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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Uber Author Has Scary Visions

I finally had a vision on how/where my Hell Book 2 starts. Finally. And I can't do anything about it while I prepare for the big showdown with Agent Uncle Sam. I jotted down a few lines into my Top Secret Proposal Note Book/Classified Red, the kind that all good secret agents have in their briefcases/bag. In special disappearing ink, of course. Hopefully, I will remember which page it's on come next Monday.

I call them visions because they appear in my mind suddenly and are mini-revelations. Sometimes they are very powerful and compel me to drop everything so I can write the scene. It's horrible when that happens on a roof. I can't do anything about it, so I start talking to myself to make myself remember what I'm "seeing" and everyone thinks I'm having one of my insane fits again.

Sometimes they are just a glimpse, a moment, but set the tone for my next scene. I remember taking a break on a bundle of shingles one day and I heard a wind chime from one of the houses' backyard. I was immediately transported back to 1980 when old Grandpa K., the father of my host family, gave me a mobile-windchime for Christmas. I remember thinking how strange that one unique sound could bring up the past in the mind and how it could bloom into feelings. TADA. Nikki and her windchime was born.

Of course, some mystic moments you NEVER share with Ranger Buddy. We were talking yesterday and I was reading my mail (my office is also at Shit and Grits) and I always gets lots of religious mail. One yesterday was from the Franciscan Friars asking for donations in the name of Saint Pio. Now, I have never heard of Saint Pio, who was canonized in 2002 by Pope John Paul II, so I asked Ranger Buddy, who is Catholic.

I was reading the little booklet that accompanied the letter that detailed the remarkable life of St. Pio, who died in 1968. He had carried the Stigmata on him for 50 years and was known for his visions, his ability to teleport (be in two places at one time), his ability to read minds, and his healing powers. Ranger Buddy listened as I read to him, and then looked at the photograph of St. Pio, which showed him praying with these big wounds on his hands. Doctors had tried to heal these wounds, according to the pamphlet, but to no avail and St. Pio bled about a cup of blood a day since the Stigmata's appearance.

"Oh yeah, I've seen his picture on Unsolved Mystery," RB said.

I stared at him. That wasn't exactly the answer I was expecting. "What do you mean? You didn't hear about him in church? He was alive during your youth!"

He shrugged. "We had better things to do in church."

"Like what?" I challenged.

"Like Bingo."

He said all that with a straight face. That man cracks me up.

Anyway, where was I? Inner vision. We're getting deep here today! And that's scary territory. We can't let that happen! Glowgirls are shallow!

Click on the ARROW below. I don't think JR Ward's Vision of Rapping Vampires look like this. It's BUTCH, y'all! And he's rapping:

Heehee. It's not all pretty men ALL the time!

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SQ said...

Snicker. Um...his name translate to Saint Chicken. That can't be right. And what kind of commando plays Church Bingo? Tsk tsk tsk.

Oh, and lemme intro you to the joys of the voice/memo recorder. Most cell phones have it. That's how I remember to pick up my dry cleaning. Or get a Palm. Yeah, I was a non-believer until I got one. That puppy rocks. You can scribble a whole bunch of stuff down in the memo feature and xfer to computer later.

And...Woohoo Yankees! We won again.

Gennita Low said...

I was asking whether he'd heard of him during his youth (since St. Pio died in 1958, RB would have been a kid). Being a Catholic boy, he'd attended church with his parents then. The Bingo answer was just his smartass way of answering me that he had other important things to do when he was a kid.

Gennita said...

Oh SQ, forgot to add, here is a picture of St. Pio with one of his Stigmata. I'm now interested in finding more about his life!

The HTML won't work, so you can click on my name on this comment and it will take you to that page (I HOPE!). Or, cut and paste:

Also, isn't POLLO chicken and not PIO? Do you remember an 80s movie that had a nun...Agnes of God??? Is that the movie's name?

SQ said...

Pio = sound chicken makes. Sorry. Associate pio with pollo because:
1) Really great restaurant in NYC called Pio Pio. Their specialty is Chicken Pio.
2) Sanrio character Pio Pio is a big, round chicken.

I guess his name translates to Saint Chirpy. Man, bad enough the stigmatas. Then you go and name him Chirpy? What's a guy gotta do here?

Btw, ew to stigmatas. That just can't be good. Agnes of God was a movie circa 1985 ( . It's about nun who's mentally out there who has a baby (even though she's a virgin, so immaculate conception anyone?) then is suspected of killing the baby (boy, btw). Stared Jane Fonda and Meg Tilly.

Are we SURE Ranger Buddy isn't playing church bingo there? I mean, 2006 - 1958 = well, he's the right age for it. Plus, hey, who knows where he gets his commando kicks these days?

Laur said...

You are definetely multi-talented : let me know when you have a vision about MY life!

Gennita Low said...

SQ, HAHAHA on St. Chirpy. Ah, that's funny.

I did see Agnes of God when it first came out. I couldn't remember everything except the Stigmata that appeared. Even forgot Jane Fonda was in that movie! It was a SERIOUS movie, though ;-).

Re: on RB doing Bingo. I have NO DOUBT that he would play Bingo with the same enthusiasm as working because that man loves to be silly at parties, even bingo parties. But RB is a workaholic. He works every freaking day, even Sundays, which I used to do, by the way, till I realized that I am not HIM. heehee. Unfortunately, since I am not HIM, I do the taxes. Wahhhh.


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