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Friday, March 31, 2006

An UberAuthor Teaches Female POV ;-)

Thank you for answering my printer question! I still have a very old HP printer that I use with my ancient desktop from the last century and this thing is a workhorse. I might have to go back to HP again with my next printer. Like I said yesterday, this new Epson might not last long in my favor.

I don't need anything really fancy because all I print is documents and sometimes, flyers. I rarely print photos. Do you? I just save my pics on a CD and go to Walgreens and play with their photo maker. Of course, if I really wanted to print THAT naked photo of that actor with the sword (nope, not going to get in trouble with anyone driving by), then I would have to invest in a good printer, eh? ;-)

Back to OUR writing lessons. I didn't know our discussions on kilt and the importance of that particular Point-Of-View is so trendy! There was a fashion show in New York recently that was called Dressed To Kilt and there were celebrities doing the catwalk in...ya guess it, KILTS! Wish I was there!

Today's Uber-kiltster who will teach you my writing lesson is Gerard Butler. Here is a beautiful pic of him at the show:

Now, writing is all about Point of View, or POV, as we writers say. Let's go back to yesterday's post, about the male writer's bemusement on how female writers (and readers) get so much from One Gaze and how a Gaze can make things combust and explode for the woman. He, being a manly-man author, would probably see an explosion when a C-4 and other viable Jack Bauer products are being used in the vicinity. And the gaze of his character(s) would probably be squinted from dust, sweat, and things unromantic.

I'm not saying that there is anything wrong with that. I'm just trying to show a difference in POV between male and female perspectives ;-). Ready for your Gennita Low writing lesson?

Okay, here is the male POV on Gerard Butler's catwalk. Click ON THE ARROW to view it here:

So, you get a marvelous scene here of a beautiful man walking towards you. There are cheers of females in the background but it doesn't engage the female reader's senses. A nice head to toe shot but way too quickly to really get me going. The male POV gives you these impressions--zap, zap, zap, here comes the man and he's holding the sword! He walks and struts and plants his sword onto the stage. Very nice. We female readers read and see this and goes "Kewl scene!" or "Nice..." It's uber-male POV here, all action first and a little bit of macho bravado. I appreciate the short take but my heart isn't beating fast and I don't get the sense that this is An Important Moment in the scene/story. And as you know, in a romance, An Important Moment is important ;-).

So, you ready for Gennita Low's Uber-Female POV on the same catwalk? Hmm? I swear I spoil you girls, you know? Okay, load this up, take a few minutes, and be the uber-female that you are. Sit back, CLICK ON THE ARROW TO VIEW IT HERE, and check it out:

Now, let out that deep breath ;-). Does this POV change your perspective? Give you more? Take you to places that you want to go? Does it tell you that YES THIS IS AN IMPORTANT MOMENT in the story/scene? ;-) And that last bit with the sword--ahhhh, a wealth of meaning now, eh? And we zoom into his eyes and that gaze. THUD. Wait, the male author entirely MISSED THAT MOMENT! Heh, heh, heh.

I write with that objective in mind. In projecting the differences between male- and female-written POV, it's all about depth and gut, I tell ya. And lust. Lots of lust.

And that's all for another day of GLow Uber Author Writing Class 101.

I suggest you scroll back up and repeat the lesson ;-).
Any comments, class?

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Anonymous said...

I lllllllllluuuuuuuuuuvvvvvvvvvvvv how you get the female POV across in your writing. Great lesson! Just wish I knew other places I could email this to help teach a few others about intensity and lust from the female POV. Oh well, either you get it, or you don't.

Denise said...

Hey, hey, hey! I'd love to have that picture of Brendan Fraser. Could you email it to me? Huh, huh, could ya? I'm begging here, on bended knee. ;>)

Oh, I forgot to answer you about printers. I have an HP that I love. It's a printer, copier, scanner, and fax all in one, it's a bit cumbersone but does a great job. I also have a Canon photo printer that I ruined the heads on because I got cartridges refilled--never refill cartridges--very bad move. So, I can't do my photos on it any more. So I got an Epson Photo R200 for $20. It was sold as an open box because the box was damaged, but the printer hadn't been out of the box. Plus, it had a rebate and I had a Best Buy Rewards card and they were having a special that week. So, I really couldn't pass up my cheapo Epson and it's been doing a great job. It does a good job on photos and graphics. I know you don't use your printer for that, but it's always something I look at just because I do play with them.

Gerard Butler! Oh, yeah baby. Thanks for the clips.

And you're doing an awesome job teaching.

Anonymous said...

Wow, Jenn, you brought me out of Lurk Mode. Gerard Butler is a favorite of mine so the videos were very easy to watch.

I know you were being your typical clever self but you really did drive home a lesson in a way I, as a non-writer, could understand. Brilliant, Jenn, brilliant.

Now, who was the singer and what was the song? I want that CD. :o)


Mo said...

Wow, Jenn, you really should teach a class. I'm serious! You're that good at this. why do I get a feeling that you know what you're doing? huh?

Laurence said...

Excellent lesson ; I didn't even know I was holding my breath until the end of that second video. You're good! You can give me important moments anytime.

Gennita Low said...


Thank you ;-). I'm glad you're enjoying the show...uh...class.

I'll post Brendan Fraser one of these days. You will die from lust. It's one of his better pics ;-).

Cool to see you out of lurk! Missed ya. The singer is Lisa Hall and I'll be using her song lyric in my next book.

Thanks! But I really don't know what I'm doing, LOL. Just having fun.

Just remember, this is a deep site. I'm a deep person. Important moments are important, yeah. ;-P


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