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Thursday, April 13, 2006

The Dark Side and Uber Spy

Today is the full moon. It's called the Full Pink Moon. The Sunday that follows the Full Pink Moon marks Easter Sunday. The Full Pink Moon is also the first one of Spring, so it signifies the period of rebirth after the "death" in winter. Appropriate too for Easter and those who celebrate it. There are lots more hidden connection in human history and relationships than we think ;-).

The view of the full moon over here in Florida is breathtaking. It's HUGE and very, very bright against the darkness of the skies. And if you happen to be on the beach here when the moon rises, it's an experience you won't forget soon. My photo doesn't do it justice because it really looks very, very big as it moves higher in the sky, and the sounds of the waves crashing against the shore always makes me feel very profound and romantic.

Couples can have beach weddings under the full moon here, and the sight always reminds me of fairy tales and princesses, with the pretty candle lights and quiet evening darkness.

The next full moon is on May 13, so those attending the RT Convention during the latter part of the week this year is going to miss this magnificent natural phenomena. For those of you who are arriving early for the Early Bird Tours, you're in for a treat! That is, if the weather is good ;-).

Of course, uber-spies in the field do not like to operate under a bright full moon. Their real lives happen on the dark side of the moon (we don't see them), which also reflects (oooh bad choice of word...represents?) their inner selves.

I love using this imagery while I write my uber-spies' stories because their personal lives, like the moon, are deceptive. The moon's light is a reflection from the sun and not its own, so in actual fact, BOTH sides of the moon are equally dark. One side is just so beautiful that people forget.

Ahem. Enough hints about Hell's man. His story will BEGIN on a full moon's night in a different country and it'll be how he takes a stroll over to the dark side of the moon. It's going to be the dreaded Prologue that most readers don't like, but I think its usage is neccessary to start his story because he's so complicated.

I have the time, the place, the exact atmosphere. I kind of know the background to use. Now I need a first sentence. And a moment to pick that will define the book. So simple, all rightee.... The whole process is like this dude waterskiing...people are enjoying his skill but they are also hoping to see more than that ;-).

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SQ said...

Nice use o' moon info. Feel the need to quote some Apollo 13 there?

Ooh. Extra inspiration, buy some moon cakes. LOVE those goodies. I don't remember, do we only eat for Autumn festival or also in Spring?

When I see people waterskiing I'm rooting for spectacular wipeouts. Come on! What's more fun than watching dude ski on his face?

Elaine said...

When you say "Ahem. Enough hints about Hell's man. His story will BEGIN on a..." (with a Prologue), are you referring to the second book or are you already on to your third? I"m still unclear as to how your next series go and have been assuming it's a trilogy featuring Hell and her Monitor. Correct me if I'm wrong, please.

As for prologues, I generally like them. They set the tone for the book right at the start so it's essentisl to me when I'm reading a serious romance, i.e. romantic suspense as opposed to chicklit.

Gennita Low said...

Mooncakes (yuit piang) is for Autumn. I love the lotus seeds ones.

As for waterskiing, bah. I wipe out before I wipe out.

Hi Elaine,
My next three books will feature Hell and her monitor. Glad you like prologues ;-).

Elaine said...

THREE books on Hell and her monitor??? If it's not Jed then 2007 will be a very bad year for me.

Tsk, tsk... how did we get started on Jed being Hell's monitor? We shouldn't have pursued this up our hopes...and I'm not saying you don't want to write what your fans want to read but what if, when you started the trilogy, you DIDN'T have Jed in mind? Wouldn't all this clamoring for Jed to Hell's monitor be a bit distracting?

Do writers change their main characters after they've started? By that I mean do writers ever start writing a book for a particular hero or heroine and find that someone else suits the hero's identity more? I'm just curious as I have no idea about how romance writers craft their characters.


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