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Monday, June 26, 2006

Some Spies Are Uber Wealthy

Mood today:

I titled this photo "Self-Contemplation." I spent my first off-day in months looking over my world, moving things around, trying to get caught up. But sometimes it's important to pause and look up and back, to see how far you've gone and the path ahead. And most important of all, acknowledge your choices, past and present.


That was my Shallow Self telling me to shut up. ;-) Monday, Monday.


My old publisher has sold the foreign rights to The Hunter to a Macedonian publisher! Yeeha. Macedonians do speak Croatian and Serbian, so they already know what Hawk meant when he said, "Ja sam gladna." I'm excited...will the story and cover be the same? Or will they give it a John de Salivate pirate historical cover like they did to a Cherry Adair book? (foreign books don't care that modern spy suspense romances don't have historical pirates)

My research of all things quantum (quantum mechanics, quantum entanglement, quantum shadows) has gone toooooo big. It's time to stop. I have to tell myself this in writing because if I don't, I'd start getting more and more entangled. Heh. I'm punning with physics terms now. I still don't know how to make that "lightbulb" idea work in relation to how my hero and heroine communicate, but it's so fun to pretend I'm smart and talk science when I have no idea what I'm talking about! After all, you're talking to a girl who has trouble explaining how a cassette tape records things on those reams of string-like film and here we are already in the new epoch of HD-CD, so of course I'm going to insert quantum entanglement theories into my books. HAHAhahahahahahaha.

When in doubt, turn to magic. I also spent the day reading Karen Marie Moning's Spell of the Highlander. Yes! Hunky Highlander Druid. Dark mirror. HotHAWThot man. Yum. And what a cover! I doona think Virtually His will get such fine treatment. ;-) Maybe I can get Helen to say some magic spell instead of explain quantum theory...hmm...

I heard this morning that Warren Buffett, the second richest man on earth, is giving 85% of his 40 billion-plus dollars to the richest man on earth, Bill Gates. Actually, to Bill Gates' charity foundation. Billion as in 1,000,000,000.00. Did I get the number of zeros correct? (can't wait to one day write that cheque! I remember my first BIG check...I wrote it to...sheesh...Mr. Jobs, Bill Gates' ex-bestest friend! About $3000.00 or something horrible like that, for the Apple IIE. It was a big check for a 20 year old. My boyfriend was impressed, heh.)

Anyway, 85% of 40 billion is...umm...LOTS. Now that's a man who's self-contemplating. He ain't worried about no stinkin' quantum entanglement.

So what do you say to such news? Well, fine. I'll balance the world with a shallow announcement:


Check out the names on the back of these players' shirts...bwah!

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Anonymous said...

OMG I read that too. I was seriously suprised. Then again he IS in his 70's. Gotta wonder if he did some bad deeds and needs to clear his conscious. Now I have to wonder does this guy have kids and if so how are they taking it? Of course poor Bill Gates kids' are only getting 10 million each. Dang. Wouldn't it be nice to be so damned rich that 10 million is pocket change? Oh the chocolate I could buy! And don't forget a custom made personal Library! What would you buy Genn? ~Athena

Kathleen Dante said...

>entanglement ... When in doubt, turn to magic.

LOL I already did! ;>

Sweet Lysa said...

I liked Stephen Colbert's comment on the donation tonight... Being so rich that he has to give his money to Gates to spend for him.

But if you had that much money, what would be the point anymore? You could have anything you want and money left over, own things that people only dream about being invented in 20 years. It almost makes it look close to not being worth it.

I would be happy with a nice house and a decent amount of property to add trees to make it look woodsy, enough money coming in to pay the bills and cover groceries, and a little money to set aside to get a couple books a month and cover my ren faire addiction. Maybe a vacation or two every once in a while.

Side note: My latest edition of research in Otherkin, specifically those of the snow leopard type. ^_^

Gennita Low said...

Well, estate (after death) might be part of the reason but ah well, bless the dude anyway. Charity is charity, after all. The kids are rich enough.

What would I buy? Wow. I dunno. Haven't thought about that much money...maybe the team of Dieux du Stade? Heehee. I mean, I want to be OWNER of that team. Heeheehee. Then I can attend the photo shoots. LMAO.

Oh yes, totally forgot about Entangled!!!

There are different levels of "enough" for different people. Besides, I think the man just amassed that wealth because he could. Now that he's old enough, he figured that he'd de-mass. LOL.


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