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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Uber Author Trudging In Mud


It's been awfully humid and hot lately and not conducive to both roofing and writing. I usually do fine in the hot sun but this year, I've been coming home exhausted and unwilling to use my brain for writing. Sometimes that scares me because of course, there is this DEADLINE looming over my head.

Factoid: Deadlines don't seem to scare or bother Muse.

I hear advice about delegating my know, hiring people, doing less. I'm actually already doing a lot less than I should and in roofing in this part of the world, either you go very, very big (ala huge roofing company) or very, very small, like my partner and me. Anything in between is a not a money-maker because insurance will kill you.

And besides, this has been a business I've owned for nearly half my adult life. It's not easy to say, okay, NEXT, when you have a partner and years and years of tax records filed somewhere ;-).

Factoid: People like to give advice on writing AND business.

Anyway, to stay relaxed but not sleepy in the evening, I've started to read quite a bit. Good books fire up my creative juices. Of course, the reading takes away my writing time. Also, I like to have a glass of wine when I'm enjoying my fantasies. LOL. I'm in so much trouble.

What do you do when you're feeling abit overwhelmed? Okay, stressed to the max? How do you keep from walking off the edge?

Here's a way to fire myself up sometimes: For this week, if you have ANY questions on the GLow world characters and events, EXCEPT for the IDENTITY OF Helen's Monitor/Trainer, you may ask them here and I'll try to clarify them. Like any writer, talking about my characters always gives me incentive and strength to climb over the wall of Fuzzy Plotting.

Romantic Times have added some videos of the convention in Daytona Beach. Here's the link:

I'm not sure whether I like this format rather than their previous photos section.

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Sweet Lysa said...

When I'm stressed I normally growl and walk away. *Laughs.* It's normally my step-brothers and gma that stress me, so I just go up stairs to my room where it's nice and dim, but on soundscapes or trance music and read. Another good stress relief that I have is to pull down all my books and reogranize them on the shelf, which is interesting when the number of books start reaching 1000.

If I was there, I'd give you kitty scratches!!!

*Sends long distance kitty scratches.*

Anonymous said...

LOL I have to say I read my books or go out and buy new ones. Like yesterday rewarding myself for painting the outside of the house. Went and got Christine Feehan's newest release and spent the rest of the day reading it. Always a great stress reliever. Buying books. Shudder, my room is bowing under from all the weight.

Anonymous said...

I can't walk off the edge because I've got three kids! I also have my own business (7 years now) and it can get incredibly stressfull. I cook or read, and sometimes both together, and normally have more than one glass of vino to go with it. . . Funny Athena mentioned Christine Feehan's new book - I stumble onto these things; found one at the library book sale, then had to read the other two in the "Game" series, which I've done this week. (I pretty much read a book a day - we haven't had TV in several years.) The problem with reading so fast is I'm finished so fast, and have to wait months for a new book from my favorite authors (of which you, Ms. Low, are one). If I'm really stressed, I take the book and the wine into the whirlpool bath and then guilt my husband into a backrub. At any rate, you can't go off the edge, you have your furbabies depending on you, not to mention we rabid readers who are eagerly awaiting your next offerings.

Anonymous said...

All right, Miss Low, here's a question for you about your writing world. When will we see another SEAL book? I'm in love with your STAR SEALs and now that I've read all three of them, I need more! How about Cucumber? I'll even settle for Dirk because I think he's keeping secret! It doesn't have to be a primary romance. You can write them as secondary romances. When, when, when?

joannaimp said...

Do you have plans to try another genre? I think you should do humor.

Gennita Low said...

Ahhh kitty scratches! You put a smile on my face ;-).

It's funny how we bookreaders LOVE to rearrange our books, isn't it?

Yes, I find reading very therapeutic and wish I have more time for it! But I do read a lot when I'm stressed out.

Oooh, whirlpool, wine, and husband. Lovely, lovely way to kill stress!
Thank you for your kind words about me, and you're right...furbabees won't like it if I walk off the edge.

Anonymous and Joanna Imp,
I'll answer your question in the main post today, okay? Thanks for asking them!

Anonymous said...

Don't read that series. Although my best friend does and absolutely loves it. She is always bugging me to read though, so now I can't read it until she stops bugging me. It's the principal of the thing. Shrug She is absolutely a Ranger fan. She wants to get rid of Morellie and have Ranger as the main squeeze. Gotta agree that I luv a bad ass though. I of course read one of them. Liked it although I'll never admit it too my friend. HEHEHE.~Athena


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