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Saturday, April 01, 2006

Seven Uber-Spies To Play With

It's been a long week! Teaching is tiring work! And that's why I write ;-). Mood today:

I'm taking the weekend off serious writing and am going to sink into J.D. Ward's newest book, yay. I've been looking forward to it for weeks now. I really, really enjoy my book reading time now that I don't have much of that any more. Time to do a book roll call. What's your latest read?

Today, I was going to post two takes on the Phantom of The Opera because its theme is relevant to my just-finished book, Hell Book I. As you know, I have a commando whose identity is secret and my protagonists meet in virtual reality as he "trains" her, using her gift. And while I was playing with Gerard yesterday, it occurred to me that I was sort of playing with the Phantom of The Opera theme ;-). Not the plot, just the theme.

Anyway, I was so going to tease you girls about the IDENTITY. But...the videos I have are long and I don't even know whether any of you like the music, so I'm skipping that today.

I have expanded our Kilt Week into Kilt and Sword Week ;-):

I'm starting my next book from the Hero's POV because his Identity is revealed. Of course it's going to be manly man and macho action. Of course I'm start with him in a towel. But a sword, hmm. I think that would be overkill, wouldn't it? But so tempting, if it's his Jedness. If it's Heath, he'd in bed with a woman. If it's Shahrukh, it will be sunrise at the beach doing kata naked. If it's Flyboy, you know he'd be on a date. If it's Armando...nah, it won't be Armando. If it's Sullivan, he's grumpy and hates mornings, so he'll probably be in bed too, with a pillow over his head. Or, I could have all of them in the training room in various states of undress...yeeha, now that's some serious writing there!

I just love starting a new book. So many possibilities!

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Laurence said...

Very nice picture but isn't it a golf club he's holding??? LOL

I'll get back to you on my last reads : lately I almost read one book a day...

Mary Stella said...

I finished Kinley McGregor/Sherrilyn Kenyon's latest Sword of Darkness yesterday. It is a highly entertaining book. Just like she put an entirely new twist on vampires by creating Dark-Hunters and daimons with roots in Greek Mythology, she's now taken Camelot and turned it inside out.

I have the last two Ward books to read, but first I'm reading Pamela Clare's Surrender.

Leiha said...

I am reading Deidre Martin's Penalty Box. I've spent the past week reading her previous books which have been very fun and entertaining.

Sit back and enjoy Lover Eternal, it's a wonderful read and you deserve a break, enjoy!

Anonymous said...

Got a galley of Lucy Monroe's And Willing--it's the third after Ready and Willing. About halfway through and loving it.

Though I'm not thrilled with the names Ward uses I find the world that she's created very intriguing and love her characters.

BTW, I'm going to borrow your Facing Fear quote for the RT boards. Anything Rick says is quote-worthy you know. :o)


Anonymous said...

I meant to say [re JR Ward] that I love her BOOKS!


Laurence said...

Well, I just read Lauren Bach's Project Eve (pretty good) and Annie Solomon's Blind Curve which I couldn't put down (had to read until 4 am). The book I really loved lately is Judith McNaught's Perfect (1993) which was incredible (and I'm not usually very fond of the Hollywood/movie star background).
Enjoy your book reading time.

Gennita Low said...

Laur, swords, golf clubs, they look the same to me when the guy is in a towel! :P BTW, I enjoy Lauren Bach's books a lot. She's my Golden Heart sis (from prepubbed days) and is a wonderful person and writer.

Mary Stella,
Definitely going to read Sword of Darkness. My kinda book!

I was wondering whethr you'd notice a quote from FF ;-). I'm going to look for another good one soon. I like quoting from FF for some reason.

I'm loving it!


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