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Monday, April 10, 2006

Even Uber Spy Must Sleep In Sometimes

I gave myself permission to take one day off and SLEEP and today I woke up to find Blogger Photo Download not working. That'll teach me! So I had to go to the Bloggerbot for help.

My Mood Today

I had this excellent video of an exploding whale to share with you too, bwah. I was going to connect it with my writing hint: When stuck, make things explode. Heh. This was actually a real piece of TV news and yes, it was pretty amazing to see (and think that this was the ultimate solution).

But then, you get to see this picture of my mood today. I totally feel like raw meat lately. And things aren't going to get better because it's tax week.

I was hoping to fly off to Colorado the week after that but Delta pilots are going on strike and where I am, Delta is the ONLY airline out of here unless you drive to that nightmare airport called Orlando International Airport. Shudder***. I don't know whether I can take that route even for Colorado. I'm going to have to read the news closely on what's going on since buying a ticket now would be a gamble.

Besides sleeping, I finally finished JR Ward's Lover Eternal. Excellent read and I recommend it to those who enjoy vampire romances. I still laugh at the names and I can't remember which brother is which, but the writing is riveting and story is action-packed, layered with many interesting sub-plots. Just ignore the names, as well as the bad guys' initials. Less confusing ;-).

Are any of you coming to the Romantic Times Convention in Daytona Beach? It's like, month! Can you believe it? Please let me know if you are so we can maybe target a spot to meet and say hello. Do the secret Glow handshake. Buy your rawmeat author a nice drink. That kinda social thang ;-). Who knows, I might even have a few chapters for you to read....

By the way, I have no idea whether those models were really wearing real meat. I suspect Peta wouldn't have approved if they had! And that big piece on the woman would have been rather...umm...heavy.

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Mary Stella said...

I'll be there, G-Low!

Leiha said...

OK, I didn't realize that was meat or meat like clothes they were wearing until you pointed it out, can I just say, ewwwww.

Don't worry Jenna, every now and again even a blogger needs a break, LOL. I wish I was going to RT, you know I would so buy you a drink! One of these days....

SQ said...

You missed a sight this weekend. Whole bunch of dudes in kilts marching down Sixth Avenue. Tartan Day Parade going on in NYC on Saturday. And it was raining/hailing that day too.

But I've got to say, hey, dudes. It's a skirt. Shave 'em legs. If I've gotta so do you!

Have fun at RTC!

laur said...

That's yucky...and tell me, who would go and see that kind of show? Anti-vegetarian Association?

Have fun at the Convention, and tell them to move it to July or August so I could make it next time.. he he :)

Gennita Low said...

Mary Stella, I'm looking forward to it! See you there!

Leiha, one of these days, we're going to share that drink!

SQ, Oh I wish I was there to take some pics and NO SHAVING of legs for men! Arrghhhh. Although, admittedly, some of them are toooo hairy.

Laur, You can attend the RWA convention in July for the book signing! It's HUGE, with mega authors...about 300 of them waiting for you! ;-) It's in Atlanta.


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