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Saturday, June 24, 2006

Yogi Spy

Research on the web will take you to the weirdest places. Take that, Kirk. To counter yesterday's serious post, click on the video below.

This is taken from a site that teaches LAUGHING as meditational medicine. I think it was called The Laughing Yogi Home Study Tape, or something like that. I couldn't get the video, but of course, the world's full of clever little teenage techy spies who could do it! ;-)

Do you think he's serious?!

I was doing more research last night on high tech stuff. Somehow, I got on a cloning page. Did you know that it will only cost you $32,000 to clone your pet cat? Dogs are going to be more expensive but you can keep his tissue (taken during a painless biopsy) in the gene bank indefinitely. Wow. I need to write more books....

Seriously, there are thousands of people looking into cloning their pets. Not themselves. Not their RL children or lovers. Pets.

The best story on human clones that I've ever read, by the way, is in the Dunes series. Duncan Idaho, and his clones. This important secondary character overshadowed the main characters of all the books and I adored him. Now that's an Alpha warrior I would love to make into a romance hero. Frank Herbert even gave him a couple of sex scenes ;-).

For even more spoofy fun, here is a skit that cracked me up. You know how rap music is supposed to be about the "real life" and its rawness. Well, here's a rap song from SNL for those of us who like to do less violent things in life:

Have a good weekend! And do the laughing exercises! I want to hear you all the way from here! ;-)

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Anonymous said...

LOL I saw the laughing guy on Webjunk on Vh1 a few weeks ago. It's hilareous and yes it is true people believe that laughing can negate cancer and other things that are harmful to your health as well as keep them from happening in the first place. There are actual classes where you sign up to do these things. Some classes are uber expensive too! As for the cupcake fetish pple on the "rap" gotta luv it. Now if we could only get them to dance with our favorite lullabye dancer... I would so clone my penny (cat) she is so cuddly. Everyone I know thinks she's so weird because she allows me to dress her up and even allows me to hold her like a newborn in the cradle of my arms. She is sooo gorgeous too. A persian. She should be on the fancy feast commercials.

Sweet Lysa said...

Mozilla's Firefox has an extension that a user wrote that you can download that lets you get the URL for a video or music file so you can download a file that you wouldn't normally get. I think the user said he originally created it for the things on MySpace that wouldn't normally be available for their users to DL. MySpace... changing the world, one media center at a time. *Laughs.*

I think for our group, though, we don't need a laughing yogi. We get plenty of laughing excercise once a year for a straight week. ^_^ I also get mine at ren faire tweleve weekends a year and at Pirate Pirates around various holidays.

As for cloning my pet, I don't think I could do that with Dara. I love her pieces but I could only lose her once. There's no way I'd pay that much to lose her again one day.

Gennita Low said...

It's not easy to laugh like that unspontaneously ;-).

You still need to have a flash player to run those files and I can't for the life of me figure out that link to get it on my laptop. However, I can get a FLV converter but for the free trial one I am trying isn't that great because I can see the pixels bubbling on the film. Technology--so kewl to the dummies like me ;-).

Interesting take on the cloning your pet issue.


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