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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Growing Up To Be Uber-Somethings

I attended one of my best friends' birthday party for her TEN YEAR OLD boy yesterday and had so much fun I can't wait for his TWENTIETH birthday. My friends, John and Jane Kennedy (I'm not kidding), are famous for their parties; Jane (yes, she was my part time assistant who called and screamed at me for the crime of an unopened box (click to read old post) filled with make-up left in the garage for eons) is the ultimate planning and organizing queen. She once gave a 4th of July party that took over the entire street with a giant blown-up bouncing clown sitting in the middle of the road. I brought along a young SEAL to the party and he was thoroughly impressed by Jane's fireworks ;-).

Anyway, the party had kids ranging from 8-16 (Stevie's brother is about 16) and Jane had the kids diving for free silly presents in a trashcan filled with confetti (even the cool teenagers loved it) and they were jumping in and out of the pool trying to get rings from the floor. I don't mix around much with kids so it was sheer fun just to watch them all playing and not acting anything like TV kids.

We ate pizza and Stevie opened presents and I'm amazed at the gifts, along with the $$$ gifts. Wow. He made hundreds of dollars! ;-) When I was ten, I received...umm...hmm, nothing too memorable. Stevie got a small saxaphone! Some kid called it a jazz flute, which I thought was pretty cute.

At the end of the day, as the party wound down, the older kids got together in a corner of the house and "jammed," using their kewl electronic guitars and digital drums that they could control the volume. We adults sat in the back porch and drank and reminisced about music and wild concerts that we attended a thousand years ago, and then laughed because the kids were PLANNING to see the same folks in action, only for hundreds of dollars more. Of course, then we started talking about how different we were when we were kids--without the digital stuff and conveniences. We sounded like our own parents: why, when we were THEIR age, backpacks had no rollers and we had to walk ten miles to school! Without a skateboard! Heehee.

Even the ages of all my friends on this blog are pretty significant. There are a few college students in their early, early twenties and a few of us are grandmothers. Some of you would remember the days BEFORE cable TV and some of you would be wondering how we spent our free time without the Internet. My memories of growing up in Malaysia, a Third World country at that time, contrast vastly with my sisters, who were a lot younger and so experienced a different Malaysia.

Quick, can anyone remember when flight attendants were air-hostesses? ;-) And that they served real food to EVERYONE on the plane? And...and...a concert ticket to see The Rolling Stones was just $15.00? Last check: $500 and more to see the old farts at binocular seats.

Ahhhh...memories are fun, aren't they?

But would you sing like this at ANY party????! Poor Connie Chung went insane when her show was canceled--no goodbye extravaganza ala PerkyFace of NBC, so she serenaded her ownself:

Yikes. That's uber-ugly.

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Sweet Lysa said...

I love helping people cleaning out stuff. (I read the old post.) It's a lot like treasure hunting and the archaeologist in me loves it. ^_^

The talk of the party reminded of the camping at a ren faire last year. It was the coldest weekend, last weekend of November, and there's a group of us camping and sitting outside. The captain of the pirate ship I belong to has a propane stand up heater that goes with us on cooler trips so that was in the middle of a 10' by 20' canopy tent while everyone else dragged chairs around it in a circle. People scavanged all the tents and campers and pulled out all the blankets, cloaks, and jackets we could find, sitting two to a folding camp chair, and sang along with the 80's pop station from Houston that was playing on the radio. For a bunch of normally drunk pirates, they didn't drink much except heated spiced wine. Who wants to dig around in ice for a cold drink when it's 40* outside? *Laughs.*

Spending all that money to go to a concert isn't fun, well for me anyway. It's a lot more interesting gathering up the tapes and cds of the bands and sit around with the music while listing to stories of concerts that people went to. You have the music and you have the enjoyable memories of other people to share.

Gennita Low said...

But Lise, you're the life any party! ;-)


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