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Sunday, April 23, 2006

Other Senses Are Important In Uber-Spyworld

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I had an "aura" photo taken this year. Have you done it before? You put your hand on a hand-shaped sensor that measures the electro-magnetic field via the meridians in your hands. The sensor sends the info to a little computer which then changes the measurements into colors. Meanwhile, as you stand there, a polaroid of you is taken. A few minutes later, voila! You get this:

Pretty cool, huh? Each color means something and only makes sense if you're into esoteric stuff like auras, chakras and spirit guides.

This picture of me was taken a while back, before my health problems. If I have an aura photo taken now, and if the aura machine is really doing what it's doing, then the colors around me should look rather sickly. Unfortunately, I don't have an aura machine nearby to see what colors my aura has these days. But the fair at the Romantic Times convention had one last year, if I remember correctly, and that's in less than a month. I should still be sick by then. ;-/

Okay, why the heck am I bringing up aura energy on a Sunday morning? I'm preparing you for Hell's book, of course! Everything is a slow prep and even though it makes no sense now, I hope that by this time next year, these blog entries will have provided you clues and information to the story, as well as given you a peek at how I use little bits of fun experiences and insert them into my stories.

In Hell's story, as you know, we have virtual reality, a brain entrainment machine, and shared brainwaves in an experiment. Our Hell is a very unique girl, and with shared brainwaves, she begins to sense feelings/things in the environment that are outside her experience. This doesn't happen till later in the story and the effects are both disconcerting and dangerous. There will be a few mentions of "colors" that the candidates "see." I didn't give much explanation about them because it's all from the candidates' Point of View, and they have no idea what they're experiencing either.

The idea of energy giving out colors is nothing new. It has been done in chemistry and other science experiments (shades of highschool fun, huh?!). But in the old days, when I read about virtual reality and machines facilitating it, it was just a theory, or a near-reality. Now, it is reality. We use it to enhance our games and house-buying. The military uses it for flight simulations and fight scenarios. My spies use it to spy, of course, and you'll have to wait and see how that works. But in doing so, it makes anything possible, including a hidden enemy, yes? And energy is like a fingerprint in virtual reality, so...

Too deep, huh? I told you this book has a lot of techy stuff.

But it's Sunday! How about a pic of Adrian Paul in a race car when he was visiting?

I want to be on his team ;-).

By the way, just in case you think I just post Adrian Paul to get your attention, I want to add that Hell uses a race car in the virtual reality environment a lot. You see? Everything is connected to writing on my blog.

Oh, it's not just all racing and energy in the virtual reality world. There's plenty of this to engage your other senses too:


Is there a doubt about that in a Gennita Low book? I think the fun part will be when each commando gets his own VR experience. Can you imagine? I'm going to run out of VR sexy fantasies. Heehee.

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Mary Stella said...

I don't know why, but I'm thinking that not only will this be another super Gennita Low book... but also a genital law book... as in, it's a law that there must be genitals. *vbg*

See you at RT, my friend.

laurence said...

Aahh all good, I can't wait...this time next year, we'll still want more more more :) You could never run out of sexy fantasies, gotta live up to your rep girl!

And I've been wanting to ask that for a while... what's with Adrian Paul?? I would have never thought Highlander was such a hit there. I mean the filming looks canadian or australian, the guy lives on a 'péniche' in Paris, even the movies were with a french actor (christophe lambert) and after a while, they were all the same, no? How many ways is there to cut a head? *g* Ah well, he is still nice to look at :)

Gennita Low said...

Mary Stella,
A...genital law? Gulp* You don't think my name has a bad enough rap as it is?????!

Oh, Adrian is BIG here. Highlander the TV show was very, very popular here. Something about his long hair and broad shoulders, I suspect ;-). The movies are blah to me, but the TV show was cult-status.


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