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Friday, April 14, 2006

One Uber Spy's Secret Quest

I knew it was coming. Give some Intel about the commandos and I get more demands ;-). Not that I'm unwilling to share. It's just that I have to remember what I tell and where because I don't want to mix up my half-truths. Ahahahaha. Just kidding.

One day, when I have time, I'll have a beautiful website like the marvelous Sherrilyn Kenyon's and the exciting J.R. Ward's, where they interview their main characters and have pictures. One day, sigh. For now, y'all will just have to deal with me and what's in my head.

Today, I will talk a bit about Shahrukh Kingsley. Shahrukh is a name of Persian origin, so do not assume he's from North India. Ancient Persian warriors had traveled into Northern India, Turkey, ancient Arabia, and parts of the old Soviet Union. Shahrukh means "the face of a king." Make of that as you will, oh you romantics ;-).

There was an important Turkic dynasty founded by Timur Lang, who claimed to have descended from Genghiz Khan, who ruled from Samarkand. Timur Lang, by the way, is better known by Westerners as TAMERLANE. Timur was quite the conqueror, going into what is now Iran, parts of India, Moscow even. He died before he actually penetrated China. But he was also a lover of arts and crafts and brought back to Samarkand all the talented craftsmen from different cultures and had many mosques built by them.

Tamerlane's son was Shah Rukh who followed his father's footsteps in architecture and arts. Shah Rukh was also a fierce defender of his father's empire, even though much was destroyed by various warlords and tribes. He did, however, control the famed Silk Road, which made him very powerful. I took Shahrukh's name from this fella. Make of that as you will, dear romantics ;-).

I wanted to explore a character with warrior genes and maybe a trace of "royal blood" in him. There are other Shah Rukhs following this particular one in history. The next one I was particularly interested in is Shah Rukh of the Maghal Empire. He was connected to one of my favorite stories--the Koh-I-Nur Diamond.
I suspect Tolkien had actually based his ring on the Koh-I-Nur diamond because it's said that whoever who owns the diamond will rule the world (and suffer untold miseries). The myth of this diamond is really cool--everyone who had owned it became obsessed with it, going through untold miseries and physical pain to hold on to it. Not unlike a certain character in Lord of The Rings, yes? Shah Rukh of the diamond stories interested me because he absolutely refused to part with the diamond even when another conqueror had literally held his feet to fire.

I have a dream of my Shahrukh and a family gemstone/curse story. If he's Hell's commando, of course you will read about it very soon. ;-)

Now aren't you happy you asked
about Shahrukh?

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kathleen dante said...

>Shahrukh means "the face of a king." Make of that as you will, oh you romantics ;-).

Unless he chose the name, it means his mother had Great Expectations. ;>

Neat info about Shahrukh, but I still say Hell's commando is His Jedness!

kate said...

Okay, Jenn. Now I'm all confused about Hell's commando, because having a forefather be an ancient Persian king brings all sorts of sexy and romantic possiblities to mind. OOh!!! You are the queen of sneaky-wonderfulness!!!

Elaine said...

Heehee...and all along I thought you named him after Shahrukh Khan, the Indian actor also know as King Khan in Bollywood.

Guess I'm not of a very romantic bent.

Mary Stella said...

I had a dream last night about Adrian Paul. Now THAT was a gem. *g*


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