupcakes, it's Ranger Babe time!" Heehee. And to prove it, Twelve Sharp sold a LOT more copies in its first week than the previous books. Ranger Babes Rule! When our man, His Hotness, prowls in a JE book, we come alive!

It's so much fun when a book takes off like this and everyone gets into a discussion, deep or not, about the characters. I love it. If you haven't read the Stephanie Plum books before, give it a try. Just go in not expecting it to be's about a female bounty hunter who's pretty inept and her life choices. Her family and circle of friends, by the way, is insanely hilarious.


Here are two questions from readers:

Anonymous said...
All right, Miss Low, here's a question for you about your writing world. When will we see another SEAL book? I'm in love with your STAR SEALs and now that I've read all three of them, I need more! How about Cucumber? I'll even settle for Dirk because I think he's keeping secret! It doesn't have to be a primary romance. You can write them as secondary romances. When, when, when?

I'm contracted to write three book right now, all under the the Super Soldier Spy series, so I won't be writing about SEALs (unless as secondary characters) for the next year.

I know I do have a story about Cucumber in my head, how he inherited a bed and breakfast diner in Charleston. ;-) It's one of those places with froufrou beds and furniture from the Civil War. Cucumber had to spend the night on one of those beds. ;-) But...I don't know if I'll get a chance to write the whole story. Dirk is another interesting SEAL that I'd love to explore too. He gets to go on a trip to the South Pole. You see? I have all the stories. It's a matter of selling the stories.

joannaimp said...
Do you have plans to try another genre? I think you should do humor.

Thanks, Joanna! I would love to write in another genre, like paranormal/scifi adventure. I have these stories in my head with Chinese mythical characters that I think would be kind of cool to explore. The genre is ripe for something a little different too. I keep asking myself how Nora Roberts can do it--write ten books a year. Sigh. I need her secret.

Any more questions? Any Ranger Babes out there who I can highfive with? I'm definitely feeling a lot better than yesterday...thanks for being here for me!

Bear with me while I learn. The first button likes the POST. The second button likes the BLOG site. Please help me by "liking" me. Thanks!


Anonymous said...

High five from another Ranger Babe!

Anonymous said...

What did monitor do to rattle Hell?

Anonymous said...

Don't read that series. Although my best friend does and absolutely loves it. She is always bugging me to read though, so now I can't read it until she stops bugging me. It's the principal of the thing. Shrug She is absolutely a Ranger fan. She wants to get rid of Morellie and have Ranger as the main squeeze. Gotta agree that I luv a bad ass though. I of course read one of them. Liked it although I'll never admit it too my friend. HEHEHE.~Athena

Sadista said...

My poor Cucumber. I wonder if when the innkeeper says something and prefaces it with "Before the War..." if he'll pick up on the fact it's the Civil War in which said innkeeper is referring.

Gennita Low said...

First Anonymous,
Ooooh, a Ranger Babe! Thanks for stopping by.

Second Anonymous,
Oh, you are damn sneaky! LOL. Very, very sneaky to ask ME instead of COMCEN dude. LMAO.

Okay, here's a spoiler. Those who don't like Spoilers please scroll DOWN QUICKLY.

The virtual reality environment, with the brain entrainment program, needs a "trigger" to connect both participants in such a way that they could communicate from distances. Guess what the trigger is.

Whew. That was close. But I know you're smart enough to figure this out, Anon2!

I find that I can't glom the series because every book tend to be about Steph's crazy stunts. It's like watching too many episodes of I Love Lucy. But I do run to buy the book when I'm told it features more Ranger than Joe.

No, no, not the innkeeper! Maybe her sister or her aunt....

Mary Stella said...

I love Morelli, too, but I am SO a Ranger Babe. In fact, I'd go so far as to claim that I am an UBER-Ranger Babe.

I am so loving 12 Sharp. I began reading it last night and read until the anvils attached to my eye lids finally won. I read again this morning and was almost late for work.

Interestingly enough, I picked up on some of the same stuff as you. While there is still plenty of wacky humor that we love, Stephanie is not as incompetent as she was portrayed -- especially in the most recent books. Her percentage of successful fugitive apprehensions is much higher and nobody's blown up, flattened or other wise destroyed any cars yet.

There, I've stated other aspects of the book's success for me, so I don't sound completely shallow when I say that I ALSO love this book because Ranger is in scene after scene after scene. That character is SMOKING HOT.

So, so loving 12 Sharp.

Gennita Low said...

Mary Stella,
Yeah 12 Sharp is shaping up to be one of my favorite Steph Plum books ;-). All because of Ranger. I luv me some Ranger Hotness a LOT!

Signed, Ranger's #1 Fangrrrrrl


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