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Saturday, April 22, 2006

Uber Spy Has Too Many Passwords

Mood Today:

Sometimes, the problem can be so simple and yet so complicated at the same time. Any of these sound familiar to you?

1) You have a thousand email accounts, one of which is the one connected to your cable service. Each of these email accounts has your given password. You don't use the cable service email account, really, except when you need to go to the account to check for STATUS. That's like, oh, once a year???? You type in what you think is the password. Nope. Another one. Nope. Nope, nope, nope. Half an hour later, no access to account, and no idea what your password is.

2) You can't get your cable to work. Your wireless box says your cable is fine. You can't get on the internet to find out anything. It's Saturday, so no one is at your local cable place to answer your call for help. Which means, you're left fuming or puzzled or frustrated because now you not only don't have email/internet service, you might not have it all weekend! (Another philosophical question--why does it always happen on Saturday mornings?)

Unless, of course, you're uber-spy and have numerous dial-up backups. So you pull out the ancient phone extension cord from the study and hook it to your laptop, and you use Dial Service #1. Umm...password? Oh dear, password...okay, totally forgot ancient service password. That's okay, I have ancient service #2, which I use when I travel if the hotel or friend don't have cable, so here we go--dial, type, bingo!--we're in business.

You go on the S-L-O-W internet and of course, check email first! Having been spoiled by cable, that took forever to download. Then you go to the cable service site to find out what the hell is wrong with the service. Since you're connected to the internet now, the site just plugs in your password for you and you shoot right in (I still don't know what the password is), and it says, there's NOT A THING wrong.

What do you mean, not a thing wrong? The little TV icons at the bottom of my screen aren't blinking; that means no transfer of data, so definitely SOMETHING wrong! Gah. You go through all the site looking for clues and finally one of pages gives you a 877 number for technical services. Yes, yes, yes! You call and some guy from India answers you and you give him your blood type as well as promise him your next newborn so he could check your secret stuff for you. find out that you haven't paid your cable bill and that they have suspended your service. ***Blush***. Now all of India is laughing at me. Ahahahahaha. Stupid woman has to call INDIA to find out she didn't pay her cable bill. Bwahahahahahaha. So now I have to decide--no cable for the weekend or give someone in India my credit card number and hope to God he doesn't go shopping with it.

Oh, yeah, no cable for the weekend. Are you nuts? You give the Indian man the credit card information, your second-born, the eldest child of your first-born, as well as the newest spoiler of LOST (they are a few weeks behind over there). I have my pride, though. I draw the line on giving them my next pomeranian puppy.

So, now I have cable again. Sometimes it's the obvious--no pay, no service. So don't start taking your Linksys Wireless box apart like I did.

Email. Internet. News. All the things in life that's supposed to make life easier and faster. So how come I'm behind two hours today already?

3) Speaking of blood, I'm still going to doctors to figure out what's wrong with the old spy-bod. We're now talking specialists here, because the usual docs are just good at dispensing meds and injecting stuff into me. So this specialist decides to TAKE OUT something from me instead...about four tubes of blood, actually. Now, I'm not too scared of needles but watching the blood squirting into tube after tube after tube after TUBE was a bit disconcerting. Did they have to take that much? I mean, I'm a small person here.

And after half a day, I still can't straighten my arm. Is that normal? Who knows? I just know I'm missing four tubes of my red blood. Another experience to write about in my Hell books because my heroine is always connected to needles. Now I know how icky that is, to have needles sticking in and out of you all the time.

4) Let's see, what other things of interest can I squick you out with this morning? ;-). I'm sure when I see the chiropractor about the right sciatic nerve thing, I'll have plenty of new positions to try for my love scenes. Maybe I can make Hell triple-jointed. Yeah.

So anyway, next weekend, I'll be heading out to Colorado, neck still not quite healed, body bent up from mysterious pain, dragging a useless leg down the plane aisle as I haul my laptop and baggage behind me...and staring at the kind people asking about my "HUMP? What HUMP?" ;-) Heh, my movie references are dating me, aren't they?

I know I need to update my website. Arggh.

I know I have to finish my Book II proposal. Arghhh.

I know I'm a building behind in my roofing hell. Arghhh.

I know I need to write a newsletter out for the loop to inform them about RT and signings and the winner of the contest. Arrghhh.

I know I need to upload the Prologue that I promised you guys. Arrrrghhh.

I know I need to pay the cable bill because I already Argghhed this morning about that.

It's one of those argghhh days.

I need a personal butler. Someone like him would be
nice. He can take care of any problems, even my..."HUMP? What HUMP?" ;-)

Bear with me while I learn. The first button likes the POST. The second button likes the BLOG site. Please help me by "liking" me. Thanks!


SQ said...

HEY! What's w/giving away 2nd born? Sniffle. No wonder us middle children have such issues.

And ick! Blood drawing. Hate that. My buddies & sis are doctors and they said to run the tests, they only need a couple drops. Don't even need 1 full vial. BASTARDS! Last time I got my blood drawn, nurse was SQUEEZING my arm to get the last few drops to fill the vial.

Oh yeah. Just came back from a very wet game. Just got 3 words for ya--LET'S GO YANKEES!

Gennita Low said...

ha, middle children...always wanting attention ;-).

BTW, if they only need a few drops of blood, why did they take FOUR vials from me? And I mean vials, as in three inch long tubes? My right arm HURT for a day! Gah. My pet vampire had to starve for a night. He wasn't a happy creature. heh.


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