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Friday, June 30, 2006

Uber Roofer Scares Them All

It was so hot and humid yesterday, I did the unthinkable...I worked in my bikini top ;-). I hadn't done this in a LOoooooong time. Needless to say, Gennita Low hanging from a roof in a bikini can be both good and bad.

Bikini tops used to be my favorite outfit about a decade ago. My decision to stop sun damage had much to do with the way I dress these days, which is more about armor than beauty. I literally wrap myself in long sleeves and pants to avoid the sun. So, men's memories of a younger Gennita in her skin exposure days fade through the years...until yesterday. LOL. Ah. They think an old harrigan like me, swathed in protective clothing, doesn't have much else left than a nasty temperament, you see. Heh.

Uber roofer killed some young men yesterday. Just saying.

I was exhausted last night, fell into bed and slept for twelve hours. This is killing my writing schedule. I had meant to take a nap, but by the time I opened my eyes, it was way too late at night to even try to focus on Helen and her Monitor. Sigh. Even the furbabees are complaining at my neglect.

Have you ever slept that long and then wake up behind in everything? That's me today.

Speaking of twelve, that reminds me. Here's an interesting article on
cliffhangers in writing by Twelve Sharp author, Janet Evanovich. Do you, as readers, like to be left hanging at the end of a romance? Because that was what JE did in Book Five of her Stephanie Plum series.

In Virtually His, I'd debated whether to leave the reader hanging about the monitor's identity at the end of the book. The second book, Virtually Hers, is coming out a few months after that, so it wouldn't have been a long wait. Anyway, I didn't. Which is a good thing, since I think y'all would have killed me ;-).

Mantra for today: Stay awake. Write. Stay awake. Write.

P/S. I answered Anon2's question in the comment area from yesterday but Beware Of Spoilers. And more questions are welcome but please check out the EXCEPTION RULE at the end of the post from "Uber Author Trudging In Mud." (June 28)

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Elaine said...

Hmmm...I 'd like to know who the Monitor is at the end of Virtually His but not for Helen to know until Virtually Hers. I like the thought of knowing something she doesn't. And it'll be such fun anticipating Helen's reaction when she finds out.

Gennita Low said...

Hah! Elaine, check out my one exception rule at the end of my post on June 28 (Uber Author Trudging In Mud). *insert evil grin as someone would say....

Mary Stella said...

As far as cliffhangers, it depends on how crucial that cliffhanger is to the plot resolution. In High Five, the main story is resolved. The cliffhanger was a cute, sexy thing that continued the Ranger or Morelli debate for Stephanie. I thought it was sexy and clever and couldn't wait to see which of those uber-hotties had arrived at Steph's apartment.

I would not have been as happy if the action plot had been left hanging until the next book.

Anonymous said...

I was actually commenting on your remark that you were debating whether to reveal the Monitor's identity or not and how I feel about such cliffhangers, not about his identity per se.

Elaine said...

Sorry, I signed in under my chinese name, 'Mei' for my response to Jenn.

SQ said...

Ugh. HATE cliffhangers. End of book = end of story. Talking to editor who had convince many an author if manuscript is taller than themselves, they've written too much. I know, not the same. But still, when I get to the end of the book, I'd like it to be the end of the story. To be continued just BUGS me.

And woohoo! Go Jenn. Hey, if you've got it, flaunt it. Last time I bikini'd it I was 4 and I had a matching polka dot hat to go with it. I was so cute it was sick!

Ever sleep so long you forget what day it is? Or ever sleep so long you're more tired when you wake up than when you went to bed?

Gennita Low said...

Hi Elaine,
My bad. Sorry, got it now. I truly struggle with this because I wanted to leave it hanging too but many readers don't seem to like that because they feel the author's just making them buy the next book. That wasn't my intention. Actually, I had toyed with the idea of Helen not knowing about the monitor's identity for at least two books but...I changed my mind.

Mary Stella,
Agreed about the action left hanging till next book. I was asking with the relationship hanging, more than anything else, sort of like that JE Book Five hell-of-a-teaser ending, "Nice dress. Now take it off." In fact, I WANTED to pay homage to that line in Hell's book! ;-) But changed my mind.

Been there, done that with the oversleeping. It's as if you can train your body to sleep forever, you know? Once upon a time, in college, during summer holidays, my boyfriend and I trained our bodies to sleep during the day and wake up at dusk, just like vampires. It was a strange summer.

Thanks for feedback about cliffhangers. Will keep that in mind!


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