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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Coffee Running Amok

Today's Mood:

I had a flurry of email conversations this morning with a VERY OLD FRIEND from college days and it's amazing how we revert back to college banter even after twenty-some odd years since he was my dorm monitor.

Ooops. Did I use the word MONITOR? Heh. No, no, evil women, do not go there. He's a happily married man. But he was an awesome monitor, with girls hanging on to his every word as he watched over and protected us from killing ourselves with inane college pranks and activities.

Anyway, the "coffee running amok" was the gist of our topics of discussions as we zinged one liners back and forth through cyber-space. Who would have thought out of the 50 people in a dormitory from college, my old monitor and I would end up being buddies? Time can knit together the strangest memories.

JS, as I shall call him, was HOT. He could melt buttah with one of those manly looks. Except that I had a boyfriend then, so I escaped his clutches. At least, that's what I tell him these days ;-). JS has great memories of me that I've forgotten, like me wandering around the dorm in my tiger nighties. I'm going to absolutely deny this fact unless a photo happens to show up and even then, it's doctored by Photoshop and we Asians look alike when we were 17 or 18, so there. Wasn't me. In a tiger nightie. With half a dozen male dorm mates. Nope, nope, nope.

Don't worry, my dorm had a lot of protective males. They thought I was an insane foreigner who didn't know about red-blooded American lust, so they were VERY protective of me. Besides, teaching me that wearing tiger nighties is a no-no might have spoilt their wonderful nightly sight of me doing homework with my young and unsullied flesh tempting them all. Not that this happened. I'm just saying.

Funny how a friend from the past and two cups of good coffee can bring back so much laughter and silly memories. As you can tell (or should be able to), I had a very unconventional early adulthood, starting from leaving home for college at 17 and staying at a dorm that was for honors tutorial students, meaning they all had big brains. I was among some hot geeks and didn't even know it, heh. Because I only had eyes for JS. No, no, no, I meant my boyfriend. I only had eyes for my boyfriend ;-). Actually, if I remember it right, I brought a lot of excitement to that bunch of high IQed minds. These dudes, folks, were studying for programs like astro-physics and medical fields. I was the only girl in my section and was only English and Philosophy honors tutorial, a regular dumbo among them.

JS, I know you're reading this. Just so you don't get too big-headed, I was also in lust with Mike Krajnak, who looked absolutely gorgeous in black. And those baby blues ;-). He's will always be my ideal gorgeously-built ROTC boy emerging into manhood ;-). I still have a photo of him somewhere to sigh at in my old age. Shh. Do not tell.

Holy cow. Did I just pour out a bunch of memories in today's blog? And nothing on writing?! Shameful.

But even in those days, I lived with men and watched their antics. Little did I know I was collecting Intel for future spy novels. Ah, if only Bryan L. knew that he was now one of the main dudes in my Project X-S-Bot. If only Greg knew I learned all about the evil minds of hacking into computer systems from him. If only JS knew that he was my favorite playah ;-). If only Randy knew my Cam had his innocence. I should write that what I know now I learned in my college dorm.

You noticed: not one word on the first boyfriend. Duh.

What is it about college that brings out the madness, do you know?

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SQ said...

Beer and lack of parental supervision. That would explain my freshman year...or what I remember of it. I did learn, however, knew can drink upside down. Oh, and also learned NEVER walk under the balcony of the building holding the kegger. Guys, the world is not your personal toilet bowl. Sheesh!

Gennita Low said...

Drinking while upside down? Goodness, SQ ;-). I was not much of a drinker, surprisingly, in undergraduate school. Yeah, notice I emphasized on undergraduate school.

Mary Stella said...

Gennita, it says a lot about the high level of buddism between you and JS that you can talk tiger nighties (You know you wore them. Don't try to deny it now!) and your level of lusting for him. *vbg*


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