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Sunday, April 02, 2006

Of HooHoos and HaHas

I'm sorry the last part of yesterday's post was gibberish. No idea what happened. Please continue to post in the comment area on the titles you're reading. It's always interesting to know what others are reading and also, I get to add to my TBR if I missed a really great book.

I showed Ranger Buddy the Peter Pepper pics yesterday and he brought up an interesting observation which made me laugh. He said: "Those are uncuts. Un-Koshered dicks. You need to find pictures of bell peppers." LOL.

Oh dear. The commandos are all "uncut," ladies! Heehee.

I also had an email from a male reader of my blog. He wrote: "In the interest of fairness, since you posted pictures of your commando's hoohoo, I demand a vegetable picture of Hell's haha." I'm serious. This is a direct quote. So. Ahem. Of course I have to be fair. Ladies and gentleman (who requested), Hell's haha:

You see how I work so hard to please everyone? ;-)

And what will Hell and at least one of her vegetable commandos be doing?

Hey, you got to let me indulge in my vegetable obsession now and then! I just find these pictures hilarious and so much more fun to look at than the stupid human copulation pics all over the web. Of course, my initial question is: why do people post pictures of vegetables? Second: where did they come up with the idea to arrange them like that? LOL. And then, there's people like me, who'd decided that, oh well, we could just collect them for fun. I'll be the roofing author with a vegetable art obsession. What the hey, eh? Come on, surely you have a secret shameful obsession like this ;-). You can tell me. After all, I give you pictures like this too:

Can we now expand the week to Kilts, Swords, Golf clubs and Tridents? ;-) The above, by the way, is Brendan Fraser. I have a wonderful picture of him wearing just a fig leaf but it's Sunday. Figs are not for Sundays.

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Mary Stella said...

That parsnip looks like a naked chicken. *vbg* Gotta hand it to your male blogreader for demanding equal phototime.

SQ said...

Well, there goes my veggie diet. Just doesn't seem, well, kosher. Ah well. Guess I'll go back to ice cream. Can't make that dirty. No. Don't take that as a challenge! Please!

Denise said...

Ah, thank you very much and yes, I did recognize Brendan right off. I wouldn't have minded a fig leaf on Sunday. Especially since I'm going to be traveling tomorrow and have no idea when I'm going to get my next internet fix.

We're heading out to Hazard, Kentucky for my husband's work. We have to find a campground and I need to get a phone line hooked up before I'll be back online. I'm going to have severe internet withdrawal symptoms. A real bummer!

Leiha said...

Damn, who knew Brenden had it in him, I'm seeing him in a while new light! BTW, I say anyday is a goodday for a fig leaf, LOL.

Laurence said...

I have been thinking this over and I can't find any shameful obsession in me : how boring is that!
Something is bugging me though so I have to ask you or Ranger Buddy : how can they be uncut and koshered at the same time????

Gennita Low said...

Mary Stella,
Authors get fan mail, I get vege photos requests....

Ice cream, huh? Well, I wrote a really kinky scene in one of my books using ice cream....;-P

Hazard, Kentucky? Happy trails ;-) And hope you get wireless internet soon!

Oh you should see this fig leafed Brendan. He is sooooo beautiful in this one. But I want to torture you girls with inane stuff for the week first. Heh.

My bad. I meant RB said "un-koshered." I will fix it. And yes, you have an obsession! Come on. You LURV this blog. Admit it. I won't scold you for it. :)


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